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  1. Im looking at these few mods to help with my oil issues at the moment, anyone used them or have any feedback on them? https://www.boostdoc.com.au/product/camshaft-oil-splash-plates-rb-twin-cam-engines/ and getting the head shaved similar to the vid here https://www.facebook.com/aaron.spec/videos/pcb.2956846604441146/1413247245730179/?type=3&theater&ifg=1 And replacing my tiny catch can with one of these with a drain back to the sump https://atperformance.com.au/product/nissan-skyline-r32-oil-catch-can/
  2. Yer It was great to finally meet you I may get shot in out office for saying this but may have to look at getting one as we are all iphone, As the 32 is stripped out I dont have anywhere to put the phone, so i pretty much sit on it lol im buggered trying to get Harry's laptimer to work correctly with no external gps and with the gopro heres my gopro footage https://youtu.be/lk0ztQo7raU
  3. Spewin you didnt get the 1.10 you were after. I have the same issue with my can, accept mine vents to atmo so decided to spew it out the vent all over the engine bay. That was fun to clean up. So Im going to have to do some more mods on the oil side of things as well. Head Drain to sump, closed can to sump, oil restriction in head etc. Plus on top of that the dorian timer they gave me had flat batteries so no lap times recorded for me will have to work out lap times of the gopro lol
  4. nice setup, In case your not aware the V8 supercars E-Series starts tonight live streeming https://eseries.supercars.com/ Should be a fun watch
  5. I am too, but you gotta take one for a spin at some point, it is pretty amazing how bloody fast they accelerate. Not very sporty handling and I can see a lot of inexperienced drivers getting into trouble in these things
  6. have you been for a spin in one? one of the guys at work has a performance model 3 Damn is all I can say!!
  7. Mount big screen TV to bonnet, link car ecu to playstation console, car stands and your sweet lol
  8. Sorry to hear that Mr rbman on a lighter side, I did read that with the "off" as "on" when I read it on my phone. But that may just be my dirty mind lol
  9. Feeling for you mate, and anyone in a similar situation. Im glad I work in IT at the moment, even though its absolutely nuts at the moment, my job is very secure, and fully function able from home. Keep safe everyone
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