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  1. Well while we are not talking about it.... anyone have any idea if the front power steering pulley is able to be removed from the balancer? Very tight for room on this RB S15 😅
  2. Ill annoy the f**k out of him again then and see if he relents after about 4 years 🤣
  3. Interesting, i thought 'eat your wheaties' was an Aussie thing referring to weetbix.
  4. Yeah and i said that BW don't have any info available on that in any official documentation that i have seen
  5. BW only say that the turbo must be orientated +/- 20deg from horizontal (roll axis not pitch axis) in their documentation. Make no mention of the pitch angle that is allowable
  6. INB4 everyone saying dont waste money on Tomei and get Kelfords
  7. today i learnt the forum changed c|_|nt t flamin mongerel
  8. every video/post i make on my car i get approximately 6342 americans message me asking how i did it. I just stopped replying as its actually overwhelming and they dont like it when i use the words 'flamin mongrel of a thing' to describe it
  9. Are you saying if you treat it early enough you are able to fix the problem without having to cut the strut tower apart? I might throw some pics up here and get an expert opinion. I have absolutely zero skill with any body/metal work
  10. Yeah wow great job on the red one. Did you make replacement strut tower tops from sheetmetal or did you have to find a whole other car to cut them out of? I think i may have to have a look at my R34 tonight lol, didnt realise it was a common spot for them to rust
  11. Should be 550-750 depending on shop and driveshaft spec in my experiance
  12. lmao imagine spending 17k on a box and having to retrofit a gear pos sensor. Why did OS think that not having one was even an option.
  13. No idea about 350Z things but... Keeping your stock Tacho, thats easy. Keeping your stock Speedo, thats easy. Just keep your ABS ECU Keeping your A/C, thats easy, the signal is just an output from the AC control unit that runs through the standard ECU. Not enough information to give meaningful answer. Also. Sell me the engine out of your car when you do the swap
  14. Just ask for a new one when you are in a driveshaft shop asking them to make you a new driveshaft. Nissan dont have them buy any driveshaft place will be able to get them.
  15. I also purchased mine in 2017 so not sure about that. I believe you are running an RB25 though? so our RB20 half of the adapter is different to the RB25 half which is where the issue is in both of our cases. I still maintain its a shit design. A dude i know actually designed and built a single piece adapter that just truly bolts on and works. He is a fitter and turner by trade and was able to knock it up himself. It is a true bolt on affair, no extra gaskets or sealants etc. I have been harassing him for years to sell it or at least make another couple but he said it was very difficult and tie consuming to make and can't really be f**ked making another one. Maybe with enough interest he may relent? His is superior as its one piece, and doesnt require cutting and welding of lower runners or any of that rubbish
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