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  1. I ended up returning the (canceled the order on the FC) and found a couple places here in the US that offered the NIStune. I ordered that and should be here this week. My question is. Without having added or done anything besides installing the board onto the ECU and plugging it back into the car. Would I still be able to drive it as normal? Theoretically, I feel I'd be able to plug it in and still drive the car, but if not I do have the software and the consult cable to be able to see my ECU. I dont know how to tune with the NIStune but I have been looking over the website and saw they have various PDFs with tons of info. Basically what I got from it would be just to watch knock and adjust fuel trim since I didnt change anything on my MAFs or injectors and not doing e85.
  2. https://theluckyjune.com/product/elite-2000-plug-n-play-adaptor-harness-ecu-kit-nissan-skyline-r32-33-gts-t-gt-r-r34-gt-r/ Found this one... about $1,000 the next one up is $1,252
  3. I had bought the PFC for 600 shipped, not realizing I'd have to invest 300 more into the datalogit. Thanks for the link.
  4. There was no need to assume I stated I was from the US in my 2nd reply. Honestly when I looked the HKS BOV is all that came up. I like it. It does what BOV do lol. I think a fuel pump is next as part of my maintenance plan. Over the weekend I'll post up a thread on my GTR. It's pretty nice but when you get down into it she needs the details. So nistune good then? Aside from Haltech. What else can I get?
  5. Good news. I was able to cancel the order and receive a full refund. So.... nistune? List of current mods is not much: 1991 GTR Intakes, down pipe, ARC exhaust, and HKS BOV.
  6. I see them for sale all the time but the price is still a pretty decent (not cheaper than 800 USD for ECU and controller). I havent heard much or anything about nistune (looked into it a bit, I know its cheap) and all the post I found on it were from like 2011 or older. I'm aware of haltech and that's a pricey piece. Like I said I wasnt looking to make big numbers and didnt really care for ethenal. Highest gas we have here is 91 octane. I'm happy with that and some minor bolt ons, my focus was still gonna be on maintaining the car. Needs some more love on that.
  7. Well dam. A fraction of the price and had just what I needed. Hope it the PFC sells as fast as I bought it for.
  8. Didn't see a price on the website but I sent them an email.
  9. I realize it was a bit older. I'm not gonna build the car all out. I wanna have a little more HP on tap and hang with the locals around here (lot of domestics Mustangs and Camaros that run their mouth) I want to rebuild the stock turbos with some good turbines or if I can find some other turbos for a good price I'll go that route, add a set of cams, a good, less restrictive exhaust and that's about it. I still need lot of maintenance on it to make sure it's a solid daily driver. It was what was affordable and within the budget for me to be able to start getting some fun parts into the GTR. I also saw the Nistune (seems like it's really out dated too) and a guy here locally said he could tune with that one after I had purchased the PFC. I'm located in the US by the way. Ok so I have the proper and "current" software. I'll look into that FCHacko interface cable.
  10. Hey guys. Had a question on the Apexi PFC. Picked one up and it's on the way. I have found the software through the forums, but unsure if the version 2.132 is the most up to date. Is it? 2nd question is do I absolutely need the FC Datalogit to have the Apexi PFC interface with the computer/software and the cable to be able to tune it? Appreciate the help in advance.
  11. All the ones I have seen are upwards of 700 not including shipping. Both those websites included. Lol. I dont have the dimensions in the AC condensor. I dont know if the AC condensor are proprietary to the r32, r33 etc. I'd be interested in it. Let me know what you can find.
  12. Are there any replacement AC condensers that are not over $600+? I've been trying to find one but that's a bit steep on price. Do you guys have junk yards that can pull one and ship it to the states?
  13. I'm not going to be tracking or racing the car. My use at the moment until I get the maintenance done and all the little things out the way will be just daily driving it and hitting up car shows. Cars not in rough shape but it does have its imperfections. Once that's done I can focus in the stuff I really wanna do and get a little more horsepower out of it. The roads here in TX arent the best. Pretty rough in most parts. Suspension at the moment is super soft, well the rears are. I'm not sure how the GTR suspension is stock but it looks to be rear struts are Original and the fronts are some sort of coils. The level the car sits at is great though. Heres some pics. when I had it lifted off the floor see how droopy the rear suspension is?
  14. So are the teins listed above a cheap alternative? Poor ride quality? Cant be worse than these blown shocks I have now.
  15. Yeah I didnt see the point in buying stock when they're almost the price of some good coils. I was just looking to see if there was some cross over stock rear struts I can use and get locally. I appreciate the feed back and the links. Actually seen some twins for about 900 the demon tweeks website has them for cheaper but I wonder if that's not including shipping.
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