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  1. Ill check the voltage when its running. Ill do that. Let me go look and see if i can see where the negative gets hooked up too.
  2. Yeah its a little hotter today here than it has been. My volt meter does work and it reads just above 12 volts. It doesn't move when I press the break. I believe it when you say it might be a bad ground or wiring issue. Noticed it flinches very little with the blinkers on as well. Car needs a good scrubbing down in that engine bay and grounds redone. I have the ground (negative cable) from the engine to the negative battery terminal and about halfway to the battery is another grounding point (not grounded) Do you know where that goes too on the chassis?
  3. Did some driving around and its been a couple of days with no overheating. Drove it to work today and noticed this happening. I was parked here but I usually notice it at lights on stop n go traffic, etc... What were looking at is when I press the brake in the needle in both gauges will rise, when i let it go they will drop. Do you guys know why that is?
  4. Awesome. I was able to get a hold of him can you link me to your catch can and show some pics of the set up. I'm in the market for one and hate the ones that are on the driver side and goes across the valve and coil cover. Can you post up some pics of how you ran yours?
  5. Great project. Any more updates on this? Also, where in El Paso did you tune the car. I'm currently stationed at Ft. Bliss and need mine tuned. Appreciate the help in advance.
  6. Yeah I think so too. Replaced the thermostat since i had already gone through the BS of taking the old one out.
  7. Good news guys, I was able to locate a 1995 300zx thermostat. Although it is a bit shorter from the top the rest of it is identical to the stock nissan one. Ill attach a picture just for a reference. When I pulled the old one out, it read Nissan on the top. So it may have never been changed, either way I needed a new one. Cleaned up the clutch fan as well with some WD-40 on the little coil part and a wire brush. That gave it back some resistance when I spin it. Used this video as a reference: Anywho, used the manual and refilled the coolant, and topped it off. Drove around for about 40 minutes with some spirited driving, freeway, and put myself in some stop and go. Temp stayed at halfway and my oil temp was good too. Im pretty sure its fixed. Thank you guys for the help.
  8. Appreciate the help guys. Pulled out the thermostat and tested it. It appeared to be working, found a replacement at a parts store off a 95 300zx so minus well change that out since I was already in there. Next up is the clutch fan. I remember spinning it but it didn't seem to put up much resistance, trying to find one locally (I'm located in Texas) I looked around and read a 1991 Pathfinder clutch fan works. Do we know if this is accurate?
  9. What's going on guys? I have a 1991 GTR and just got it. Its currently overheating and when it does the oil temps get up there too.I tried to search but didn't see the issue i was having. I have a theory on what it might be but I'm going to wait and chime in when you gurus reply.Hint: thinking its the water pump because oil temp and coolant temp go up at the same time, meaning its not circulating as it should. Gets so hot it starts to boil.
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