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  1. WantGTR

    Might aswell throw my hat in the ring here. I have a trust 76mm. Car has a 3584rs on 32psi. Makes 784hp at the rears (hub dyno). Tuner said intake temps were 15 deg.
  2. Yeah i think so also. Have extended the loom on the sensor and connected it up where it needs to go. All good, was lazy for a second lol
  3. So i spent some time tonight moving the now largely useless loom from the passenger side engine bay into the gaurd. This connector was part of it. Does anyone know what it does? Does it need to be plugged in? Seems to lead to the wheel hub. Is it an abs or awd thing?
  4. WantGTR

    Yeaaaaahhh buddy
  5. What do they do exactly?
  6. WantGTR

    This thread lmao
  7. i know you are going to say to be different but why? the fastest street, radial gtrs run tired old rb30 blocks. quickest so far is a 7.4. what level do you think a vk56 needs to be at to be at that level.
  8. WantGTR

    Are you able to expand on the precision v band kit?
  9. I concur. AI triple pump surge, 10an feed and return. Should be sufficient for your setup.
  10. I want to get the car running and tuned. I know there will be gremlins to sort out so will take it as comes. Car goes in for fab work later this week. Some ceramic coating to follow then fire dis bish up. Cant wait to hear dat bridgeport idle.
  11. Actually copied the bypass from Goodezilla. Piggaz was very helpful too but theres more than one way to skin a cat. You are right. Fuel systems arent cheap. I was originally going to do pump and injectors... shit blows out i guess
  12. Not staged. All on baby lol
  13. Curious to see what it will do also. It has the 1.01 rear.