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  1. So you want 400kw and to have a heap of head work and supporting mods or you just want 400kw? You can pretty easily easily make almost 400kw with zero headwork (with the possible exception of valve springs) and just basic mods (fuel pump/injectors/FMIC/ECU) using E85
  2. @actiondan can help you.
  3. It sounded shit because SR20 not because screamer pipe
  4. That's my picture and yes the turbo gearbox is about ~20mm shorter than the non turbo box.
  5. Two under front subframe and two under rear subframe
  6. 32 GTR is plastic tank, all other models metal tank. Please sort it your wiring to all those pumps and make sure it is capable. 3 Walbros will be a hell of a lot of current (even though 1 is a lift pump)
  7. The general gist of this thread is people say good luck and then get ready to say 'I told you so' in a couple of weeks [emoji23]
  8. I have a completely standard RB30E bottom end with a RB25DET neo head and compression came to around 9.2 CR so forged RB30E pistons would do the job fine.
  9. Oh the irony. Old dinosaur turbo over here.
  10. Almost certain that there was a large valving update within the last 12 months
  11. Perfect, should be easy then.
  12. Got any pics of it fitted up in the end? Noticed you havent posted an engine bay shot since the update
  13. They should be an M6 x 1.25 (10mm head)
  14. Has anyone painted/clear coated/poweder coated their RB26 inlet plenum and ITB's? Just wondering what the finish came up like on them and how durable they are. Obviously depends on the paint used but just after some general pics and if you are happy with how it came out. I do like the stock colour it's just that with oily hands they get dirty very quickly and are difficult to keep clean. Thanks