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  1. I hear crickets....why don't I hear hits of big rpm and Trust goodness!!!!
  2. LOLs, its making the same as my T38 on the YB in my Cossie...i really need a new hair dryer for the old girl. Your setup is bang on what I want to piece together in a MK 1 Cortina. Looks a m int intall. Did you do the abrication?
  3. Looks neat. Seems us R32 owners are now the bird-dog owners with all the 31 owners going full bling instagram spec Keen to see this thing back and extracting everything the T67 can give !
  4. Yeh. When I ran a Plazmaman inlet on my RB20 on E85 and TD06 I made a decent enough 306rwkws. I note your inlet pipe goes where the battery once was which is easier than in the std GTR position like I ran mine...was but ache piping it to that position. I've done a few 120 deg pipe setups for std plenum and much a muchness to me these days.
  5. LOL, I ruined my car...too modified and just now too broke to thrash I changed back to std for what I thought was performance. Also so I could tell people its a std RB20 running -10s For my car which was pretty sorted for the std manifold going Plazman at 250-260rwkws hurt torque and mid range but did open up top end over 7,000rpm as it just kept pulling as std fell over. So when I pulled the TD06-20G off and went T67-25G I went back to std RB20 inlet and throttle body I am now running a very different setup on the std RB20 inlet with 2.5L and twin 2860-5s. The thing is surprisingly punchy for a non VCT 2.5L with twin -5s. Its actually way better power and response vs the T67-25G 10cm I now wonder now it has more airflow and a good 70-100rwkws more power whether going back to a Plazmaman would be a good upgrade. On my RB20 it didn't really work as I'd hoped.
  6. Did you ever run your setup with the std manifold before going Plazmaman? Wish I still had my subsription to RB20 wrecker life....being stuck, drunk in hotels for years with nothing to do but think up dumb shit and waste money ruined my car. At least my motor externally still looks like an RB20 LOL, part of the reason why I went back to std inlet manifold after selling my Plazmaman.
  7. Need a housing to play around with. As long as the housing internals are in good shape then I am keen. Doesnt matter if the gears are worn as long as the casing has not eaten debris
  8. Sorted another solution for now...so if you have a cheap one then still interested but just spent $300 on a temp fix
  9. So based on recent experiences people are happy all this hoo-ha has been resolved with Ross balancers? I have myself in a pickle where I need a new R33 GTR power steering pump and when you can find them people want the same money as a Ross balancer that means I can go back to either of my old PS pumps with a vanilla Metal Jacket balancer. Silly question are they any heavier or lighter than std?
  10. Need urgently so prefer pick up in Melb
  11. Yeh, tried email the other week. May try again. Or as Dale FZ1 points out...just suss squish and ZFG about compression ratio...E85 etc.
  12. What headgasket did you end up choosing?
  13. Ideally compression height and dome cc. My google search comes up with nothing reliable. Some RB30 pistons for twin cam conversions etc and the catalogue doesn't list that piston number. If my pistons are the same as the catalogue and the CH is 31.369mm vs the std RB25 piston having a CH of 31mm (0 deck same as RB26, 2mm stroke difference and JE state CH of 31...whilst some others like Wiseco and CP seem to be 31.5mm) If the std RB25 piston has a CH of 31mm then that is about right as it means the piston will be 0.369 above the deck. I measured 16thou/0.4mm so in the hunt. Trying to suss a head gasket for std squish or perhap tighter squish if there is a more optimal target
  14. So anyone running old Arias RB25 pistons? I'm having trouble finding info on the pistons in my engine. They have 371521 engraved in them and sit proud of the deck by ( from memory) about 16thou
  15. Yeh, but these are going to get destroyed so rather not sacrifice new ones. Looking for used ones
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