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  1. Impossible to tell from photos. It all depends on where the tensioner stud is tapped into the block as to how hard the belt it so get on. On my car its pretty tight a to get the belt on and doesn't require much tension adjustment to get it to correct. I have done heaps of timing belts and my rough gauge is you shouldn't be able to turn it more than 45 degrees with a decent amount of hand pressure line in your pic.
  2. Anything ever come of this? Did it matter if they were rock solid or compressible when you put them in?
  3. I have the exact same thing for sale and includes S15 intake piping for $250 and havent had any interest at all GLWS
  4. For everyone playing at home, its actually pretty simple to do. When you have all the parts and are trying to put it all back toether it makes sense and can only really go together one way. Utilising your brain and the desciption that ix9 provided you can do it. Bumping this 10 year old thread and asking the OP (who hasn't been online for over a year) for pictures that he has said he ne longer has is proooooobably not going to yield any results. Have you actually searched through this thread as i know for a fat they have been rehosted somewhere else online at least once or twice.
  5. Wow they are some big brakes then!
  6. Not sure what you mean? They definately work just need a decent amount of modification to existing parts which is not disclosed anywhere
  7. Why would you be concerned about that?
  8. What size rim? 17?
  9. Pretty noob with all this, but doesnt a 7670 on a 2.8 Neo seem like a very small turbo? Maybe its just too small and the 2.8 is pushing it hard and able to push boost right past what the gate should be limiting it to?
  10. That is very strange that the nipple clean snapped off! Sucks to see you take a hit with the car but saying f**k it and getting back out there is the best attitude to have! Were you happy with your driving?
  11. meausring is for dummies. Just keep pulling the box in and out and change one thing at a time until its fixed
  12. The shaft that the throw out bearing sits on. It covers the input shaft of the gearbox. And it probably wasn't even 5mm,more like 3ish
  13. Chuck them up when you do. I asked otaku garage multiple times would this be a problem and was told no every time. Then ofcourse when I purchased and went to fit it was not even close to fitting.
  14. As stated chasing an RB20DET engine. Bare engine preferred (no manifolds/turbo etc) located in Newcastle but can travel. Thanks
  15. Did your rb26 coolant rail end up looking like this?