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  1. Received a package from platnium racing. Definitely a quality piece of gear. Everything packaged really well and fits like a glove. I removed the stock r35 coil stalks and fitted the prp ones. Bracket and loom are mint. Genuine nissan coils supplied eith kit also. Kit fits under the cover but i think i might leave it off!!
  2. As i am going braided turbo lines i am removing the stock front oil drain screw in fitting and changing to an AN fitting. Due to the angle of the drain you will need to remove the engine mount to remove this fitting if the engine is still in the car.....
  3. Not really a build thread but thats it lol
  4. Agreed 2k car, balance on coke and hookers. Wait wut?
  5. At least you arent in denial about what you have spent lol
  6. Thanks will do this.
  7. Thanks! Does anyone know what the thread size is on the block for the water and oil feeds? Also what size an hose is ideal?
  8. Hi all, Am going single turbo and am i a little unsure about the oil and water lines. See pick below Are the areas marked A the oil feeds? If so what are the thread sizes on the block? What size hose is best recommended? The areas marked B are the oil drains correct? In relation to water lines. Is it best to use the feed from the top rad house outlet? In terms of recirculating the water, there is a water bypass tube under the inlet manfold, is it best to route the water to there or is somewhere else better? Thanks for your help
  9. Are you using a cat converter?
  10. They are from Fasster LLC part no z121n You can find them on ebay and have a few variants of the parallel y block
  11. Honestly. Better off not removing it. Leave as is. No stinky fuel smell
  12. Starting from the tank; 1 walbro 460 with e85 submersible hose in tje stock fuel hat. From there an6 feed to the surge and an6 overflow back into the tank. An6 was the largest fitting i could get which would work on the stock fuel hat push on fittings. I ended up using a raceworks surge tank with 2 walbro 460s. The above will be covered up bit is just open for photo purposes. The tank comes disassembled but it pretty straight forward to put together. From there all fittings are teflon lined braided hose, full flow an fittings from aeroflow. Theres about 2 dozen or more fittings. The tank is mounted to the body using rivnuts. Under the car is the fuel filter and bracket also mounted using rivnuts. Moving along, where the old fuel filter used to sit now houses the the flex sensor bypass. Up front i am using a turbosmart fpr2000 as it has an8 fittings, aeroflow rail and xspurt 1550s which i sourced from scottys customs. The injectors fouled the balance tube a bit due to their height but i rotated them left or right so they clear and the plugs could reach. I have a couple smaller lines to make and am yet to wire it up but thats not difficult to do. Any fitting with an orb was replaced with a buna n o ring. An ard alternator is currently somewhere between here and japan so that should make the system work happily. Thank all for your input and advice.
  13. Lol will get some pics up shortly
  14. Ok so am about done with the fuel system bar a couple of small items. I am using xspurt 1550s. What has everyone done with the stock injector ballast? Leave in? Unplug? Nz efi delete plug thing??