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  1. Selling rear muffler section as pictured. Suitable for off the shelf jap exhausts. 2 bolt flange, hangers to suit r32, hurricane muffler. Should keep you out of trouble and shut the car up. Note: it came with my car, I have never used it. I have changed exhaust setup completely so it will not work with my current setup. Price $100. Pick up only. Sydney Metro.
  2. GTR Life MF'er in b4 gts4 cos single turbo now.
  3. On the grounds that they have extensive experience and a solid track record of building the fastest RBs in the country. No other workshop comes close to having as many tough RBs as this place in the Australia or possibly the world. They certainly have credibility to make comments about the platform. note: i am not a customer of theirs at all but just calling a spade a spade.
  4. If the motor is out, paint it. /end thread
  5. i agree with what you are saying, lots of variables to take into account. i was just trying to make a point People tend to jump on the bandwagon and want to include all the latest fancy new parts whether they are necessary or not. With today's technology, making 1000 or more isnt as out of reach as it used to be. Fact is there are more and more engines out there making lots of power even without braces. Toward the top end of the power spectrum, i firmly believe none of these engines are reliable no matter how well they are built or what parts are thrown into them and they are no where near as 'streetable' as the internet makes them out to be. Either way you go, grout/no grout, brace/no brace, billet/cast, it is going to cost money and expect failures - not if but when. Happy Modding.
  6. Grout fill won't hurt. It's cheap anyway so do it. If block cracks anyway what's the point of spending 2k+ on a brace? If youre pushing 400+kW in a 'street car' it aint gonna be as reliable as social media say it's gonna be anyway. *flame suit on* Thats the sport. Make bulk power and shit breaks.
  7. getting a custom fabbed one isnt much dearer than an off the shelf item.
  8. must be in good condition. In syd, happy to pay post for the right stuff.
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