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  1. Ended up getting a getrag for a resonable price in the end but considering what they are selling for now I am probably going to put it on the market now. How's everyone's PPG sequential's going still?
  2. Next task will be trying to tune the flat shift without having to harsh a gear cut. Thanks guys.
  3. I don’t think their problem is gear strength, it seems from multiple workshops and gearbox reconditioners I’ve talked to that it’s oem bearing failure due to the stock case...they don’t shit a gear within reasonable hp limitation. Apparently they’ve changed their bearings now or have some sort of work around. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on the dog and do it. Sam at neat seemed fairly knowledgeable so cross fingers I guess. Plus I‘ll only be around the 500 mark somewhere. Cheers
  4. From what I’ve gathered the main issues were with the oem bearings that were used inside the factory casing. They have made some adjustments now and supposedly isn’t an issue anymore, jem’s r34 had a bearing upgrade for example.
  5. Hey guys, was about to pull the trigger on one of these for my GTR but more and more horror stories are appearing. The first few revisions had a lot of issues apparently but some reputable gearbox shops have assured me they are good gear (esp when purchased outside of ppg) Other than who I’ve spoken to just looking for any other direct reviews of them from owners.
  6. I’d love confirmation on this also, I’ve searched and searched with mixed info. Ive ordered a set of 10.7mm lift cams but the base circle is 30mm so I’m hoping the lobes don’t foul on the casting due to the reduced base circle.
  7. Yeah open scroll. It seems to be on par with when similar setups are making the power. it makes 20 psi at 4800 for reference. full 3.5”, standard head, even if it had type b’s thst would only shift the power band in the wrong direction for me. I am beginning to think the Gen 2 3076 would of been on the money for 400kw and under
  8. Hey guys, Currently running a Gen 2 3582r .82 on my 33 GTR on e85 with all supporting mods. Making around 400awkw but it’s basically dog shit under 4800rpm. Considering I’m looking at 400awkw Max would a Gen 2 3076 with a 1.06 be more suitable or would it be as laggy and better to go to a 0.82 as well. Cheers
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