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  1. Probably a stupid idea, but if everything is checking (are you sure the spark plugs arent firing?) out okay could it be possible that the ECU has lost its map? Maybe a tuner will be able to assist
  2. Dylannn

    This topic will probably help you Josh, As stated above if smaller gapped plugs don't work you'll need to upgrade your coilpacks, the three options what come to mind are Splitfires (around $500), yellow jackets ($300), or yaris coil pack mod ($150ish)
  3. Dylannn

    Although I think that it is possible, ask yourself is it worth it? A lot of effort (and money, unless you go a chinese FFP) for aesthetics.. If anything I think it will decrease the performance
  4. Hi Kraken, I just completed this not to long ago on my RB20, what I did was identify what wire from the ECU fired what cylinder and then soldered that wire up to the corresponding plug on the loom. Another way to do this is outlined above by just pairing the numbers on the bottom of the ignition coil. But I recall there was an extra wire I had to do something with, I'm pretty sure it was a ground wire which I just paired up with the other ground wire that goes onto the coil pack holder.. Below is the colour combination of the wires for my stock ECU which may be relevant but double check yours..
  5. Do you still have OEM GTR injectors?
  6. Dylannn

    Where are you located?
  7. Dylannn

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Do any reputable Japanese brands come to mind? I'd like to cost compare, if its only a few extra dollars I think it would be worth going with a reputable brand
  8. Dylannn

    Hi guys, Can anyone provide any input about E-Bay coolant hose kits? looking to replace all coolant hoses whilst engine is out as they look a bit how you going https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Silicone-Ancillary-Heater-Hose-Full-Clamp-Set-Fit-Skyline-R32-RB20DET-GTS-BK/152974549937?epid=1145071623&hash=item239dfe63b1:g:blwAAOSw5P9bIa-2&frcectupt=true Also whilst engine is out, is there any other maintenance you would be doing now to make life easier later? I'm replacing clutch already. Regards, Dylan
  9. Dylannn

    I agree with GTSBoy, I like them otherwise but. At a guess though I think theyre priced around $1250... for this amount you could your headlights retrofitted in Australia with top of the line gear and you could get them made to your particular tastes. All in all money could be better spent otherways IMO
  10. Could be coincidental that the plug died?
  11. Dylannn

    Hi all, Found a chinese turbo on my RB20 and looking to swap it out for something what wont grenade... Looking for an RB25 turbo or something that will bolt directly in. Only looking at spending a few hundred to get the car back on the road
  12. Dylannn

    Can't confirm with confidence but I'm fairly sure that it does say Carret on the exhaust housing 😥
  13. Hi, Can anyone help me identify the turbo below, I have tried usual google searches etc but no luck
  14. I'll be in Sydney late arvo / tonight if anyone wants anything brought up from Bathurst