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  1. Do these stock rings need more gap for more boost ?
  2. Hello my fellow car enthusiasts, here is the dilemma I just built my motor it made 403WHP current set up RB25DET Tomei MX8265 Turbo, tomei elbow, trust downpipe, test pipe 3” all the way back. 740cc injectors, R8 coil packs, 3”FMIC, Z32 MAF, HKS filter, greddy electronic boost controller, nitto crank collar, ACl main and Con rod bearings, all gaskets replaced. Stock bore running a Haltech, walbro 255 FP. anyways I had the car for about 4 days after the tune then it starts misfiring I never even had the chance to have it WOT to feel the power. The car starts misfiring swap the plugs out gap em @.8 it’s fine. Eventually the next day I start her up she’s running like shit again. I do a compression test and it was bad. I believe it has bore wash/glazed. #3 cylinder Does anybody here on the forum know the exact ring gaps for OEM rings? Do you go a little bit bigger for more boost? And if so can someone who is knowledgeable shed some light? Do OEM rings and stock pistons need bigger ring gaps for more boost? Or is that only for aftermarket pistons?? Currently pulling her apart again:( thank you
  3. @Moshpit95 thanks man! ive always loved 33s. I originally wanted a GTR but couldn’t ship it to the US for the 25 yr rule when I was living in England. But yes majority of the people where I moved has GTRs about two people have Gtsts 😁 #thepoormansskyline as I was told😂
  4. @PranK Yup! it’s a fiber glass GTR quarter panel. I just wanted the ass a littler thicker since the arches are rusted out😢😢 but my block and head is at the shop right now and I can’t wait to get her back on the road.
  5. awesome! Ive never seen one.
  6. What up ladies and gents! I am new to the forum here and building my ECR33 🚗
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