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  1. Do you mean VCT or V-Cam? I don't belive you can have V-Cam with billet cam covers
  2. Have tomei gears both sides. Stoopid SR garbage have to remove whole rocker cover to adjust them on dyno. I think i have managed to convince myself to go G25
  3. Thanks guys, Just went for a drive in a mates S15. Stock engine with a GTX2867 0.72 V band. It was not as bad as i thought it would be but certainly a difference to my 2860. If the G25-550 is the same response then i think i can live with as a daily driver. Although my engine has no VCT, Kelford 264/272 so that will make a difference, but im running a 3.9 diff rather than his 3.7
  4. yeah my bone stock s13 engine makes 250kw so i know they are capable. Just new shiny G series and V band would be nice, i just get the feeling that even the 550 is going to be slightly too big for my goals. Any rough idea on spool time compared to GTX2867G1/G2?
  5. Anyone heard anything good bad or otherwise about G25 internal gate stuff? S15 SR20, stock bottom end, Kelford 266/272, springs, retainers etc. Street car only, looking for 220-270kw roughly. Stock 6 speed and cant be f**ked changing the box. I actually really like the 6 speed. I have a GTX2860G2 on my S13 track car and the thing absolutely f**king rips. I love it. No lag and instant power, easy to drive. But on this car i am looking at G25-550 IWG version. Really struggled to find any info about IWG stuff so hoping Geoff may have some first hand experiance. I am no turbo wizard so i will stick to basic questions. Car will be getting long runner low mount V band hypertune manifold. How much lag difference will there be compared to a GTX2867 roughly? I didn't realise that a 550 could relatively easily make 320-350kw on an SR20 which is way more than i want, leading me to think that it will be too laggy for my personal preference. My brain says stay stock manifold and stick another GTX2860 on it as it ticks all the boxes for power goals and responsiveness, my heart says have a look at the new G25 stuff.
  6. Noice, i'm lazy and this is what i wanted to hear haha Will do thnx bby
  7. Fair enough mate, where from and how much was the 350Z pedal? About to convert my S15 to DBW and would love a bolt in solution
  8. The Radium tank hat is amazing quality and price. Fitted one to a 33 GTR and it was stupidly easy.
  9. I love the car and jealous of how much progress you seem to make, takes me 6 months to make a decision let alone get it done smh 😅
  10. Can we get thread back on track please. How are you sydney carnts getting 22c feed in tariff, im in newcastle and did the ring around to every company last year and the very best i was offered was 12c. My solar is about 6 years old now though, are you only getting such a good rate because you got Origin to do a complete solar install? I can't even imagine getting 50+c a kWh lol
  11. I had wondered where you had got to over the last year or two, sucks to see you having dramas mate. I knew you w ere having issues with workshop and had some unhappiness with tuner a couple of years ago but didn't realize it was still continuing! Bump for reply @BakemonoRicer
  12. Yes, RB30 crank is like ~3mm longer than RB25. This caused the tube that the throw out bearing slides on to physically push the centre of the clutch disk into the flywheel. Which basically means that i was never able to disengage the clutch. Trimmed 5mm from the end of the tube and never had an issue again
  13. Lives literally around the corner from me, happy to go check it out for either of you
  14. Well while we are not talking about it.... anyone have any idea if the front power steering pulley is able to be removed from the balancer? Very tight for room on this RB S15 😅
  15. Ill annoy the f**k out of him again then and see if he relents after about 4 years 🤣
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