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  1. HCR32 type M

    Thanks for the heads up, just got off the phone with them!! All good.
  2. Hi Guys, The front universal joint on my R32 tail shaft is worn and needs replacing. It has 3-4mm of play.... Can anyone recommend a shop in Victoria who can press in the new universal and balance the complete tail shaft? I am assuming that I remove the output shaft from the gearbox and the complete tail shaft (to the diff) to do this job... Cheers
  3. HCR32 type M

    Hi, Do you have the washers jets from the bonnet still? Cheers
  4. HCR32 type M

    Thanks for the heads up on this!
  5. HCR32 type M

    Sorry it was the 21U that Tao mentioned, and not to go the OP6... The EFR7163 would not drop straight in would it? I am trying to make all of my mods reversible, so I can go back to stock if need be.. The GTS-T has LSD from factory. The 550cc injectors are from DeatschWerk, I thought they were all OK??
  6. HCR32 type M

    So I picked this up from a 62year old lady a few months ago. She brought it in from Japan in 1999, and it was her weekend car. It has just clicked over 200,000km, it was her pride and joy. I have had the paint corrected and ceramic coated over the whole car. I purchased some second hand Bilsteins and had them rebuilt by Bilstein in Sydney. I have purchased a AP Engineeing Power FC with the boost control kit and the FC datalogit module. Planned mods are as follows.. JJR stainless 3” turbo back with HF cat Hypertune High Flow G2 or G3 BB OP6 Blitz return flow front mount Intercooler 550cc injectors from GCG Walbro fuel pump upgrade Z32 AFM Apexi power intake Splitfire coil pack Looking for anything above 250kws on 98. Cheers Angelo