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  1. jmknights93

    Yep... or apparently their not to suit...
  2. jmknights93

    Check this out. I'm not a fan of the slightly tilted din slots that are covered on eBay but this one should be sweet. It's in the US though so you'll have to fork out some extra $$ for shipping.
  3. jmknights93

    Yes that was quite common... Plenty of people used to return the kits for that reason believe it or not...
  4. Seems to be the going price at the moment. These engines are getting harder and harder to find with "low kms" & in good running condition.
  5. jmknights93

    These hose kits are all from the same supplier in one way or another. I know JJ get their cheap shit from a company in India. Without a doubt this is the same crap you see on eBay. From what I see, Kudos sell name brand Jap hose kits & genuine. The eBay kits are more than fine to use if you're on a budget. I'd recommend genuine if you have the spare pocket change though...
  6. I have a blitz front Pipe in good condition. Only used for roughly 3 months. Where are you located?
  7. jmknights93

    @kingtube69 Next time you're over I'll help you fix it. Easy peasy afternoon job
  8. Pan fits with no modification?
  9. jmknights93

    Can I please have my username changed to BronzeBeard Thank you!
  10. (15010-RR580) - NISMO High Flow Oil Pump To Suit RB26DETT - $1100 (11830-RSR25) - NISMO Oil Catch Can To Suit Nissan Skyline BNR32 GTR - $700 Purchased brand new from RHDJapan. No longer required for my build as I've sold everything off. I have a few extra goodies that I haven't listed, just send me a message. Pick up from Bankstown Sydney or I can post at buyers expense.
  11. jmknights93

    That's interesting.. Upload a photo of the climate control unit.
  12. jmknights93

    2 sec eBay search. It's not rocket science...
  13. jmknights93

    If the collar locks are silver, they'd be a fair few years old. BC BR range use gold collar locks.