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  1. I had the same issue on my GTR with a 9180 and now on an RX7 rotary. -12 drain on the rotor and -10 on GTR. I did some research and oil pressure is too high over recommended 40psi with big pump RB’s and Rotary motors and oil escapes past the rear seals. I’m installing one of these in near future. https://gcg.com.au/petrol-performance/performance-2/oil-feed-fittings-accessories/turbosmart-oil-pressure-regulator-40psi-blue-detail
  2. I have no problem shipping anywhere mate I’d have to find out the pricing, it’s a heavy unit but I’ll find out for you
  3. I bought the car in 2012, it was done just prior to my purchase. Old owner did a few track days and motorkhana I believe, it was his street car too. Iv done about 5-6k Kms since then as the car was off the road for long periods of time. Iv only used it as a street car.
  4. Up for sale is my modded transfer case for 32-33GTR 5Speed. Work was carried out by Racepace by with the previous owner. Rebuilt with extra clutch plates for increased front wheel drive. Possibly one of best mods you can do on a GTR, totally transforms the car. It’s faultless ran on quality fluids, only reason I’ve removed it is because of my 6 Speed conversion. $950ono Not much to see but here’s a few photos Cheers
  5. Hey fellas, Upgraded my driveline and clutch. Up for sale is my Nismo Twin Plate. Rebuilt I’d say under 5000km ago, car was off the road for a significant amount of time while it was in there so minimal use. Awesome clutch to drive, very light on the foot and also super quiet. This is the high output competition version, held my power with ease, unfortunately my gearbox let go before it. Plenty of life left in it!! Located Melbourne SE Suburbs $1400ono
  6. I’m actually going to a Borgy369SXE soon, Precision is getting tired and rear end is only .84 which is a bit small for a bridgey. I’ll look into the V Band option if that’s possible.
  7. [img]http://cdn.sau.com.au/monthly_2018_09/IMG_0009.thumb.jpg.4fdf4843f28279d641774cbbcfc8cb6e.jpg[/img] Street driven Rotary, bit of half throttle boost gets this hot. My gasket fell apart too!! Now it makes sense what RICE said, egt’s get really high just cruising, because it doesn’t as hot when you’re trashing it.
  8. Bin them they’re well over 20 years old now. I had issues with mine leaking boost and dropping off at over 24psi. Changed them and it transformed the car
  9. Tbh dyno sheet doesn’t do it justice, feels like it’s on even earlier than it shows, but not sure if yours is same with smaller capacity. I got another almost 1500rpm to go in my turbo. I’m over the moon with it all tho
  10. Never posted my dyno sheet after EFR upgrade. Here it is 2.8 with 9180 1.04 housing and all other supporting mods on E85.
  11. There’s quite a few workshops in Melbourne who’ve used them with N1 oil pumps for years now. From Rb28’s to RB34’s. No failures or breakages, have run mid 7 second passes well over 1000hp and 8500rpm without issues and still going strong. Wish I did it when I had my motor built
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