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  1. Hi Guys, At the moment I'm starting to think about the engine build which will eventually go into my R32. I am considering doing an rb26/30 build (want the car to feel responsive and not be a lag monster) but just wondering what you think would be a usable amount of power will be for a dedicated track car which will not be overkill Regards, Dylan
  2. I’d try diagnosis outlined above and see if that helps finding what’s causing the issue
  3. Check codes on ECU, that will point you in the right direction from here
  4. what coilpacks you running Anal? I've got some OEM ones if you need, $20ea. I'd do the following diagnosis Remove 1 coilpack and start the car and see if the miss gets worse, if the miss gets worse then you know that coilpack / plug is working as it should be for that cylinder, repeat this for all cylinders and you should find out which cylinder is not firing. Once this happens swap a known good coilpack onto this to determine if its the coilpack at fault or something else.. Report back findings!
  5. Hi all, looking for below (refer to picture), located Bathurst 2795, happy to pay postage
  6. Sorry i ment the car? 4k, looking at selling it soon if you're interested
  7. How much did it cost? Unsure as I bought the car with the flash tune. I think the guy I purchased it off pulled the ECU and had it posted to them, they reflashed it and sent it back. A guy called Gavin did it what currently works for Underground Performance located in Melbourne
  8. I can confirm that this is fact as I also currently own a flashed MK4 Golf and it hoons
  9. Probably a stupid idea, but if everything is checking (are you sure the spark plugs arent firing?) out okay could it be possible that the ECU has lost its map? Maybe a tuner will be able to assist
  10. This topic will probably help you Josh, As stated above if smaller gapped plugs don't work you'll need to upgrade your coilpacks, the three options what come to mind are Splitfires (around $500), yellow jackets ($300), or yaris coil pack mod ($150ish)
  11. Although I think that it is possible, ask yourself is it worth it? A lot of effort (and money, unless you go a chinese FFP) for aesthetics.. If anything I think it will decrease the performance
  12. Hi Kraken, I just completed this not to long ago on my RB20, what I did was identify what wire from the ECU fired what cylinder and then soldered that wire up to the corresponding plug on the loom. Another way to do this is outlined above by just pairing the numbers on the bottom of the ignition coil. But I recall there was an extra wire I had to do something with, I'm pretty sure it was a ground wire which I just paired up with the other ground wire that goes onto the coil pack holder.. Below is the colour combination of the wires for my stock ECU which may be relevant but double check yours..
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