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  1. one of the guys at work made one of these for no particular reason with his 3d printer. said it cost like under 1 dollar to make haha ebay search $70 ish probably could get him to make stuff if guys are interested a hell of a lot cheaprer that that haha would still need the perspex window to go into though
  2. Yeah I wish I could at the moment, bloody lock downs. I started in the 1:19's first time out, by end of the day it was 16's. then a few mods down to my best of 13's now.. On a plus side the local gokart track (Kembla Grange) will be opening 17th this month to double vaxed people (group of 5 max from Wollongong LGA only). so some more seat time soon hopefully. I f anyone on here is in Wollongong, hit me up if your double vaxed
  3. I wish I was in the 1:06's lol im in the 1:13's with more in the car, Im the handicap at this point haha
  4. Hi Dylannn. back left rear window trim - I dont think so but will check when home this arvo rb25 cam covers - sorry no Cheers Jason
  5. I wish Wakefield and eastern creek were in GTS lol Bathurst is the only Aussie track int he game Can get them in Assetta Corsa (via download) on the PC (not console)
  6. lol Id have to say its the other way for me. Sim racing still feels like im playing a game. Even for one of those big bucks hydrolic setups with VR Nothing beats sitting in the drivers seat when on the track sending it
  7. if any of you guys wanna come try it out, let me know. PS4 - Gran Turismo Sports Thursday night approx 7:30pm We host private rooms so no random drop ins. So will need to be PSN friends with the host. mostly clean fun racing. we do 4-6 short races, generally no tyre wear or fuel stops, We do a bathurst own car (or as close to as possible) race first up which is in the N class around 350HP, super fun. We have a FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/gtsoc but mainly use discord for chat. There are some serious guys in the group and they do league races on other nights.
  8. Thats for sure, I did get my 32 GTST for $3.5K lol Wonder what its worth now 3 to 5 times that much id say I know guys that have steering wheels more expensive than my track car, then add in pedals, Chair/seat/rig, big screen TV, sound system etc. some of those hydraulic sim racing rig are between $10K-$20K!!!
  9. I have a group that does a few races in GTS on a Thursday night. Pretty good fun. Dont have a lot of room for a permanent rig so have a foldable table Just a cheap G29 wheel. One of my mates made my real car in the game (close as possible, no GTST in the game)
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