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  1. can anyone help me. I'm I.trested in deleting.my profile, complete.
  2. I've been down this same road and it's a nightmare, I remember.getting blasted for do an over kill fuel system. sadly my last resort was an upgraded alternator. it didn't help much. but I guess it's a learning curve and expensive one at that. Now my car just sits, move out and in my shop everyday even tho I like it so much, I'm sick to the stomach to drive it. I'm planning on re-doing the whole car. I'll go with a fuel lab variable pump next time. I'll spend a lot of time planning. of course I'll have to go with a Haltech ecu to manage it all. thanks for your thread. it was interesting to read.
  3. it's saying this forum has disabled media sharing?
  4. so now that I got my os88, can you share how you went about modifying this breather?
  5. time for me to join a new site. can someone direct me out of here
  6. hello guys and seasons greetings, here is where I'm at, I cant seem to post photos, using my cell on this app. I finally got all my parts from RHDJapan. I got a 0S88 a new clutch and cross member. I'm wondering if my clutch fork and release bearing from my old r32 box will work as it's the only thing that's missing, new I got a new r33 gear box but it came as a pull type setup and I'll be using this in a r32 so this won't work as all my clutch kits are all push types. I do notice some spot for some bolts on the opposite side for a push slave that I can tap, but the next issue will be the part of the box that the release bearing slides. this part is with a pin that holds the fork (pull) can I use the one from my push standard r32 box? this will allow me to use the r32 push type fork and ball type bolt the fork floats on. I also would like to know if I would need anything else I'll need to use for this os 5 speed gear set. this is a new late r33 box, and all I see so far not opening up the box so far is this for issue. I would post photos if the forum would allow me. but it's not.[emoji24]
  7. yes on note 8 and yes the app this should be allowed as it's the only way that really easy to load photos.
  8. this is using my note 8 so app. this should be allowed on phones as it's the easiest way to load photos, and yes it's android
  9. hello can some tell me why when I try to share a photo. it's telling me the forum has disabled photo sharing?
  10. Hello Piggaz, one of these parts numbers isn't right (32605-310p11) that doesn't seem right, also can you list the quantity i will need for this set up, i'm planning on trying to do a os 5speed gear set build, i'm going to get the billet center plate as well, I have a R33 box here along with 3 R32 boxes can you please take some time to explain what i"m up against here. I want to make the order From RHD japan as soon as possible so any help would be appropriated.
  11. Yeah. I still have the Haltech ps2000. I found out today the hard way that I f--ked up. I was under the impression that that it was an anti lag launch control. After I kept on flooring it and only saw 4 psi. So I guess If I want boost off the line I'll have to upgrade the ecu. We all learn differently and for me it's a hard to drop old habits for new ones. Even though people beat me up for it. Over the years I've seen more and more car over here state side run Haltech ecus. I'll have to start taking the time to get familiar with the ecu, and just face up to it. I did get me rb25 running on it and it worked pretty well, but moved back to the power fc. Bad habits I guess. To get the car going hard I dropped the clutch at 9k. The thing was an absolute animal and the turn worked well at 14psi. It took that much rpms to get that turbo going off the line. I also run the ets-pro so all 4 wheels smoked, and gate opened up right away. None the less I want to launch the car at a lower rpm, but with boost as I'm only geared towards drag racing. I have a grudge match coming up Sunday. I'll have to run the fc for this. As it will take me some time to set up the Haltech. Is there any shops out there, willing to sell me a complete Haltech setup. Closed loop wideband setup as well even providing the injectors for 800 Hp. Along with a bit of advice and help seeing up injectors. I ask because I'll need another one anyways. I'm also looking for the evo to be able to use a strain gauge for 0s88 that's coming soon. Thanks again and sorry I didn't use the Haltech. There I said it. Help me make this car go.
  12. Hello guys I just started up one of my build and tested it using stock injectors which I thing was fine for braking it in. I drive it and everything seems fine make good power, but like expected I can see I'm running out of injector duty. No big deal I have another set that are 850. And these are what I tend to run. But before I install them and take the car to get tuned. I decided to just pop in the pfc pro. To make sure it works. I uploaded my tune and cranked the are up. It all worked fine. After the idle was learned. I tried the anti-lag feature. I see it uses the ac to set the ignition cut so I set it to 5k, and floored the gas. I only got about 7 psi and I'm looking for way more than that. Keeping in mind the injectors are still stock. I'm just wondering a few things. 1. How does t a anti-Lag system get the boost to go even higher. Does it need more ignition delay. And how do I do that with the pro. ?? How can I get this PT 7675 going. I'm after 22 psi or so off the line. Attached I have a photo of the screen. Opps it's saying this forum has disabled media sharing. Why.
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