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  1. iruvyouskyrine

    What is the actual SSR you are using?
  2. iruvyouskyrine

    Oh look mick is getting super butthurt again who would have seen that coming.
  3. Pics won't upload for some reason, not sure why.
  4. Weld -6 fitting to the water return pipe and run braided line behind the head. Like this.
  5. iruvyouskyrine

    I used S14 cable for my 25/30 in my R32 with greddy plenum. It was way too long. I have an RB20 in my S15 with RB26 ITB setup on it and am chasing a GTR throttle cable to suit.
  6. iruvyouskyrine

    For everyone playing at home it's about 425mm from firewall to the end of the cable
  7. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can possibly meaure the length of their RB26 accellerator cable length. Even just the length from the firewall to the end of the cable would be excellent. Thanks
  8. iruvyouskyrine

    Yep better off buying a second hand oil pump and using that instead.
  9. 10?!? If you are going 10 you may as well just go 16. It's only $10/m more. Should be enough to support 2000hp comfortably.
  10. So much cringe. So so much. Jesus christ. Johnny it's good to see you being realistic with your setup VS your requirements. Why throw thousands of dollars at something when spending 1/3 as much will satisfy your needs. Us gts-t guys realise that we don't need a fuel system to support 800hp. GTR guys and SR20 fags ^^ sure do love burning cash.
  11. iruvyouskyrine

    11 year thread bump, nice. Visually inspect the loom and look for the worst looking place. If I had to guess I would say where it passes from the cabin through the guard and into the engine bay. Or around the exhaust.
  12. iruvyouskyrine

    Im sure the oil drain is 3/4 NPT which is the same as the gearbox drain/fill plugs.
  13. iruvyouskyrine

    Still need pics! How long until you think your kits will be ready?
  14. iruvyouskyrine

    If anyone was dumb enough to do that it would be me 🤣