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  1. Hey everyone, Im a P plater for a na R34 and I recently asked a tuning shop in my area in Victoria if it's legal to have a pop and bang tune to my exhaust, they said it's legal but I've heard from a few people that's it's actually illegal and I could get a defect from the police cos of it. I'm just wondering if it's illegal to have a pop and bang exhaust (mostly when I decelerate if that matters)
  2. Hey everyone, the aftermarket antenna fixed the problem 👌 thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Thank you, It is an Australian headunit and after some searching on other forums I found that window tint effects the antenna. So I've bought an aftermarket antenna and will test fit it tomorrow to see if that fixes the problem.
  4. Hey, alright so I can't seem to find any help on this issue anyway so I thought I'd ask here. I have a aftermarket headunit (Kenwood ddx4) in my skyline r34. When I chose the radio mode on the headunit all I get is static. I've heard it's because it's from Japan so the frequencys or something are different...Im honestly not sure why it's not working. Is there a way to fix this so I can listen to radio channels ??
  5. Hey I own a skyline R34 2000 sedan and i have recently been having trouble with my steering wheel shaking when I reach 100kph. The car as had 1 alignment done and been balanced twice...neither fixed the problem The left tie rod has been replaced also as that was on its last legs but still didn't fix the problem. i don't believe it is the tyres as it drives pretty straight without dramatic pull to either side of the road and no obvious wear is noticeable but due to me not being a mechanic in any way, I could be wrong. any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be highly appreciated as I am puzzled to what the problem could be. thank you.
  6. Hey everyone, fixed the engine light problem it was faulty coil packs and faulty spark plugs, easy fix and relatively cheap for car parts. Thanks for everyones advice I found it very helpful. Hope this helps other people too.
  7. Quick little update; The car only seems to display the engine light 3 minutes ish after driving, after I turn the engine off and on it goes away for the rest of the trip (drive for an hour or so). It only seems to appear when the engine is cold. Will be running a diagnostic in a couple of days to see whats happening. Thanks for your advice it will definitely come in handy
  8. Skyline R34 engine light Hey everyone, Recently on my skyline r34 non turbo 4 door my engine light as come on twice within a 1 week period and am unsure of its cause. First the car is fine and then the engine light comes on (this is happened twice), no problems occur untill I stop at a set of lights and it starts to jitter back n four over 6 beats (this has only happened twice and I've stopped many other times with no jitters). I pull over and turn the engine off and wait a couple of seconds and then turn it back on and the engine light is gone. I believe it is just a ecu problem but I wanted to ask if anyone else had experienced this and how to fix it? Thank you for your time.
  9. I think from what you two are saying I'll stick to around the 400 or even 350 HP mark as I don't think my automatic gearbox and handle much more. Thank you for the modification suggestions and if you have a few more items that can be installed then please let me know Thanks again
  10. How to create a 600+hp skyline r34 Hey everyone, I live in Victoria and own a skyline r34 25gt auto stock, and I was wondering how I can increase my horsepower from 280hp (factory hp) to 400+ (approx) I see all these YouTube videos and see all these skylines with fully modified engines producing 600+ hp and I was wondering how do they create such an engine. Is there a place in Australia that can built such a machine for me? Due to my zero lack of experience of engines. Thank you for your time
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