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  1. Just some pics in general and a run down of your setup. What cams/turbo/boost are you running and power you making? 🤗
  2. no idea about threads etc etc. Thanks @taijohnsen ill go swap my M10x1 to M8x1 👍
  3. search and you shall find RB2X ecu pinout R34 F4 wiring
  4. Cheers mate. I only need to do the rears as fronts i purchased freshly powdercoated so i think VHT brake paint will suffice. Thanks for the tips, i hate painting but love the outcome haha.
  5. @Komdotkom mind throwing up some pics of your whole engine/car setup? Seeing as we will be ending up very similar might help me get mine done a bit quicker haha
  6. You would think that but it's not. It's a parallel thread, and it's not M10x1 because that's what I took a punt on and the thread is about half that size 😅
  7. I would like to think after this I can wave the flag for RB20 chief propaganda minister Roy. I spent many a night reading through your threads on here and watching your YouTube videos haha. Also I just purchased some 264 cams and upgraded valve springs to throw in. I think I can afford to go to a bigger cam now that I am going to be running N2O. Will eliminate the lag and let me spin it to over 8k hopefully. With an ATI balancer, 36-2 crank trigger and MoTeC M130 that should have my bases covered to be able to run as much RPM as possible. I will be limited by cams and EMAP if I was to guess. I want to spin this thing as far as possible (just for the sounds really haha) thinking 8k+ will stop if the graph starts to roll over hard.
  8. I just took all mine apart and you are correct, that's an excellent idea, wish I did it 3 years ago. I'll take some more pics for people as well when it all goes back together. I just sent all my stuff off to high octane today to be coated.
  9. EFR6758, anyone know what the thread size/pitch is on the front housing cover for the boost reference signal? I looked through the EFR turbo tech guide but couldn't find it. Need to convert it to a -3AN fitting. Thanks
  10. Personally i think DR25 is actually easier to use than techflex/braided sleeve, it just feels way worse when you accidentally cut it 10mm too short because its 20x more expensive 😅
  11. Lol Ben was showing me this and trying to strongarm me into putting mine on E85. It's a great idea i'm just too lazy to want to take 10 jerry cans to a drift day haha. That is some seriously good power for 2860 though.
  12. You running M1 or gold box? Would need M150 minimum to run that or a DBW4 unit. Unless you plan to run it as an actuator on a DHB and have no feedback loop?
  13. It makes me so mad that a genuine Bosch DBW throttle is only about $400 installed and that its 10x the price to do it on ITB, sadpanda.you go 68 or 74mm? It was Stephen from IEE and even after talking to him it was still the best part of 2.5k AUD and that was before the 'rona and AUD tanking. I just decided to absolutely tap out my M130 instead haha. 6x INJ 6x IGN MAP Fuel Pressure Oil Pressue Coolant Pressure Crankcase Pressure Exhaust manifold backpressure N2O bottle pressure IAT Compressor outlet temp Fuel temp Oil temp Coolant temp Dual knock Cam trigger Crank trigger (36-2 VR) TPS Ethanol content sensor Turbo speed sensor Wheel speed driven Wheel speed front Driver rotary - Boost Driver rotary - Traction Driver momentary - N20 Elec power steering trigger Boost control solenoid N20 solenoid N2O purge solenoid MoTeC 4.9 LTC MoTeC DHB
  14. Edit just read that it's a 45mm hypergate. I was thinking internal gate. Something fuccy is going on with the wastegate still to have that happen. How is the gate positioned on the manifold?
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