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  1. Found the [email protected]
  2. Chuck some pics of the engine/car up! Looks like it would be extremely fun on the street
  3. Nope wasn't me, I live in the land of the harshest vehicle laws in the world (aka straya) I'm yet to try it as I have been away from the car for 4 weeks but will be getting stuck into it when I get home. I will keep this thread updated for you to follow [emoji106]
  4. Neither, it's far too beautiful for that! It should go purple and gold being the hypertune 347ss. If it starts to fade or look shitty after a couple of years I will ceramic coat in titanium.
  5. I'm using the otaku garage adapter on mine. They fit fine on RB25 but on RB20 there is only a bees dick of clearance to the Thermostat housing. You actually have to scallop the coolant rail that runs under the 26 manifold to make it fit, and even then doing that will be a tight fit. I have some pics of it but they are on my computer, will post them up here when I get a chance
  6. Wiring Neo in is pretty simple, not much different to normal 25. Let me know if you need any [email protected] and I'll be happy to help. I put a neo in my R32
  7. GCG also have 10% off on order over $2000 at the moment, no idea if they have stock though
  8. I rang sparesbox 5 minutes ago to see what the deal is. They said my 6758 is due for delivery next Tuesday. I mentioned that I had heard someone orders a 9174 and got told his delivery date was pushed back until September (that being yourself). The person from sparesbox said that the larger turbos 8374 and above were extremely limited stock and that they were having an extremely hard time getting them from Borgwarner. They also said that the smaller EFR range is more accessible to them and as such my delivery date hasn't changed in 3 weeks and they expect it to be here next Tuesday. They rang Borgwarner while I was on the phone to them to confirm. They have still been very straight up and helpful to me so far. I can understand your frustration with them,but hopefully mine gets delivered as per the ETA. It is a bit of a kick in the dick to be told no stock until September then see it listed on ebay saying in stock [emoji35]
  9. What do they mean newer version?
  10. I make over 500 Australian HP and use the baby Neo cams (232/232 IIRC) and as such retain VCT. I really don't know why people delete VCT from RB25's when shooting for anything less than 600 HP
  11. That sounds pretty reasonable to be honest. Not really sure what else you can do to strengthen it mate, I have heard talk of the OS billet centre pages before but nothing definitive.
  12. What are they charging to rebuild the box?
  13. What will target boost be with the new can?
  14. Award diff and gearbox is an SAU favourite. Personally I have never used them but you always see people taking stuff there from this forum and everyone seems happy.
  15. Possibly, I know he did have one for ages after someone committed to buying then pulled out. Keen to see your results, is it going back to Jez?