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  1. I assumed as much but the internet wasn't exactly 100% clear on it. Thanks for the clarificaiton.
  2. Reading about gregs bad luck is the best thing on SAU in a long time. Poor greg.
  3. I am also looking for a T4 1.05 External gate twin scroll housing for EFR7670 if anybody knows of one for sale. Part number is 12701019047 I am unsure if all B2 turbos use the same 'D type' rear housing that i am looking for or if it is specific to only 7670 Thanks
  4. Looks like you ended up going custom addition to stock sump? Got any more info and internal pics? baffled/trapdoor etc?
  5. That is an excellent idea! Simple, effective and cheap. Thanks mate.
  6. Chequered Tuning, i couldn't reccomend Trent enough. Good guy and great at what he does.
  7. Hi all, Converting to single turbo on my RB26 and utilising an existing single turbo manifold from my RB25 that has both RB25 and 26 stud pattern. However, RB20/25/30 is all M10 exhaust manifold studs and RB26 is M8 which leads to lots of slop on the exhaust manifold when fitting to the head. Is it common to change to M10 exhaust studs when going single turbo RB26? Or even use some kind of stepped stud? Or people are happy to have some slop when installing the manifold. Have searched as i thought it may be a common problem however finding no info online about it at all. any help appreciated, thanks.
  8. I hear this may be making its way to Newcastle in the next couple of weeks, is that correct?
  9. I have a brand new never used Link Xtreme ECU with plug and pin kit i am selling, looking for $1750 AUD and i am happy to ship to America
  10. I have a complete RB20 Neo, absolutely immaculate and only 60xxx Km on it. Honestly i am not looking to sell but if you throw me a stupid high offer i may let it go. PM me if you want.
  11. Sorry if i missed it, what brakes did you have prior to Alcons?
  12. Also can i request some pics of your engine bay (specifically the breather setup)
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