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  1. Yeah I have feature pack v2, Flex fuel kit and using HPX-N1 [emoji5]️
  2. Got my mate to spin up some custom alloy mounts that position the engine as close to the firewall as possible (10mm further back than standard R33 mounts would position it). Will find some pics of them for you.
  3. Also it's an RB20 so having the engine move due to torque shouldn't be an issue haha
  4. Wiggins do allow for 8degrees of misalignment per clamp (4deg per ferrule) but in my case it doesn't really matter as I am running solid engine mounts [emoji1]
  5. I don't do things by half measure, except for using a NIStune haha
  6. Getting closer to running [emoji41]
  7. Was defintely overspeed, 34psi on a GC8
  8. @Meathead did you have to cut some more thread on the arm of the turbosmart actuator? My IWG actuator hits on the body of the car and was thinking extending it in this fashion would work almost perfectly i think.
  9. Used but was working fine. Pay postage and you can have it for free mate. Send me a PM if you want.
  10. Yeah mate I got one in Newcastle
  11. How's the NVH with these? Use them in street cars?
  12. I would start with checking the mechanical timing of the engine.
  13. Yep, sounds like you have a perfectly normal RB20