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  1. Thanks. Hopefully it is not horrendous. Please post here or PM. Cheers
  2. Thanks Meathead, appreciate it. For reference, here’s what is set for R34 coils on my tune.
  3. Hi, no, not yet. Godzilla Motorsports said to put 5 at 7v, 2.8 at 15v and interpolate vertical.
  4. ^^ bhahaha There's a bolt behind the mirror. Tighten it.
  5. Have swapped a set of R35 coils on my BNR34. Seems like the dwell time is incorrect. Anyone knows the dwell time table for R35 coil packs? Running a Link G4+ cheers.
  6. Rolling shots with @pixeltoon_photography
  7. I wish!! No, I am from NZ and was there for a month holidaying. The scene seems to start around 9ish... On Saturdays, the turn out is bigger but Fridays are awesome as well. Get there early and make some friends. Sometimes the sound crew comes and blast music apparently thats why it gets shut down. Happened to us on one of the Saturdays.
  8. This place is awesome and is pack full of cars on Saturday nights. Haven't been to Tatsumi PA but the locals were recommending that we pay a visit to Tatsumi.
  9. For future referenc, a R32 diff can also be used if you are ready to stuff around. - the R32 ABS rings are differnt. 46 teeth on both 32 & 34 but the gaps are wider on 34. So the rings have to be swapped. -R32 short axles do not fit 34 centre - different spline pattern. Swap the axles around. Don't know if aftermarket centers resolve this issue. Gearing not as bad first thought. Speedo is understandably read incorrect values for speed.
  10. Kafish? I am assuming his mates 34R is not running and they have a 4:1 diff in the front and they are wondering if they can fit a 4:1 diff from a 33 to their 34. If the car is runing with different front and rear diff ratio, we would have seen an epic fail video I know the diffs are interchangeable because I am about to do this conversion. If all goes well, I should get it done this weekend. The gearbox it self has got nothing to do with the diff. From what people say, the first gear in Getrag will be useless after a 4:1 convo. Hey Bob - how is it going?
  11. Yes. You must maintain the v spec/non v spec variations though. Ie, 33 non V spec diff in to 34 non V spec.
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