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  1. Hi peeps, got engine run-in and tuned by Jez few days back Results 488kw on EFR8374 1.05, boost around 27psi and tapers back up top, E85 (red) 98 (green) 2.8 nitto stroker with v-cam Full boost around 4k during dyno run (boost is filtered so doesn't show real response) but in steady state load tuning it makes 27psi by 3300rpm 1000nm torque by 5k
  2. Also interested, on your S15 what sort of effect was noticeable, was nvh increased, any vibration issue that others who have gone custom or CF have complained about
  3. I have Jun one in carbon in Sydney if interested, pickup
  4. got dyno chart, i recall you also running 2.8 with vcam
  5. great result, is max boost around 28psi? i have same turbo setup, except will be on 2.8 with vcam, looks like i need to step it up to 8474 at the very least
  6. just run it as is now that its on.. any rectification work thats needed later bcoz of it would fall squarely on the builder
  7. no direct dealing, but i recall seeing a JEM customer car (R32) painted there recently, hit up their FB
  8. just re-pin on the cluster side plug.. if you have your old cluster.. look at the brown film and see where RPM is printed then re-pin your plug to suit where rpm is on the blue film - follow for any others that dont work..
  9. Noice, Tommy kaira edition, this the one from carsales?
  10. Which kakimoto zorst is it? I have regu06&R which has an inbuilt step restrictor in the rear muffler use a torch into your rear tip to confirm, I removed mine with Dremel and zorst note was noticeable throaty even on idle
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