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  1. so i thought it might of been for a oil cooler but it seems to be a bit to far to be a sandwich plate
  2. just wondering if anyone knows what these blue AN type fittings are in my engine bay. they are next to the oil filter
  3. did you end up fixing the issue my car has the same one
  4. yeah so iv have pressed the switch under the door latch and nothing happens but the passenger side one is working fine. i think this door has been taken off before is there a plug somewhere that they might have forgot to plug in?
  5. So my dome light is not turning on when i open my driver side door, but it does turn on when i open my passenger side door
  6. yeah sorry this is a first time thing for me im learning as i go if there are better and easier ways id love to know
  7. so the old gauges are coming out but im assuming the wiring will still be there to the oil temp sensor and the boost sender. i was wondering if there is a way just to tap the new gauge wiring into the old ones. if that makes sense
  8. so i got a AEM boost and oil temp gauge, can i use the old stock gauge wiring to wire in my new gauges
  9. oh are they gauges that bad haha
  10. yeah so it has x100 next to it i thought that would already be clarified sorry, but it is sitting between the 0 and +7. isnt that just stock boost
  11. so i have read that if the boost restrictor is taken out it should boost up to 1 bar but mine seems to sit between 0 and 7 mmHg, car is all factory minus exhaust
  12. Could you link the thread please
  13. Well if it isn't obvious they are back where they should be lmao
  14. how do i check if my VVT is working its a rb25de neo and i accidentally swapped vacuum hoses around and now the car feels different
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