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  1. What pistons? If CP they appear to be about the same piston shape as mine. I've had to pull the engine out of my old bus so sifting through parts at the moment
  2. Love the car and build....one silly opinion though....is there a chance with the breather from the catch can to get oil condensing in the low end of the bend and hydraulic the breather system? I guess if the can is effecient enough than the line to the breather wont have enough oil to condense and drop ou
  3. Fuel tank? I need the pump carrier but if tank is in good nic may take wholevthing. Pls PM if you have it
  4. They binned the EFRs for Precision! At least they are man enough to run twins. Give them another few years and they will finally see the light and rock Trust turbos
  5. New Sard fuel reg purchased new from RHD Larger 8AN version https://www.rhdjapan.com/sard-adjustable-fuel-regulator-type-rj-8mm.html Located in Melb....asking $200 plus delivery. Can provide receipt
  6. Ah...just skimmed and saw E85 mentioned. Great result on 98. Seems nothing wrong with the internal gate setup!
  7. So that means? Am I guessing right that 75% of the improvement is fuel as E85 masks the high back pressure and any inefficiency in the setup and just gets busy making numbers? Then may the tune with more accurate ignition? I know my old setup loved going to E85 as it simply allowed more boost and ignition everywhere over 98 when the thing just became too prone to detonation. E85 seems to make inefficient air pumps work a load better. Looks a far better result and imagine drives like a different beast
  8. Cheers, I may just rip mine off and do it over Xmas
  9. Are they all the same? Use the same pick ups etc? Got an R32 with RB20 and want to know if i can use an RB25DET sump from an R33 or R34 as i want to do a custom sump
  10. So looking back a week later now I feel frustrated. The first and only lap was a rather leisurely lap and not bad at 2:42 all things considered. Wish I could have gotten another 3-5 laps as I think I would have gotten it down into the low 30s or high 20s rather quickly. After that its going to take a load of laps to get anywhere near the limit....but not even worried about that. Its definitely a place where you need to treat it like a tarmac rally and appreciate that a pinched brake may mean a horrible table top ride back to the pits Anyway...over the next few weekends will need to fix the stoooopid filler neck. Fuel tanks check/roll over valve and stupid radiator shroud that decided to crack and meet the viscous fan. Stooopid old cars and meatball flags! 😤
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