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  1. Could be the one? You can actually still buy the item new believe it or not. I think I paid about 300. Can't remember. Can always buy a good second hand one but I know a new genuine nissan one will last about another 20 years lol
  2. Wow. Better progress here than the car. I think you have found your calling. Nice work. I have the Bosch dryer that looks like that. Works mad. Runs non stop at my place.
  3. I recently replace the pressure line from the rack to the pump. I ended up buying new. Skyline spares have them. The rubber hose portion of mine burst. Wreckers have them but best to buy new.
  4. Hard. At this rate you'll get the car started first. The thread needs some reno pics.
  5. Fair enough. The description is a bit vague on rhdjapan. They copy pasted whatever is on os giken website.
  6. So they have a strengthened input shaft. Are the gears any stronger? Other than shorter gearing what is the benefit?
  7. It's never what you think it's going to be lol ☹
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