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  1. I just posted on the ozaudi forums when I got my car and it’s rediculously dead on there. I felt nostalgic cos I was like “man SAU looks and feels so much better than this” and then I just got back on SAU.
  2. Jeeebus narkeh, you’re still here too? Hi5!
  3. I did, no more golfs. Bought an Audi SQ5
  4. Anyone wanna buy a modded MK4 Golf GTI? I need to make space for new car.
  5. I'd recognise that Lada lover anywhere. That's him alright.
  6. I use the My-hat-foot Cuore for station hack... which I might be getting rid of it to buy an Audi A4 for the missus.
  7. dat rare woodgrain laminate over plastic piece.
  8. mad jelly brah. Can we do culinary cruises starting next year so we can suss out your exceptional taste in bland food?
  9. Only white people think pho is amazing.When you grow up on Szechuan, sri racha or masala... Pho tastes like dish water.
  10. Dat intentional ECU generated zorst pop tho.
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