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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Changed position at work and am working EU hours. Daytime is daddy daycare and sleep Hopefully next month more time for fun as I will split my shift between EU and AU time. Still need to finish wiring the dash and putting some Bosch (oil/fuel) sensors to the Emtron before I drive it again. Ordered the bits this week, so hopefully get stuck into the wiring with my brother in law once restrictions are lifted.
  2. Pilot lights mounted. Just about to order some DTM connectors and wiring to get it all patched into the factory harness.
  3. Pretty happy with it considering the price and lack of support for R31 things in general. You can tell it's 3D printed, from the back. But otherwise it has a nice paint/finish added to the front size.
  4. Haven't done much lately with the car. Test fitted the dash on the weekend. Just need to order some more wiring and DTM plugs. Then drill the holes for the led pilot lights. (Indicators, handbrake, high beam and alarm). Might do fuel level through the Emtron as it has an input.
  5. Bump, open to offers on the Blitz gear. The rest is pretty firm
  6. Since I've gone full Digital Dash over can bus I won't be needing these items. They were the best products on the market back in the day and will give you the full JDM racer style. Blitz Dual Solenoid boost controller & power meter $500 Defi Link OLED display & controller. Oil Temperature & Pressure Fuel Pressure Water temperature $500 Gizzmo LED Shift Light $50 All items were removed in working order and come complete with looms, manuals and boxes. Postage at buyers
  7. Not much to update. Dash insert turned up today and I test fitted the screen. Had to slightly enlarge the mount holes due to differences in the Powertune vs. the insert. (As they are both 3D printed). Waiting on the pilot lights (Turning up Tomorrow/Friday). Waiting for stage 4 restrictions to ease up before I get a wheel alignment and put some km's on it.
  8. Went full nostalgia with the startup screen. Anyone who is an R31 die hard will recognise the video clip. VID_20200821_132803~3.mp4
  9. Powertune digital dash. Basically a raspberry pi
  10. Making a custom layout for my digital dash. Thoughts? Seems to fit the theme of MAGA but more arrogance. Might see if I can make the background change on redline for a combination of the two.
  11. Run in tune & cold start done. Car comes home tomorrow morning. Will get some KM's up on it before turning up the wick.
  12. Few pics from the weekend. Fingers crossed for the tune this week
  13. Lots of work, was my family's farm bike for years. Saw a mint one in Tokyo last year and got inspired. Hope to restore it with my kid as a project for him so he can learn to ride
  14. Thanks man, much appreciated. It's 90% the way there to what I imagined it would be. I've never gone all out like this before on a car. So much planning involved however. Other than the long motor build, I can't imagine how much it would cost to pay someone to have do it all for me. A few things I need to tidy up and others is do different. Hopefully there isn't a next time for this cars engine bay. For something completely different, I have a VN Berlina to build (thinking LS6) and a Honda SL70 mini bike to restore.
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