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    1. T-emppu


      You have had some problem With O2 Sensor voltage (2.55 V, should be below 1 V). Mine got same problem. What was result for this issue, please can you tell me?

  1. G535

    Hey bud, I just found your thread on how to wire gtr injectors into an rb20 loom but the pics are down. CAn you help me with the diagram you did? 

    I just wanna be sure what to cut and what not haha! 


  2. +1 I need to rewire the whole loom, now that it’s running fine, but the effort required is too much. Diff oil needs changing, dash cam needs installing, AFR gauge needs calibration, sound system to fit etc. Never ending & weekend-time is becoming more valuable to be spent worrying about problems lol
  3. Tyres will be purchased, once the rims are purchased, to fit the gtr guards, once the car is ready for painting, which needs a gtr bonnet & front lip ~_~
  4. Haha 370kw with tyres I planned for skidpan use-only and not a whole day of wet track sprints [emoji29] After I went sliding onto the grass, I saved the fun for the skid pan
  5. Martin confirmed Neo limiter and skids [emoji51]
  6. Martin where are the motorkhana circuit maps?
  7. Organise a grouping of the vwl crew
  8. Rebuilt forged engine, rebuilt gearbox, new lsd - I’ll be going all out. Expecting many loops and slow times haha
  9. Happy for you to take my car for a spin. R32 gtst owners stick together [emoji108]
  10. #211 representing. Will be there
  11. Actually should have done that for an extra $30. Martin pls
  12. No love for the gtst/gtt crew
  13. signed up and paid. No idea if im a paid sauvic member. #211 is it active?
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