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  1. Thank you for the ansewrs. I do not know much about exhaust so i rather ask 🙂 We do not have many Skylines here. And if...it is RB25. I just like the sound from the video...and price is not bad. I know that is gonna be different without turbo but many say that N/A car sounds better. Is it the a case with exhausts?
  2. I like the sound of the exhaust 🙂 But dont know how it is gonna sound on N/A 2.0 cuz every video i found was with RB25/26 with turbo. I do not want to be a "loud" one. And yes custom one is an option but i want to just know the opinions on this one 🙂
  3. Hi. Is it possible to be done? Or you "need" turbo to fit this exhaust? Maybe "left" first part from exhaust and then continue with HKS? Thank you for the info.
  4. Thanks. Anyone know anything about this engine? What about coilpacks and sparkplugs? What choice do i have here? Can i use one from DET model? Everywhere i looked only info i can find is about DET not much about DE NEO...:-/
  5. Thank you for all yours answers :-) Ok so with RB25DE(T)...new gearbox(or just complete engine with gearbox already on it). For the other engines i dont know...in our country people drives 2.0TDI (diesel turbo) :-D I want to stick with RB family and i looked at my option and best bet is RB25DET (non NEO) from R33 GTS-T
  6. No that GT4 has rust all over ? This car maybe have "junky" engine but little to no rust in the engine bay(literally no at the worst part) This is RB20DE NEO RWD. May i ask why with gearbox? Is it just better to buy(do that) like complete "set" or is the gearbox in this car different? Yes i can't do it..but iam just asking for the info just to know what should be the "easiest" option to consider...
  7. Hi. Soon i will be owner of Skyline R34 with RB20DE Neo engine and manual trans. Car was cheap and has done 209 000 KM. I dont mind the "poor" power of the engine but it can be in a bad shape. So what engine type i can "easily" swap in instead of this one? I looked for the info about this model but this type of car is crazy rare and not much of the info about it... FYI iam from different country so no P plates or any power restriction but that is not case... Plan is the 100% reliable engine/car. Skylines(R34) are even rarer in here so spare parts and anything on it i expensive. Thank you for the info.
  8. @KiwiRS4T Yeah...and maybe not even that. I asked like if it is even possible to do something like that. I know GT-Four is not "that" good but hell...it is still the R34 Skyline. ? But good to know that swap or "turbo kit" is available ?
  9. @Kinkstaah So...i tried find someone who has done some swaps on RB25 or at least knows how to service them. Found at least two guys from my country :-) (one of them done tons of swap on RB engines and has the know how :-) ) I know that i can get "better" cars in here(already owned Golf GTI - blow up engine 3x times :-D ) But Skyline is kinda a dream car. I dont care about GT-R look a like or XXX Hp drift/drag. Just need to buy it and make it reliable for the future and keep it. I know it is gonna be a lot harder to find parts but i dont mind...just needed to find someone who knows Skylines and RB engines...which i had :-) One huge plus is that RB25 is pretty reliable engine...cant say that about TSI/TFSI :-D
  10. Hi, thank you for the answers. Point is i dont want to buy GT-FOUR and immiedietly swap engine or put turbo on it. I just looking for the possible future option if i ended to buy some non turbo R34. Or maybe i just keep it as it is. But yeah...swaping or adding turbo in my country(Czech Republic) where i have never seen any skyline on the road is little bit too much i guess and even just that C34 engine would be kinda impossible to get here. @Kinkstaah i can get R34 GT-FOUR(2door) for like 8500 EUR- 14300 AUD. Yeah it is not a "brand new" and it has some rust etc...BUT next "cheapest" car is GT-T one(factory no mods) but is for 25500 AUD... But still as i said...i think it would be nearly impossible to swap engine or add turbo in my contry. Of course it is about money...but iam afraid that time i've got some spare money... price of the GT-T or any Skylines R34 would be somewhere else :-/ Another option is to try buy "cheap" GT-T from Japan auction...i saw few of them sell really cheap. Of course lot of them ar R rated (crashed) but i dont think that cars around our country will be different :-D But i need to add around 6600 AUD for the transport taxes etc...
  11. Hi, First of all sorry for my english ? Iam looking for a Skyline R34 and in the meantime iam gathering as much info i can get. But one i kinda dont get. I can get R34 GT-FOUR(4WD non turbo RB25DE) way cheaper cuz nobody really wants them so much(right now) I already asked and it is nonsense to "put on a turbo" So question is. What type of RB25DET i need for GT-FOUR AWD swap? I thinked any type of RB25DET would suffice but now iam learning that "only" Stagea RB25DET(C34?) can be swaped cuz of the AWD ATESA system? Or can it be different? I know it is way better to just buy GT-T but this have a potential to be "good" AWD car...and i can get it like for the half of a price of GT-T Thanks for the info...or any information about GT-FOUR version of R34(it is hard to get)
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