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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to get every ones advice on a couple of things. currently upgrading the whole fuel system. fuel system will consist of 8an feed and return, turbosmart fpr2000, raceworks surge tank with x2 walbro 460s and 1 walbro 460 in the tank. my question is, from the tank to the surge, im planning to use a push on 5/16 to 6an fitting to get from the tank to the Supply of the surge. is this large enough? if not how should i configure it. Also, regarding the flex sensor which is to go in the return line. the return will be 8an, is the flex sensor in line going to be a 'bottle neck'? car; r32 gtr if it makes a difference. looking forward to hearing feedback, thanks.
  2. the progress on this is amazing. waste no time ripping into it!
  3. May have been answered earlier but what is the size of the 6 boost runners?
  4. Missing a few bits but you get the idea
  5. will post pics tonight but i did mine in VHT Satin Black. i was going to leave it as a raw finish but next to freshly painted engine covers it wasnt that great a look. i used VHT primer and black over the top. came out great i think. i also considered getting it polished but that needs its own maintenance schedule. at least this way VHT satin black is easy to touch up. i did not paint my throttlebodies. i sort of wish i did. i gave them a really good clean inside and out. they look good but after everything was together, looked a little unfinished.
  6. Looks mint. I have some spare rb25 covers (which have been gutted internally to fit a 26) that are perfect for putting in an engine so you dont mark your freshly painted ones... but looks like the new ones are permanently on!!!
  7. Definitely and attitude problem. How did we get like this?? haha Places like Rome where the traffic is pure chaos. Everyone is beeping and pushing yet no one is getting out of the car acting like a hero lol
  8. Agree. Sydney has some terrible driving habits. Road rage is at ridiculous levels these days and theres zero courtesy. Funny thing is traffic woukd actually flow faster if people kept left unless overtaking, given way when merging, stop rubber necking when theres an incident on the road.... etc lol I just got back from nelson bay. Barely any cars on the road and people are normal. The difference was noticed instantly when i got back into Sydney.
  9. Well 32 33 gtrs are 280mm and vspec brembos are 320mm arent they? Personally i havent done the upgrade so i cant say first hand but to me i dont think its much of an upgrade. Considering the car its going on i doubt you would even notice the difference city/traffic driving. Decent disc/pad change with new fluid. Cheap. Cheerful.
  10. Good to know. Habe you had it on for long? Is there a newer design which accomodate or something?
  11. ^^ i agree with this. I wouldnt be putting on a cheapo solid balancer for bling. If money is tight get a second hand one from a wrecker.
  12. Sheesh. All these issues. I am going single and considering a 6boost. Surprised that it does not fit with a/c. Is this definite?
  13. Absolutely, i agree with you. I think one of the big advantages of going single throttle is using electrontic throttle and the options it gives you. Really brings the ol Rb into the new century. I remember reading a thread on here about someone actually getting oversize throttles done but they were stolen before they were used. Have you looked at what efi hardware have to offer? https://www.efihardware.com/products/2521/Nissan-Skyline-GTR-RB26DETT-Enlarge-Throttle-Bodies
  14. Whats the point really? Everyone is going aftermarket plenum these days. Extra money, extra bling, extra likes. If youre looking to squeeze more power might just be easier to go single throttle and plenum anyway otherwise leave as is and screen in a few more psi
  15. I agree with the above. Were you made aware he was moving shops? So your mechanic moves shop and gets you to pay the towie then finds out he csnt even keep the car there and tells you to come and get it? I wouldnt bother going back lol