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  1. Thanks for the advise mate. Definitely on the cards to get done
  2. Thanks Corinne. Email received Appreciate your efforts Cheers Jason
  3. Hi Old Rev Head, I have been told there is a guy in Albury that specializes in the ESP patterns and had lots of great reviews, but is pretty pricey. Get what you pay for these days Cheers
  4. Hi Corinne, Just wondering if my emails have arrived to the address you mentioned? I have sent 2 without a reply Cheers Jason 0425356454
  5. Yes mate built feb 1980. ESP’s Not sold to the public till June 1980 so she is a bit of a unicorn 👍 Interior is mint all bar the drivers seat which we will get redone. will do on the XE, they not cheap are they lol
  6. Hey guys How do I go about organizing Historic plates through the club? I have an 1980 XD Ford Falcon ESP Id like to get historic plates for I searched the forum but couldnt find anything recent Cheers Jason 0425356454
  7. Showing my age now, but I remember when you could buy an R32 GTR track car (not register able) from Japan for $10K plus shipping
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