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  1. Not good. Few things to note and also check. - Everyone who entered the R34 Mines giveaway should check their credit card statements. Get your mates to check too. Depending on which package you selected, you may have been unknowingly put into a subscription trap. The ACCC have made it clear these are unlawful : https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/accc-warns-consumers-to-beware-of-subscription-traps - here you will find examples of other $49.99 traps where the advertisement has not disclosed there will be separate unsolicited charges made. -You'll find after the original purchase, you are prompted an offer for "Get another 5 entries for 49.95" if you went for the offer advertised "For 49.95", your credit card was then charged every month $49.99 with unsolicited charges - At the time of selecting your package, during the R34 giveaway, where you opted to pay an extra $49.95 for 5 entries, it did not mention this charge was recurring and that there were additional charges - Monthly recurring charges of $49.99 have been done, even after the R34 was given away these continued. - No receipts emailed or proof to show what you were charged, and that recurring charges were happening
  2. I couldn't edit my post soon enough. Otherwise I'll have some 8474 vs 9180 feedback soon excluding 9280 which I'll be doing, it won't be perfect but good enough for a rough comparison, I'll post that when I manage to get a hold of a 8474 which I'm keen to test out in the near future.
  3. I'm happy to do some dyno comparisons and provide data if it's valuable enough to us all, but I can't fund all of it myself. I can provide a 9180, 8474 and some dyno time from my own pocket. If you guys want to see how it stacks up against the bigger brother 9280, I am able to do this and will need some funds for dyno time, and a 9280 either : lended to me, or crowdfunded to me. The re-sale of that extra EFR turbo after tests are done will then be re-funded back to everybody in proportion minus difference for "second hand sale". I also may not be able to fund the additional R&R + dyno time for the 3rd turbo myself, and may require funds to do this, as the tests are to be done as back to back as possible, so unbolting, re-fitting will be charged as time the car takes up on the dyno. I personally run mild cams in the car for a street idle, but for test purpose I will also require 272/272 cams or similar in the motor for the test to allow the big 9280 to breathe up top, it.s a 2.8 with a 1mm oversize at the moment. It is in hopes the test should show the response between the 9180 and 9280 to those considering what an upgrade may do and how the "Black" series performs. It also will show if the 8474 can deliver 9180 "like" flow, while being considerably more responsive, which has been the issue of much speculation I'll probably throw in a few mild cam and big cam runs with the 8474 if of interest to anybody if I (and we?) can stretch the budget enough. I plan to do the bolting, unbolting while car is on the dyno, not taking it off, then doing it another time. So everything will be charged to me as Dyno time. It is a brand new motor that is run in with everything working how it should be. If enough people can contribute to this, I'm happy to provide my credentials so you can do a check on me.
  4. We did a test with a standard EFR BOV with a low power setup and we were seeing slight leaks even at 25 PSi region, where we got a little increase in power by blanking it. So it's definitely something to address. This would have been the pre mid 2018 one. My Nitto 2.8 Vcam 264 / ex 260 setup with EFR9180 will be on the Dyno in coming weeks. I'm looking at then using this same setup to test a 8474 to see if the front end can produce 9180 like flow. Then also looking at testing a 9280, to see how it compares against a 9180.
  5. Hi Guys. This question is for any people who've built a 2.6 or 2.8 with a high compression ratio or tuned it. My CR is currently 9.6:1 on a Nitto 2.8. I want to go higher while still being able to have it be a pump gas motor for street purpose. I have flex fuel and a Haltech Elite. The highest my tuner has done is 9.5:1 with no problems on both. I've heard of a few running 10:1 but no idea if they are E85 dedicated or not. Any higher I've been told is a try it and see how it goes sort of thing. I've been told having the CR too high can upset the engine in the way that it can't be tuned as aggressively on higher boost and as a result may be more tame than a lower CR engine which can be tuned "all out" in the higher boost levels. I've heard of many big power 2J's running high comp but not many RB's It's a 800-1000hp car. Any advice appreciated if anybody here has built one or tuned one. Cheers.
  6. Anyone tried a EFR8474 yet on a RB26 or 28?
  7. There's a few people running 800 plus HP with stock size ITB's without too much issues. I wouldn't be worrying too much about it. I had the same questions when I did my build.
  8. So I never knew that the 9180 has an Alluminium CHRA option. I ordered mine from Hi-Octane website and the option wasn't on there, so I assume I got the cheaper steel CHRA. Do any rotating parts, e.g the backing plates where the wheels go get changed to alluminium or is it simply the bearing housing? Run in on my 2.8 with 9180 is done, now time to max it out and see how it drives. My future plan is twin 7163's on Hypex manifolds, all seems to be pretty promising but the new 9274 looks very promising that might be an upgrade in terms of response from the 9180
  9. Does anyone have any idea how a 8474 would compare to a 9180? The 8474's compressor flows the same 95lb/min as the 9180, but the catch is, will it ever flow reach the potential that you see on paper in reality with a smaller turbine than the 9180?
  10. Hi Guys. I'm wondering if anybody knows which 100mm cooler on a R33 GTR can keep the mesh. 9/10 people say they had to cut the tabs so remove it but I have heard isolated situations of it clearing such as a HKS one that somebody reported. I also know that HKS and Blitz i think released some new coolers too. If anybody can report something they use off the shelf that works let me know please, prefer with swept tanks to suit OEM pipes. Hypertune was test fitting their new 100mm intercoolers and came back to me it doesn't clear. So I'm looking into the Jap brands. Cheers.
  11. Hi Guys. My engine is finished and awaiting to be tuned. The idea is building a responsive car with a smooth idle and street manners. I have gone an EFR9180 1.05, I like the idea of the new 9280 but for 100hp more it doesn't seem like a big step up unless it has some hidden merits that I don't know of. Seeing factory cammed cars have made good power on single turbos, I wasn't looking to go too big with cams, so I settled on something that will still let the car idle nice. Some basic info on the power making stuff : Nitto 2.8, custom spec pistons for 9.6:1 C:R Ratio HKS Vcam Step 2 - 264 inlet 9mm lift. Tomei 260 9mm lift Exhaust 1mm Oversize valves, ported head and worked chambers Hypertune ITB inlet manifold 6boost Twin Scroll manifold. Twin TIAL MV-S Gates. EFR9180 1.05 Haltech Elite 2500
  12. RB26DETT head - Sonic Tested - Blasted - Decked - Valve seats machined - TOMEI Bronze Guides installed Price: $1500 Location : WA, Can Post
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