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  1. If anyone was dumb enough to do that it would be me 🤣
  2. Yeah standard alts are 80A and when running for example walbro 460 (can do 30A per pump) and electric power steering (Astra pump can do 80A) you won't have any power left for engine/lights etc
  3. Everything sounding good! Preventative maintenance always feels better than band aiding at the track!
  4. This is the injector he is talking about.
  5. I just bought a set of the '040' injectors too disco. What lower adapters did you purchase to use them in the standard inlet manifold? Sorry i can't help with the latency, will ask my tuner and report back.
  6. Easier to buy a new fuel hat tbh. I will be making my own terminals though like Ben posted above. I don't really trust the standard hat terminals for the (up to) 30A that the fuel pump could draw.
  7. Clutch not bled properly. And delete the damper.
  8. nsw/act 

    Topic says GT35, post says GT30. Might want to change one of them!
  9. @-Jimmy- will like this very much!
  10. Yes it is an RB20/25/30 shifter. But you are missing the plastic bushing that goes on the end of the shifter. Google will help you find what it looks like. I suggest going on gktech website and buying a brass bushing for it, much better feel than the standard plastic one.
  11. Post pics of yours
  12. You have no idea how often getting the fuel lines plumbed back to front happens. Has been the cause of 4-5 cars I have seen over time (2 of them being my own after engine swaps haha)
  13. What do you mean the gear has movement in/out? As in it moves in and out towards the camshaft? And when you tighten the intake cam gear up it moves the camshaft but the outer ring of the cam gear doesn't move? If the cam is moving independent of the outer ring gear take the intake cam gear off and check the 4 bolts on the inside of the cam gear where you would adjust it.
  14. Wanting to buy a pair of adjustable HKS cam gears, Happy to pay shipping. PM me if you have some lying around. Thanks
  15. What's the deal with the turbosmart Bov's to suit EFR? What is the difference between the plumb back and the dual port? It looks like the only thing is the dual port has the option to dump to atmosphere?