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  1. Good progress bro!!! Nothing wrong with aeroflow/raceworks/proflo if you don't want to use speedflow. The 2 buck eBay fittings are a waste of postage. The hardlines are a good idea. Shit gets crowded on the Hot side very quick once the dump and gate go on.
  2. WantGTR

    How did you clean the timing cover/intake? Just a quick sandblast?
  3. WantGTR

    Just so we are clear. There were no issues with the mould. In that sense they were perfect. Same shape as original. As they are a thicker material packaging wise it is bigger than stock. I don't know about other people but first hand experience they are great. Good quality and don't leak. What else do you want from a hose?
  4. WantGTR

    There's oem then aftermarket silicon which is about half the price. Nickles and dimes difference really.
  5. WantGTR

    I bought the justjap silicon ones and have been using them on my rebuilt motor for about 8 months or so. No issues with leaks. Bought new hose clamps as well. Just jap have been selling these for years. If they were shit no one would buy them. I did have to trim a few of the hoses down because some were a bit long I guess that's expected. Nothing fits like original I guess. The just jap ones are well made thick material. I personally have no issues. I don't see myself replacing them anytime soon.
  6. Wow. Those twins look serious. What are the specs?
  7. Engine is out. Easy to do head drain. Should be doing both especially if you are going to turn it up. I'm using nismo engine mounts. Look exactly the same as the stock ones. Probably can't tell when driving but it definitely vibrates nuts loose. Use blue loctite on whatever you can.
  8. Should have got a 42r and left the 35 for the response losers lol
  9. WantGTR

    good info however most of these upgrades are redundant now that CWC make a kit to suit a LS alternator. cheap and plentiful, kit is easy to fit.
  10. I hear the 2871 internal gate is a good responsive turbo. Don't get the big rear tho. Too laggy.
  11. Twin scroll fag. Where's your twin gates?
  12. Yes I am. Send it!!!
  13. When I was picking up the car, got to talking to people. Got the keys and left lol. Clip is on micks motorsport fb. Apart from the noise, car is really easy to drive off boost despite kelford cams 1650cc injectors. In short when you are wot car hammers. No problems turning all 4 in the first 3 gears and changing lanes. I have 265s all round.
  14. What da f**k is going on here? The rs is a good turbo. @Lithium scrap your findings. Get a gtx42. Dont be a poof. Relax about dyno sheets. Lol
  15. Do all of this and then some. Lots of before pics. And anything that comes apart gets labelled and put in a sandwich bag lol garage will look like a bomb hit it until you start putting the car back together.