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  1. autometer boost gauge plumbed into the line going to the map sensor. still haven't tested driving without the wastegates connected as im unsure how to set that up. do I just remove the vacuum line to the actuator and just block it so I have the turbos there without any vacuum hoses going to it? car originally had a boost tap installed where the stock solenoid goes, I removed that and put the solenoid back in expecting to have a bar of boost.
  2. Yea stock solenoid. It's also got some cams and exhaust.
  3. Good idea ill give that a go and see if I get over 10
  4. Won't boost past 10psi Hi, r32 gtr, boost restrictor removed and still won't boost past 10psi. It's got a mines ecu would that make a difference? how do I work out what's wrong? I want 15psi and I thought removing the restrictor does that
  5. one has that guitar pick looking nut and the other has a normal nut which was looks like half of it shaved off, I guess for balance. my ceramic wheels look lighter in color that came off my car and these look different. guess they are steel wheeled. as mine here are rebuilt with steel wheels I was looking for a more exact way of knowing other than smashing it with a hammer or a magnet because magnets will not stick to either.
  6. Real helpful guys
  7. How you test for steel wheel or ceramic? How do you test for this? i have some turbos here that are suppose to be steel wheel upgraded.
  8. yea a powerfc is like what 400-800 bucks max here in nz. maybe a small bit more if has the commander. either way we all spend stupid amounts on our cars.
  9. 2500 for a powerfc? fark me. time to start hoarding and shipping them to the states. can get a link g4+ for a large chunk less than that and they are infinitely better. I have nothing further to add... except get a link.
  10. Shit that's clean
  11. Thanks for your input. Sounds exactly like my issue but I'm confident its not a tramlining issue, I'm running 265s. I have a suspicious looking tie rod in the rear which I doubt is helping and although the bushes look ok they have probably been there since the car was new. I have also notice the rear is a bit wiggly when accelerating hard, isn't a traction issue it just wallows around a bit. I'm also only putting out no where near your power, I'm probably not much more than stock. my plan of attack for this is hicas eliminator kit, all new bushing in rear including sub frame then go from there. Will do front bushings at a later date. will report back with hopefully positive news!
  12. Ok I am going to try that as that will eliminate one possibility. Wont be able to head out for a good test drive till the weekend though. Ah I understand now. Thought that was the hicas pump priming. Is it possible to fix the hicas or is it a bin it once its faulty situation?
  13. if I unplug that what will happen? wont I have rear wheels going all over the show? hicas lights all work fine on the dash, can hear the pump prime for 5 seconds or so when you turn the key. car is a 1994 model, just done over 80ks. so far its going to be wheel alignment, check play in bushes as per Duncans post and hope its better. kinda ruins the fun when you cant enjoy it. didn't buy the car for 60k an hour commuting.
  14. im going to go get it aligned this weekend or next when I have some free to see if that fixes the problem. I will post a print out. I have no idea about the shocks history, they don't look severely aged though. springs are a black color, will need to have a look for markings. car isn't excessively slammed either. will report back about bushes. I have been under the car a few times any previously nothing looked out of the ordinary. its a very clean good condition car with low mileage. not really, I know what tram lining feels like and it isn't the same as that, its more the car is squiggly if you can understand, squirming all over the place. have to use a lot of steering input to get it straight at speed on an average surface.
  15. r32 gtr country roads performance hi guys, car handles like crap on country roads. feels like its trying to throw me off the road all the time. the road is in ok condition for a rural road and I have taken may cars for a thrash through it as I used to live there. last weekend took the r32 gtr out there and found I couldn't reach the speeds my old Toyota starlet could hit in certain points as it felt like my car was trying to kill me. even on the straights it would feel like its trying to throw me into the oncoming lane or into the trees. car is lowered on bilstein shocks and unknown springs, ride isn't slammed, still a finger gap between tyre and guard. suspension isn't crazy stiff either, I had an old ae86 with 8kg front 6kg rear and on this road handled beautifully and was damn quick through the corners and road a lot harsher than the gtr. I also expected bilstein shocks would be awesome but so far doesn't inspire much confidence. on a smooth motorway its fine but I prefer country roads for a bit of fun. where do I start?