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  1. 26 block here. if i had my time again id go 30. you live and you learn.
  2. Its all relative. The right question to ask is what mph does it trap. That will tell you if your making power or not.
  3. 1000 is a nice round number. Problem is everyone is chasing 1000kw now..
  4. Fully this. Technology/development has come such a long way in the last few years. Making '1000hp' is much easier than it used to be. Fact is people expect a lot from built engines and they are pushed to the limit. Guess what, they break. They all do. After you have sunk 30k, 40k, 50k (and the rest) and you have a failure, it all becomes very hush hush. People only see the timeslip and ridiculous MPH and think wow. what a street car, when in fact they have lunched multiple engines to get there or have spent another fortune chasing that tenth. Any of these high powered cars are very much not street cars despite what people portray on so social media. Driving it to work once then doing highway pulls on the odd saturday night does not make it a street car. It's a race car with rego plates. If a highway patrol pulled you over, youd be f**ked. Get a billet block, fill it with expensive gear and send 70psi through it. Please tell us how it goes.
  5. Where is the crack? Works better if you take the paint off the block in that area. Clean well and apply jb weld dry. Drain coolant if it leaks while car is off. Run chemiweld in coolant if you see fit. Dont forget to send.
  6. Sorry to dig up an old thread but is the above a full list of bearings and seals for a front diff assembly?
  7. Why? Good on him. He deserves it. If anyone has been chasing it and keeping the dream alive its that guy. Good on him.
  8. can you post the pic of the car spinning tyres and sliding around? i watched the video 6 times and all i saw was about 10 seconds of coming onto boost?
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