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  1. Noice, Tommy kaira edition, this the one from carsales?
  2. Which kakimoto zorst is it? I have regu06&R which has an inbuilt step restrictor in the rear muffler use a torch into your rear tip to confirm, I removed mine with Dremel and zorst note was noticeable throaty even on idle
  3. I have an fc-hako cable around somewhere, used fc-edit software to access and modify maps
  4. Whilst you at it, change to adjustable cam gears
  5. dont suppose you also have side boot trims that covers the strut tower? im after an uncut one
  6. no need to roll guards, depending on height, get some adj. camber arms if required
  7. How is boost being controlled, does taper off ~25psi towards the end
  8. Any R32 ones around our someone wanna sell?
  9. timely post, im weighing up replacing the stock efr bov with a turbosmart one, recall Geoff posting at higher boost (25-28+) stock needs a stiffer spring, hadnt heard much re: comp surge on these (i have 8374 1.05), but im now leaning towarding biting the bullet and replacing twin factory bovs with turbosmart items ill be running 8374 1.05 on 2.8 vcam shortly on e85, starting to think i should have upsized and/or gone black series
  10. Wow, just looking at how quickly it hits full boost again between gears, insane What size exhaust are you running with your setup? Have you retained or upgraded the bw inbuilt bov? I assume you opted for 3 port Mac valve instead of std offering
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