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  1. New Crystal vaults look sick as aids
  2. Unless it's been converted, late 32 and all 33s are pull type. No pivot ball rather a pin through the clutch fork. When looking at the clutch fork the slave will be on the left.
  3. Interesting to hear people's thoughts on the topic. Basically what I hear from everyone is; I'm getting old and cbf lol and some days I feel the same. I don't want to sell my gtr. Even though it's a old nissan it is definitely my all time dream car. Even as a kid I didn't lust after Ferraris or lambos. I just always wanted a 32 gtr with a big single. Just like the videos I'd watch on exvitermini way back when. Now I have it. It's awesome and the best part is my kids love it too. That being said, I would only consider selling it if I was offered an exorbitant amount of money because once it is gone, chances are I would never own a car like this again.
  4. Ugh. I feel your pain bro
  5. Nice box(es) 😜 What's the go with the block are you going to sleeve it?
  6. Engine is out. Do it. It's cheap and at the very least it won't hurt you. Fwiw, Mick built my motor and he put one on.
  7. What happend? Did the timing belt skip a bunch of teeth? Is anyone taking responsibility? Get a 30 block mate. Bin the 26
  8. WantGTR

    If only it was that simple lol
  9. In the first pic, block off that barb. Second pic, use that and use the fitting off the top radiator hose water outlet. If just oil cooled. Block all water fittings
  10. WantGTR

    Rear subframe will come out when I stop f**king around at the front of the car lol. Until then - pineapple bitches.
  11. WantGTR

    I have pineapples in my car. Good mod for 100 bux. Do it.
  12. WantGTR

    Agree. Hardline would be better. Would be a pain in the ass to do on the floor in the garage neatly. I ran mine the same as yours basically. 6an ID isn't much bigger than the stock lines. 8an ID is about 10.5mm inside. If you're doing it, better to go bigger. The difference in cost of hose and fittings is negligible. Get ready to spend a few thousand. You will need a rail, fpr, different fuel filter/s, possibly surge tank with multiple pumps. Will give you plenty of head room. Sort of wish I went 10an but 8an will be good for 1000hp or so I think. At least you wont have to touch the fuel setup again because if you upgrade it's pretty much bin everything.
  13. WantGTR

    Depends what you want to do. I have a 8an feed and return. I don't think twin feed is necessary. I bought 2 4.5m lengths as that's what aeroflow had. I had some left over, as sneaky Pete said you end up using it for other things. Better to have more than not enough. It's never gonna be exact.