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  1. PM me, I have most of what you are after.
  2. sa 

    Do you still need a set? PM me.
  3. Yes mate, They came out of a R32 N1 fitted in the factory position that my boss imported a few years back.
  4. WTB: RB26 Engine (SYD) Hi guys, I'm after a RB26 engine. Preferably a complete engine minus hot side, Running or non-running would be fine as it'll be a slow garage build to keep me busy during my spare time. I’m within Sydney area, but I can travel a reasonable distance if required. If you’re interstate let me know your price, I can organize shipping from my side also. Contact me on 0434 zero five three 559. Thanks, Josh.
  5. I know these aren't Nismo, but I have period correct HKS gauges in 52mm. I've attached a few photos. Let me know if these interest you also?
  6. nsw/act 

    I believe it's sold now.
  7. Would a carbon grill fulfill your requirement?
  8. Send me a PM. I can look in to this for you.
  9. Interested in shipping to Sydney?
  10. No problems, let me know once you've ordered. I'll push the order forward for you.
  11. Have you search online at all? In stock and no 6 week waiting period.
  12. I like!!!
  13. imgur all the way.
  14. How long ago did you sell this beast?