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  1. Set up has half the components which is great however not so sure about less heat. Everything on the hot side is ceramic coated, braided hose with heat sleeve, even wrapped the dumo pipe over the ceramic coat and put a heatsheild over rear housing. Gets pretty hot under there.
  2. Seen a few clips on fb and stuff. So good man 🤤. Love it.
  3. Prp do a integrated main cap and brace as one piece
  4. if youre going to be chasing power then get a block brace - no question. These days its not difficult to make 1000hp and you will find the limits of what you dont upgrade very quickly. theres some shit on FB about PRP's finding being bogus. maybe its true, maybe its bullshit. one thing is for sure, all the rbs making power (not including billet blocks users) run those braces so it cant be a gimmick.
  5. Change this thread title to 'no car content - it's The Block'. f**king clickbait bro
  6. Fuark. When I was doing mine I was wondering if I should do it like this or black. I bitched out and went black. Hurry up and get this fitted so I can hate you even more haha #sexspec
  7. Just figured this out. A 4pk835 fits well.
  8. What size alternator belt are you fellas using? Setup is an Ati 1000hp balancer with accompanying water pump pulley, ard alternator.
  9. Ati instructions recommend the use of loctite 242 or similar?
  10. What are people using on the balancer bolt?
  11. I have an eBay one. Its fine. Don't over think it.
  12. Can you take it off your old clutch?
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