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  1. I have an eBay one. Its fine. Don't over think it.
  2. Can you take it off your old clutch?
  3. It's all one piece as you pictured. From the pump to the steering rack.
  4. Fwiw, that whole pipe can be bought from nissan for under $300
  5. cant tighten up any fittings. that second picture you have, thats the part you need to buy. buy it new and change it over. it is a pain in the ass snaking it around the engine bay but it is not impossible.
  6. Stupid question but is your thrust bearing facing the right way?
  7. In the background of the movie Focus with will Smith. It's a 2015 film. What is a tired old r33 gtr doing there?
  8. I do have the workshop manual and I have read this thread. Just wanted to confirm. It's a huge amount of torque
  9. Thread is 10 years old. What is everyone using today and what power?
  10. So what's the verdict here? How many ftlbs is VFT?
  11. Hi guys. Chasing one. Prefer Sydney so I can collect. Thank you.
  12. Hi all Chasing 4 front prop shaft bolts for a gtr. Does anyone know where they are available or have a part number? Only want brand new.
  13. At this stage im definitely leaning toward to AIM. i know theres a couple of wires to splice in for power but nothing too difficult. Dashes are so popular now im just curious as to why the AIM product isnt more popular as i think it is superior to the racepak. I know if i call AIM they will try and sell me an AIM hence why im asking here to see if anyone has any first hand experience. For what it's worth i dont know anyone who has am AIM to ask directly. I will be using the stock dash in addition to dash display.
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