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  1. So , question has to be asked....identified why you are knocking around the engine? I would expect a NEO to be very happy a the power level you are running
  2. Mrs Roy get a reserve drive at Sauber Columbian so would be crazy rich to go with the crazy bit!
  3. I reckon Renault looks pretty awesome
  4. So offset wise the std front Brembos are hitting the spokes of the rim? If they are bloody big 18s I am guessing that radially there is loads of space? If the wheels have a heavy curve to them and by the time the spoke hits the outer rim hub you may get away with running calipers for bigger brakes. I know there is a big difference in sizes of calipers and IMO you should undo the two bolts that hold the caliper to the hub. With the pads still in wiggled them out so that the pads still bit on the caliper and just pull them out half the pad depth and then try to fit the wheel. If moving the caliper out radially 15-20mm gets you the clearance you need then you can quite easily find a 355-365mm brake setup that uses a caliper that has a slower profile and is more snug to the rotor than the std Brembos
  5. Not sure about the paint job but love the shape of the new cars
  6. L.E.G.E.N.D! I love my lil R32 but after about 15 years of enjoying it the car started to fall apart around the engine. Stress cracks in cradles, flogged bearings, bushings and the challenge for me is to get the thing back on the track and in another 15 years time again have to rebuild the car due to doing too many events!
  7. LOL Price? They all seem 6k. For me thats another 6-9 months of saving over an ebay piston/rod deal for 2k Baffles me that peple have the disposable income to shell out on baffle i mean envious. I am still trying to piece my car back together after 2 years of being off the road and tired of being broke and spending all my spare cash on cars
  8. I love the side pods and airbox
  9. HUH? If ou need a new crank then perhaps....but if your crank is healthy than 2k on rods and pistons...whats the cheapest stroker kit these days?
  10. Oh man....hope this goes to a good home.
  11. Yep. A friends nephew was keen but have not heard anything for a while so ...still for sale
  12. You live in Belgium and own a Skyline! I almost hate you...Spa, Zolder, Zandvoort...Burger Ring all within a few hours driving!!!! Keen to see this hit the track!!!!
  13. observation is that it only is an issue from time to time on setups over 355mm. i think up to that size you are fine and rarely have an issue. I have seen and know of some cars running 380mm rotors etc that have knock off as due to diam any hub deflection ends up with more movement at the rotors outer edge
  14. Have you asked the question why there is such a difference between your street car and your RS and RA? They are a similar shock so imagine there is either something in the springs you are running or perhaps the RS are still std valving as they come from Japan? It would be worthwhile asking the question. They definitely are a good solution as they work well on the street and can be made to work quite well on the track to!