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  1. I have a brand new never used Link Xtreme ECU with plug and pin kit i am selling, looking for $1750 AUD and i am happy to ship to America
  2. I have a complete RB20 Neo, absolutely immaculate and only 60xxx Km on it. Honestly i am not looking to sell but if you throw me a stupid high offer i may let it go. PM me if you want.
  3. Sorry if i missed it, what brakes did you have prior to Alcons?
  4. Also can i request some pics of your engine bay (specifically the breather setup)
  5. Very good write up, mind showing some logs of the oil/crankcase pressure? And what fuel hat is that?
  6. I 100% agree with you, i think only bad things can happen. Absolutely nuts to be trusting stock CAS at that power level and with a totally standard bottom end. But it's not my car and he can do what he wishes 😁
  7. Yeah the link DI's cannot support raw TSS data, my guess would be using the road rage converter box. And i can't agree with Lith any more, i wouldn't think twice about buying the NZ kit and putting it on now, it would probably be the best vaule for money mod you could possibly do. Agreed-ish
  8. I emailed JHH but haven't received a reply as to the cost of the JHH trigger kit @burn4005 mind sharing how much it cost? Also platinum are currently testing a crank based 36-2 which i see as the ultimate solution and wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend especially for a stock bottom end warrior at this sort of power level, it's only a 4-5 hours to install at the most. Even the 12 tooth platinum kit would be 999x better than current situation.
  9. This excites me greatly, new platinum 36-2 crank trigger setup. should be an absolutely rock solid setup, i can't wait to get one.
  10. Yeah car will be 90% street at around 300-350kw so a rebuild every 2 years seem excessive. Have you got a link to rebuild instructions?
  11. You are the bravest man i know running ~600kw on a stock bottom end with a factory CAS. I can almost guarantee you there is more than 20kw to be had by changing to a crank trigger setup. The NZwiring kit is good but at that power level i would go straight to a PRP kit or similar, what balancer are you using? and is the Link a wire in or plugin ECU?
  12. instructions unclear, dick stuck under camshaft, please advise next step
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