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  1. Where are you getting $200 EVO X front rotors? and Evo brembos are about $1000 a pair i have found also
  2. I remember this day, they went in the front straight wall not long after 😪
  3. Where is this new track at? That bearing wear is unbelieveable haha, making any noises? did you have an oil pressure sensor?
  4. Was curious how much the NGK racing plugs were, I think i may hold off on purchsae
  5. Please do yourself a favour and google speedtek and Alex Kantarovski, should be plenty of reading. I know there is a topic RE speektek gearsets on this forum
  6. It was honestly an extremely uneventful failure in the video, was waiting for a loud bang but it just sort of knocked for a second then died. What was the details on the bottom end?
  7. This is why you don't use this kit. Brand new genuine gaskets, Brand new adapter plate, all surfaces machined flat, brand new bolts. Modified the adapter plate like above to have the bolts go all the way through and secure it to the head. There was absolutely nothing more i could have done to give it a better chance at sealing. This is using a cooling system pressure tester at anything above 2-3psi. was obviously much worse at 15psi. I would have spent probably 30+ hours in trying to make this piece of shit work properly. Literally the only option i have left is to remove it all again and instead of using proper gaskets just gasket goo the ever loving f**k out of everything which really isn't right.
  8. I have a 100% complete 60xxx KM RB20DE Neo in my shed that i would be happy to take as many pics of as you want. I am very busy at the moment though so may have to wait a couple of weeks.
  9. Yeah making the wiring is easy, organizing the group buy and actually getting people to pay is usually the hard part ?
  10. They aren't 57D as they are a 7 spoke design not 6, also looks very different. Yeah i have been in his ear about that sort of stuff however Powertune have got that market pretty stitched up tbh. Most of it is for GT-R's tho, and gtst people only spend $ but GT-R owners are happy to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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