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  1. 3076 Maybe in Americaland but not in Australia No, too small. 1.01 required. Also they don't do a T3 twinscroll as far as i am aware. See above Yes a 3576 should be much much better than -5 In my experience is much of a muchness Less likely than the 3576 doing it
  2. iruvyouskyrine

    NA engine will never need enough fuel to outflow the standard NA fuel setup.
  3. iruvyouskyrine

    Get something custom made to suit. It will always have a better fit and finish.
  4. iruvyouskyrine

    Good info, cheers Burn
  5. iruvyouskyrine

    IronChef imports
  6. Don't bother, just run the pull type clutch. Ring NPC clutches here in Queensland and ask for a Carbotic 6 puck to suit R34 GT-T and you are done. Have had one for 7 years and love it to death.
  7. For sale is a brand new never used Plazmaman Pro series RB30 inlet manifold and 6x 1000cc injectors to suit. Plazmaman Pro series RB30 inlet manifold ($1995 RRP) Plazmaman 72mm billet throttle body ($575 RRP) Plazmaman RB30 fuel rail ($295 RRP) Xspurt 1000cc injectors ($550 RRP) Everything is brand new unused, only dummy fitted to spare engine. Changing to a twin cam head so no longer required. Not looking to separate at the moment but let me know. Happy to ship, Item is located in Newcastle NSW. $2500 for the lot
  8. iruvyouskyrine

    RTFM. It's all explained in there. Also you didn't even tell us what model profec.
  9. iruvyouskyrine

    then dont touch no touch = no boom its all gucci
  10. iruvyouskyrine

    E200 Viton Heatshrink
  11. iruvyouskyrine

    Option 1 is the correct thing to do. It is extremely easy to convert to smart coils from RB25 S2. Buy a new coilpack harness to suit RB25 S2 as well. Stock ones are usually junk by this time.
  12. Whilst i would absolutely love a genuine R31house item i would never support speedtek in any way shape or form, even if i was receiving a free manifold from them. f**k speedtek.
  13. iruvyouskyrine

    Bump $1200
  14. iruvyouskyrine

    What wastegate actuator? Diaphragm may be leaking when hot
  15. iruvyouskyrine

    no the restrictor is built into the CHRA