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  1. This is why you don't use this kit. Brand new genuine gaskets, Brand new adapter plate, all surfaces machined flat, brand new bolts. Modified the adapter plate like above to have the bolts go all the way through and secure it to the head. There was absolutely nothing more i could have done to give it a better chance at sealing. This is using a cooling system pressure tester at anything above 2-3psi. was obviously much worse at 15psi. I would have spent probably 30+ hours in trying to make this piece of shit work properly. Literally the only option i have left is to remove it all again and instead of using proper gaskets just gasket goo the ever loving f**k out of everything which really isn't right.
  2. I have a 100% complete 60xxx KM RB20DE Neo in my shed that i would be happy to take as many pics of as you want. I am very busy at the moment though so may have to wait a couple of weeks.
  3. Yeah making the wiring is easy, organizing the group buy and actually getting people to pay is usually the hard part 🤣
  4. They aren't 57D as they are a 7 spoke design not 6, also looks very different. Yeah i have been in his ear about that sort of stuff however Powertune have got that market pretty stitched up tbh. Most of it is for GT-R's tho, and gtst people only spend $ but GT-R owners are happy to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. What Brett said. It is just the ps/ac belt alignment and rib layouts which are null and void in my case. Built motors are for suckers, stock all day. Don't let the nissan out. Ordering new PRP rear belt guide/shim thing, putting that in and then just calling it a day, it should be fine i think it just looks strange.
  6. No shim using PRP trigger kit Because it was in stock and the 32 one wasn't Not using power steering or aircon anyway so belt location on balancer doesn't matter
  7. There is one guy on here who has done it using i believe the collins kit. Have heard that the collins one is dogshit. Fisch racing are making a complete replacement bellhousing solution ala Mazworx SR20 style which i am very interested in. Have heard one good review about the JWT kit, i think @LaurelPWR is using one on his car.
  8. Bolt is all the way home 100% while i agree it doesn't look close in the pics, after comparing to stock balancer it is fine but because they have a lip on the rear you just cant see it. Everything else lines up 100% correctly.
  9. i have a set if interedsted mate
  10. fisch automotive are making RB conversion bellhousings for CD boxes at the moment, im very interested
  11. yes but RB20/26 use same lower timing cover. Water pump belt lines up as does alternator, other belts are not used. Machining it would put it out of alignment, also not machinging a brand new $1000 balancer lol. It just seems weird having such a large gap between back of balancer and the timing cover. i know hundreds of people on here run these so thought maybe one person could at least verify for me.
  12. Hi all, Purchased an RB26 ATI Super Damper 1000HP version (P/N 917753) to suit R33/34 GTR, however I am running it on my RB20. Quality was amazing however when fitting it it really looks strange. The pulleys and inertia weight sit very far forward leaving a large space behind the hub to the lower crank sprocket. Is this normal? There is no part number on the balancer whatsoever and there is no part number on any of the box or documentation that I received. The TDC markings do line up though and obviously the ID of the hub and keyways are correct as I installed it no worries. Some pics to help explain (sorry for the bad quality) Thanks
  13. If it was my car I would just go straight to a spline drive kit (supertec proven product or possibly the new PRP item). Nitro pumps proven to work but I just think you can't beat the reliability of a properly setup spline system.
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