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  1. WantGTR

    Don't worry about it. Even piss off that relief valve. Walbro 525.
  2. WantGTR

    Don't know about gtst but yes gtr has a cradle. Best to do it with the fuel very empty. Trust me! Takes a bit of stuffing around to pull the cradle out, patience is required. After it is out, install new pump same way as old pump. Best to use factory sock imo. There's plenty of pumps out there however walbro has a new 525/h pump. More importantly than the pump install is doing a rewire. Simple mod. Search that too lol
  3. i used to use Hollywood body repairs years ago when the asian dude owned it. it changed hands and has since shut down i think. Precision Autobody Repairs look like they do good work. Its not in the area however Bellevue Bodyworks in Carlton do really nice work. A close friend has had his car resot'd there and they have done some small jobs for me in the past. Any further work id definitely be taking it to Bellevue Bodyworks.
  4. WantGTR

    good luck with that lol i have heard these rumors but what is the actual evidence that it is superior?
  5. WantGTR

    Sounds good. What power are you chasing?
  6. WantGTR

    where are you from? i have stock ones available.
  7. WantGTR

    They arent available for purchase as yet. i want to get the car back on the road asap lol if you have a rwd i dare say you will be fine. its not like you have a front diff attached to the bottom f your motor.
  8. WantGTR

    This is true lol Build was perfect. Car ran beautifully right up until it split a bore. Upon tearing down engine all components were perfect. The only thing that failed was the stock nissan block lol. Pistons are 86.5. As others have said in the thread. The prp brace isn't bolt on. It requires machining. They are releasing a new one piece girdle/brace. As @Deano 1 said, it can't hurt lol
  9. WantGTR

    Interesting. My motor is apart. Headgasket was perfect. Bearings are perfect. Caps are perfect. No evidence of movement. Grouting will help yes. I'm only considering brace as an insurance policy. If i call platinum or spool about a brace they will be trying to sell me a brace hence I want to know, have people used them or have people cracked blocks using braces. Even pm if you don't want to say in public lol
  10. WantGTR

    How much is the kulig kit? I understand the kulig kit comes with caps as well. Turns out I've split a bore. Engine is out and considering my options. N1 blocks are too expensive. I am using another 26 block and it will be half grout filled. I don't know if I should buy a brace......
  11. WantGTR

    what about 600?
  12. WantGTR

    This is true.^^ Has anyone grouted a block and used a brace? Side note. Spool imports also do a brace. Has anyone used this?
  13. WantGTR

    No bov. No leak.