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  1. Fitted 1150cc last weekend. Upgraded from 550cc. Idle perfectly. 25 years difference in technology I guess makes all the difference.
  2. Need to swap injector 4&6 pins around iirc.
  3. Ended up with these bad boys. http://www.raceworks.com.au/fuel/injectors/bosch-1150cc-4-bar-3-4-length-injector/ Just need to fit the plugs to suit since I had denso injectors. Anyone know the latency settings for Power FC? (RB26 PFC D-Jetro if that helps)
  4. Probably in another thread, but I couldn't find anything. So feel free to redirect me there. Which ID1000's are people using on their RB20? (Part number, original intended applicate etc) I've currently got RX7 555cc Injectors running on an RB26 PFC with resistors inline rather than the GTR resistor pack. I'm guessing besides the spacers? for the (14mm) injectors and new plugs for the loom I'll need to remove the resistors in the loom since RB26 ID1000's seem the go?
  5. Shiv, you should come down to the show and shine @ Skyline Nationals cup weekend if you can make it. I'd bet you will be a contender for best R32 Plus we need to have some beers.
  6. Pro tip. Don't leave your car un attended in the Wyndham area, especially near hoppers station. Not the first and you won't be the last. Glad to hear it has been recovered.
  7. Get some knowledge of GIS extensions etc in oracle DB, PostgreSQL or even Sql Server. There are a LOT of DB developer jobs which require it now days with everything integrated with google maps etc etc. Unfortunately there are usually more MSSQL db jobs than anything else in melbourne. I've always wondered how hard it would be to get back into the industry if I took some time off. I'd imagine it would be hard. I know that the Bureau of Meteorology are an Oracle house. Perhaps try to get in there?
  8. Can't argue with that. I will be looking at bigger injectors at a minimum. 550cc RX7 injectors on E85 will be at their limit. There is a Bosch 023 in the tank but I've never liked the way it fit's in the cradle compared to say a Nismo unit. (Probably just me being picky).
  9. Why do you say these things... Luckily I have not spent any real money, time or effort going back yet. Perhaps it's worth dropping cash on a better fuel system and E85 in the new year regardless and seeing what comes of it
  10. Spot on.
  11. Have to change the plug, and when you want more power later you will wish you had of gone with GTR injectors.
  12. How things change in 12 months. Gonna keep the L2 mang, it's too good of a setup to bin. The tune is the same after the cam gears went in and we hunted for more response. I'm still collecting parts for the factory manifold to go back on. One day I will come to see you for an E85 tune. Probably when the manifold is back to factory.