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  1. No idea. There was a guy that had one in a rail chassis drag car..guessing that would be it. Anyway . Just slap it together and have a fun thrashing the thing
  2. Makes sense.... I have had an Accusump for about 10 years....its been mega sitting on the shelf Lol may actually finally be plumbed in over the labour day weekend
  3. Because who gives a shit about rpm.. road speed is where it counts!!! Lol, all you stroker big block RB boys would realise your better served by laggy RB20s that rev to 10,000rpm with 4.6 diff
  4. I certainly hope you haven't spent more than I have in the 21 years I've owned my truck Any pics of the internals of the Lewis Sump? Could understand problems at PI but Winton?
  5. Dry sump? What made you go to those lengths?
  6. Well Sandown was a bit of fail cake last weekend. Will dump the fluid tomorrow and see if there is any obvious reason why the gearbox has picked up some bearing noise
  7. You'd be miles quicker if you are aiming for 1:40 at PI Back around 2013 was my last time at PI. did a 1:48.6 from memory with 260rwkws and was still on 98 and the old engine. I O ly did two laps on E85 and I was 20km/h quicker on the straight but the front right kingpin bearing collapsed middle of turn 1...that started the 7year rebuild of all the suspension a d driveline Was going to PI this weekend but last weekend at Sandown revealed I need to fix a few things...some as stupid as needing a new dipstick I think my best at Winton back around the same period was 1:36.9 or something. I did a sub 1:36 at a Friday on RE55s but not on Natsoft so doesn't count https://youtu.be/m5KcwIN2kKI
  8. Maybe just a little ... But 270 km/h would be plenty... It hits 270 at Bathurst with more to go....not going to hit limiter at PI with 4.3 for more than a moment..but Bathurst would be a headache
  9. Cheap...$600 or something from memory. 2.2l will be a good thing... Compression and stroke will liven it up
  10. So Challenge Bathurst is on in 2021, is the bus going to be back together?
  11. YIKES. So where to from here? There was an RB20 NEO on Marketplace just before XMAS. I had to resist being me
  12. It has an R33 GTR read end and shafts so 4.11....wish I had kept 4.3
  13. Yeh...but bugger spending that on a 5spd.. I need a longer 2nd gear or shorter 3rd...use lol I need (want really) a 6speed
  14. What is dog shit with the Collins kit? Can't find an rb25 box , not even on Yahoo so need as a fix and the CD009 makes sense with a bit of bashing
  15. Some pics...been too long between drinks!!!!
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