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  1. Showing my age now, but I remember when you could buy an R32 GTR track car (not register able) from Japan for $10K plus shipping
  2. They do have a few scratched and each one has a broken mounting tab. give me a figure your happy with Can send better pics if still interested
  3. I think so, but didnt find them when doing the clean out. Ill have another look and let you know
  4. No problems Ill take some better pics of these items and send to you. The front window mirror inside panels (the plastic triangles). No problems The front indicators (provided they look pretty schmick - I don't need them if they've got chips/cracks etc.) Some scratches, and one of the mounting tabs broken on each indicator The air-con controller (provided it's working) Not 100% sure, was disconnected when I bought the car. The seat belts (provided they're not frayed on the edges and are otherwise working) No Frays and are working. Still have the passenger front in the car so its only the drivers front and both rear The door window mechanism (provided it's working)Yes, working Bought to fix my drivers door, but just using passenger side switch to do both windows The wastegate actuator (provided it's the stock RB20 10 psi unit and you're happy to keep it separated from the turbo!) Actuator is off RB25 turbo. I am now using the RB25 turbo with RB20 actuator
  5. Shed clean out of various R32 GTST Coupe parts when stripping my race car To many to list individually Message me if interested Pick up from Dapto NSW Happy to ship at buyers expense Can provide higher res pics of individual items if required Cheers Jason
  6. Thanks mate. I havent checked but im guessing the RB20det dont have that, so will have to do it a different way Track Day - sweet. Wakefield again? If they open it up to spectators I may come down for a watch as mine wont be ready for a while with bathroom reno starting soon.
  7. have you got a pic of how you did the sump breather on the sump end? Just so I can get an idea on what I gotta do
  8. Totally agree, hence my comments about not believing everything you see/read on FB
  9. Yer I just tried the link and works fine, but you may need to be a member of that Outside Skylines group to see it? They also put this post up the other day which does show some merit But can you believe everything you see on facebook lol
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