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  1. R.3.2.G.T.R

    look at the back of the cluster, on the film, it will show RPM/Tacho printed on
  2. R.3.2.G.T.R

    is factory heat sheilding an option? i haven't looked into it yet but also repainted my engine bay
  3. R.3.2.G.T.R

    Nice work, replace all heater hoses with new regardless of stock hose condition, OEM hose kit iirc 12pcs install cam gears for sure, good bang for buck mod
  4. i have used mishimoto rad on my 32R without any issues, no fitment issues either
  5. handy info, ill get one for the 8374 i plan on using, does efr turbos use removable restrictors?
  6. R.3.2.G.T.R

    Did the factory hoses fit the powersteering tank without mods?
  7. R.3.2.G.T.R

    similar setup to what I'm going for except with 8374, I assume Jez is tuning
  8. R.3.2.G.T.R

    at the time i just saw it as cheap insurance for stock block which came back as mint after initial test, hadnt decided what turbo/power i was going for alternative would have been to shell out 5k+ on N1 block if stock one was buggered
  9. R.3.2.G.T.R

    Also keen to hear, I have a prp one being fitted to my stock block
  10. R.3.2.G.T.R

    good reivew, i have white wheels so could definately be handy how often does it need to be re-applied?
  11. R.3.2.G.T.R

    hang in there mate, mines been off the road for similar amount of time due to workshops