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  1. Average AF clutch bro lol. I make a bit over 500kw atw and installed a new nismo twin plate c spec with flywheel. Doesnt slip but i reckon its at its limit.
  2. WantGTR

    784hp at the rears.
  3. WantGTR

    3584rs. Stock box life.
  4. Dont need brakes when there's sand traps
  5. WantGTR

    Piss off the rb. #barratheworld
  6. Correct but r33 is the og must have import
  7. WantGTR

    ran mine a few weeks back. first and only pass then night was cancelled. on 18" street tyres. car weighs 1612kg with me in it. 10.8 @ 140mph.
  8. You can take the boy out of cabramatta but you cant take the cabramatta out of the boy 🤣 Its in your dna bro
  9. Run a number and post a 2 step video in insta. Will get made efame and sell car for top bucks.
  10. WantGTR

    Bcpr7es for yearsssss
  11. WantGTR

    What tyres?
  12. WantGTR

    Did you enter?
  13. WantGTR

    If you have made up your mind what exactly are you looking for? You should take advantage of people selling power fcs. These days people are going haltech or emtron or something newer. Second hand power fcs can be had for under $500. Most importantly it plugs in. No cutting of wires like your safc. Thats cheap af for a full ecu. If you are budget conscious get a jaycar digital fuel adjuster lol seriously, there is no good excuse for getting a fuel controller with so many other affordable options these days. Z32. Piss off stock afm. Boost tap is cheapest option and it works. If you want incar adjustment look at an ebc. Makes no difference. Set the boost 14psi and leave it. Entry level and good hp/$. After that injectors turbo and front mount.
  14. WantGTR

    A lot of what you posted is junk. If you want to keep it affordable look at; Second hand power fc, new walbro pump with rewire, boost tee, any off the shelf exhaust used/second hand same thing, new z32 afm. Should be able to do that under 2k tuned.