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Found 424 results

  1. Hello Thought I’d take time share with you my GTR. I’ve been a member on SAU since the early days – April 2002. Started on here as a young guy in my early 20’s – just sold my VP HSV and was looking to buy a R33 GTSt which were just starting to be sold at the yards around that time. After owing the GTSt, I moved onto Supras, Evo’s and various R33 and R34 GTR’s over the last 10 years. Although I loved the 2JZ Supras – the car that I always loved the most and always gives me the best memories – was my 2001 R34 GTR V Spec II. 2001 GTR V Spec II 1998 GTR Supra 2010 Shelby GT500 Being without a GTR for a number of years I decided I would start quietly keeping an eye out in Japan for my next car. I am very particular about my cars – extremely fussy – so I was in no rush – browsing the yards in Japan is half the fun. I was after a car in Japan – I had to be first owner in Australia. I was after a quality modified car – standard or near standard cars was not an option – as had many and I was looking for something more hardcore. Wanted a car built in Japan, of the highest quality, genuine low km, etc etc. This car would be a keeper – something I will spend time in with my sons, enjoy, etc. I was actually looking for a 34 …. when I received an email from Global Auto in Japan (where I had purchased the Autoselect R34 GTR the week before)…….. Details of Vehicle of emailed to me from Global Auto ... 1997 R33 GTR V Spec Series 3 50000km 87o N1 piston Cylinder head surface training positive processing Engine block boring, honing surface Modification to crank, Konrod weight adjustment NISMO metal head gasket N1 Oil Pump N1 Water Pump TRUST Aluminium Pulley Kit TRUST T78-33D Turbine Kit TRUST Exhaust Manifold TRUST Racing Westgate TRUST Fuel Delivery Line TRUST 3 Layer Intercooler TRUST Intercooler Piping TRUST 16-stage Oil Cooler TRUST Aluminium Radiator TRUST front pipe TRUST TR Power Evolution muffler TRUST sequential 6-speed transmission TRUST PROFEC boost controller TRUST turbo timer TRUST boost gauge HKS super power flow reloaded Ted NISMO Fuel Pressure Regulator NISMO Large Capacity Fuel Pump BILLION silicon radiator hose SARD 650cc fuel injector Aluminium Suction Pipe Apexi N1 suspension OS GIKEN twin plate clutch OS GIKEN lightweight flywheel WINMAX brake pads AMKREAD AM-1 18-inch wheels POTENZA 275/35-18 tire HKS F-CON V-PRO NISMO 320km full scale meter NISMO-dash triple meter N1 bumper duct Pictures as sent to me from Global Auto... Just arrived at their yard – before they put it for sale would I be interested. Upon looking at the pictures and quick call to check over some details – I purchased it immediately. When bringing the car to Australia – I decided to ship the GTR directly to GT AUTO in Brisbane. As I’m in Perth – I entrusted Tim and Dave to look after the car for me - service, minor upgrades and tuning needed to be done. I cannot speak highly enough of the boys at GT Auto in Brisbane – who took nothing but amazing care of my car. Whilst at GT Auto - some of the improvements to the car I have made ... * HKS FCONV V-PRO ECU * HKS EVO6 Boost Controller * 1000CC Injectors * RADIUM Surge Tank with Twin External Pumps Bracket * E85 Fuel Line and Fittings * HKS Cam Gears * New NPC Twin Plate Custom Clutch 1000HP * Nitto Clear Cam Cover * Garage Defend C/F Cooling Panel * Tinted Windows * Polished Intake Plenum * New N1 Water Pump * Dyno Tuning GTR whilst at GT AUTO ... Results were 667HP at All 4 Wheels (497kw @ Wheels) Dyno Video --> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203435806553168&set=vb.75231026522&type=2&theater Now at home in Perth with me .... AUTO SELECT Strut brace added. Braided Hoses replaces clear plastic. I will continue to update this topic to share with you my experiences - and keep a history of my GTR. Thank you for reading. Daniel
  2. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  3. Hi all, Some of you may know me as i have been kicking around these forums for the past 10 years I have made my way through a few RB nissans amongst several other cars. My first skyline, my 31 TI converted to manual and slammed, i LOVED this car! My second skyline was my first turbo car, 32 gts-t running around 220rwhp and many issues, I had a very love hate relationship with this car, it did however start my love for the 32. i moved onto the 34GTT from there and i did enjoy the 34, but always hated the silver and hated the auto. shame as it was such a nice car. The price i picked this up from prompted me but im glad i did. so on the hunt for manual parts and maby saving for a respray to white i came across the stag. RS4-S pearl white manual stag, so i moved over and again i loved this car.... maby should have kept this one... but oh well not an RB but i do like this one too, my 2014 SSV ute tweaked up and slammed, i do like the ute anyway onto the point. I have always loved the R32GTR being the best looking skyline, and always wanted to own one. as allot of them are pushing there 25th birthday i decided its time to own one before its just too hard. so i started my hunt which included every single one on the net and a few trips interstate to drive and view, often dissapointed. after flying here and here to drive a few i realised how old they are getting which is upsetting. without spending over 20 and pushing $30K a nice example is hard to find. i looked seriously into importing one but my future plan is to import an extream example of low km vspec 2 in white and keep it locked away. but for today i want something i can enjoy driving regulaly, do i opened my colour options up. luckily i did find this one, in sa so no roadworthy to deal with. confirmed original Ks and decent condition with a reasonable amount of history and mostly stock, it has its flaws but all in all a good base. so i drove this home my plans are to clean it up mainly. drive it and enjoy it, find whats wrong and slowly fix things. as its not a special model or build im not specifically sticking to total concourse original parts but i want to keep it mainly clean and correct. as always i will have MANY questions so this will also be my place to ask and pick brains so all help is always appreciated. more to come!
  4. Hello, Unfortunately it is time to down size on my toys and the GTR has to go. Same old story really, dont have enough time to make good use of it, and money could be better used in property at this stage. It took me months of searching through many average examples to find one in the conidition this one is in. it has been my weekkend toy, have not used as a daily, and is extremely well looked after and cared for, always garaged etc.. very much as new condition. details are: 1999 R34 GTR skyline non vspec, it was one of the early ones imported into aus, i have the papers showing it was imported in the middle of 2000, so less time on the the salty roads. FAST output below i bought it 2 years ago with 38k kms onit, it now has about 47k kms. Kms are GENUINE unlike alot of the others on the market claiming very low kms. it was origianlly bought into aus by a car collector in sydney, then sold in 2004 to the previous owner as the it was the cheapest car in his collection and had to make room ha... the previous owner bought it with approx 4k kms on the clock. he drove it around for a few years until he tried to sell it in 2007 i think, as it was just sitting in storage, he advertised it extremely expensive and never sold it, the car basically stayed in storgae getting very little use, thats why it has low kms... it was originally imported by powerplay i believe, all the servicing was done there by the previous owner. it is serviced every 6 months (or 5k kms but i dont drive it that much) with royal purple oil, and plugs changed every 12months. it has some good mods. Engine: haltech platinum pro plug in tomei adjustable cam gears nismo NE-1 exhaust (twin pipes form the dump back to just before the mufler) profec b II boost controller running 15psi for a safe tune It makes 242kw at all fours tuned by JEM (I have dynoi sheet) suspension and handeling: BC BR coilovers whiteline sway bars and camber bushes qfmar1 brake pads, recently machined discs and high temp brake fluid 18x10.5+15 NISMO LMGT4s recently sprayed black 295/30/18 R888 semis with a little over 1k kms on them. R888 arent on there in these pics Exterior: Nismo style skirts nismo eyelids genuine vspecII carbon fibre bonnet Vspec style front splitter Tinted Indicators interior: Apline double din head unit nismo gear knob nismo floor mats python alarm nismo cluster (this was an issue for me when i bought the car regarding genuine kms, but the condition makes things very obvious the kms are real, this was agreed when i had it independantly inspected and the thought was the cluster was added as an optional extra from the factory, or very shortly thereafter) interior condition is as new, no mfd cracking like you see in quite a few of the them, very little bolster wear steering wheel in great condition.... very few marks anywhere. drivers seat with very little wear. no accident history, i have had paint thicknesses tested all over the car and it came back all good! no finance owed, no rust refer under body pic etc.. If you are looking for an extremely clean well looked after example (not like most of the crap on the market that the dodgey importers are all bringing in) you will not regret coming to look at this. Yellow is a very rare colour and tough to find, may not be everyones cup of tea, but i always get compliments on the look of it. Yellow wasnt what i was looking for originally but the condition was too good to pass up. included to go with the car is: stock suspension stock cam gears original bonnet original gear knob and floor mats original indicators original sway bars original ecu unpainted new nismo style front bumper (very hard to find) has 11 months rego and just had oil, filter and plugs done. most recent shots Price for the whole package: $56,500 i am willing to reduce the price if certain parts are not required, ie byo wheels and only the stock bonnet we would be in the low 50s car is located in Newcastle NSW any other questions just let me know. pm or call on 0435 721 814 Cheers, Anthony
  5. Regretful sale. Tough decision to sell this but I've had to move back to a stock bonnet so its not being used. Was on the car for 2 months only. As new condition, no chips or scratches. Extremely light weight. Good fitment. Vent placement for optimum cooling. Flush plus Aerocatch kit, ADR compliant (crumple-zones, metal brackets, factory metal latch). Located in Melbourne. Pick up only. $1250
  6. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has an aftermarket Catback exhaust for an R34 GTR. Second hand is fine. Preferably in Vic. Thanks.
  7. Looking to buy a late model R32 GTR around Brisbane/surrounding areas. I hope I'm not being too picky, but preferably with less than 150,000k's. All replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. R34 GTR intercooler. As pictured, was running fine in my car at 294kw and the car was running super smooth. $200 R34 GTR 02 Sensors 50000kms in fine working order i changed to haltech widebands, $50 for both R34 GTR cam gears 50000kms, $40 for the pair Located in bris, willing to ship at buyers expense and dont low ball me.
  9. Selling my brand new Bosch Z32 AFM, these come with new tomei plugs/tails. Was for my R34 GTR, however I have sold the car and these are just sitting around. I am after $300 each. Everything is still new in boxes/packaging. Sheldon Gold Coast, QLD 0450313126
  10. no longer needed gktech billet hicas lock bar was going into my r32 gtr brand new in packaging retails for 109$ take it for 90$ ono RB26 sump with tomie baffles 300 ono also gtr plenium with throttle bodies 150 ono located Melbourne 0401938623 can mms pics cheers need them gone
  12. For sale genuine front and rear bumper bars to suit a 2009 R35 GTR painted a bronze colour The rear bar includes the lower spoiler and the GTR emblem Pick up only in Blackburn, Victoria during business hours Front bar $1000 Rear bar $1500 Both are in fair condition but have some marks and scratches (see photos) Please contact Karen on karen@bencar.com.au GTR2.docx
  13. You're welcome! http://staging.whybintbwamelbourne.com.au/NISSAN_GTR_3D_KIT.pdf
  14. Price: $16,000 Make/Model: 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR Kms: 125,000 Condition: Straight body. Great motor. Receipts for regular servicing. Located in Canberra. PM me for further info. Have just bought a new ute and only have one carspace so this little weapon has to go. J
  15. Hello, I am looking to buy a metal part that connects to the Condenser in an R33 GTR, I am not sure how to describe it exactly but it could be like a loop that slides back and forth. If anyone has any pics they could send that would be a bonus because I can show my mechanic as he has more of an idea. It has been really hard to find so if you have all air con parts in tact perhaps a picture of that will also help, otherwise I might have to buy the full setup if it's all anyone can offer. I am in Perth so postage can be covered by me. Even if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be a huge help! Cheers Chris
  16. Unfortunately I had to sell my GTR. Nobody wanted to pay what this car was worth so I sold it without the plates. $2500, all resonable offers considered. WA license plates, ownership papers transferred to the new owner. Call or SMS 0439915699
  17. As per topic: Pair Genuine HKS Split Dump Pipes $550 (bought locally, have original purchase reciept) Pair 02 Sensors $200 1x Exhaust Temp Sensor $120 Price: $700 the lot pick up or + postage cost. Pics via MMS
  18. I have a few items sitting around that I am looking to offload: Rays Centre Caps In great condition. $180 firm R34 Passenger Kick Panel Good condition $25 R34 GTR Boot Tool Set Good condition - some marks (see pics) $150 R34 GTR V.spec Intercooler Great condition $250 R34 GTR V.spec Radiator Great condition $50 Nismo 10 Point Key Brand New in box Will consider serious offers via PM only All items located in Melbourne. Cheers
  19. Cleaning out my garage.. Got the following up for sale.... R32 GTR Gearbox - Push type (see photos) Came out of GTR done approx 90,000 kms. Includes shifter and all sensors etc. Box was perfect when it came out of car. $450 ono R32 GTR Head - including cams, covers, CAS, coilpacks, head bolts. Cams have been removed but are included with the head. As are all covers, CAS, coilpacks, bolts etc. It would need a good clean and some maintenance done as has been sitting in garage (covered up) for about a year. $750ono R32 GTR Intake Plenum and Throttle Bodies - Currently still attached to head but removable upon request. $200 R32 GTR stock turbos inc. manifolds - Currently still attached to head. Were working fine when taken off the car. I have not checked the shaft play. Can do this upon request. $250 R32 GTR stock airbox. Also have 1 air flow meter. Not sure if it works or not. Free to whoever takes the airbox. $150 Happy to combine items at discounted rate. Contact me with your request and i will give you a price. R32 GTR ECU $120 R32 GTR Plastic Fuel Tank - Includes pump and sener. Pump was working when taken out of the car, unsure of current condition. $120 180sx Diff and Driveshafts. Came out of a 40,000km, 1996, manual, turbo 180sx. $200 All items located in Melbourne Sth Eastern suburbs - Glen Iris area. Happy to post/courier t buyers expense. Discount given if puchasing multiple items. Let me know what you want and i'll give you an updated price. Contact Mike - either PM or Call/MSG 0412 678 973
  20. Hey guys, I have for sale RPM Tein RAs from my R33 GTR. These are custom valved to RacePace Motorsport specification & equipped with Elbach Motorsport springs (F10/R6 kg/mm from memory - specced for track work). Car has run a 1:33.9 at Winton, 1:19.2 at Sandown & 1:45.6 at Phillip Island. Expect to fit these are watch your times drop! RAs are getting hard to find in Japan & once rebuilt & specced with high end springs the cost was around $3500. Photos of the coilovers will be posted on the weekend if that's the sort of stuff that floats your boat. Asking price is $2250, located in Vic & can ship. Contact me via PM or 0412 015 906 Cheers, Chris
  21. now my car is sold I won't need these parts anymore, everything is brand new some even still in original packaging except for the mirrors, located in Sydney but happy to ship prices are VERY cheap so get in quick! 1. RB Cometic head gasket brand new still in box $250 2. ARP head studs for RB25 - brand new in box $180 3. Tomei Oil Gallery Restrictors / orifice x2 @ ea- brand new in original packaging, $20 ea 4. Front Lower Control arm polyurethane bushes- brand new never used $50 5. rear upper control arm bushes - Brand new in original packaging $30 6. Front lower control arm ball joints- RWD model only, brand new in box $40 7. R33 side mirrors- white, paint condition average, drivers side doesn't fold in automatically, but still folds out, otherwise everything still fine $30 Please PM me if interested
  22. For sale: Set of 5 R33 GTR wheels, with tyres. Price: $1200 firm. Condition: Rims are straight and balance well. Clear is flaking on 3 of the wheels, and 2 of them have minor rash (would sand out easy) Comes with 4x 235 45 17 federal ss and 1x 245 45 sumitomo tyres. Most have bad camber wear but still driveable. Location: Mildura, Vic. Also willing to ship, at expense to buyer. PM me if you have any questions. Alternatively you can message me on 04234133 two five
  23. 6 brand new E85 suited Bosch EV14 injectors 1000cc, top feed, comes with new plugs and black 3/4 - 11mm adaptors. Everything is new and still in boxes $660 + postage Molendinar, Gold Coast 4214 Sheldon 0450313126
  24. Nismo fuel pressure reg - brand new - $150 Nismo oil separator kit - new (box has been opened but never been used) - $500 Buyer to pay freight from Marulan NSW.
  25. Hi Guys, Time has come to make the dream a reality Wanting to see if there are any in Aus first before importing. Hoping to find a Bayside blue 34 gtr. Budget is around 50k and im willing to travel interstate! I just missed out on the last couple of BSB gtr's so im spewing but hopefully there's someone out there looking to sell! contact me on 0422 351 687 or pm me. Thanks ! Corey.
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