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  1. The "N1" bar totally not worth the extra coin considering the vent holes look as though they've been cut by a 5 year old with a die grinder. I've attached a great reference image that I found on the forum a few years ago in case you were going that route?
  2. The front lip price jump is very annoying and shame on Nissan for doing that... They've been available for years...
  3. Really digging the rocker cover colour. Looks mint!
  4. Did you buy the kit over the front counter or online? It's not a model specific kit, more of a generic "bolt on" kit. Cannot believe they're still selling that junk.
  5. https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/filter?c=Nissan&ssd=%24*KwEGX1U_AwAAAAAZilc1%24&model=Japan&f_model=SKYLINE&f_frame=BNR32&f_year=&f_power=&f_wheel-base=&f_battery=&f_bed-size=&f_load=&f_seat-type=&f_roof=&f_wheel-drive=&f_cabin=&f_door=&f_body=&f_suspension=&f_grade=&f_bed=&f_chassis=&f_area=&f_transmission=&f_engine= Go for gold. Complete online catalogue.
  6. Sorry mate i’m Using the dark theme and cannot see half your post as the font colour blends with the background.
  7. Very interested, whats the price? and location?
  8. Don't buy, they are shit and way to loud. You'll be taking it to an exhaust shop to get another muffler put in to stop the drone. Scan Gumtree or Facebook sales for a decent Jap exhaust.
  9. I recently purchased a R33 with a "FREDDY" FFP already installed. While the car already makes decent power with other power supporting mods, it wouldn't be my first manifold choice if I was doing the build my own way. I love the RB26 plenum and I think if I end up changing my current setup I'll be looking at doing this conversion with the RB26 adaptor plate. I'm just waiting for VCT solenoid relocation kits to be released from Otaku Garage which look somewhat promising. On the other hand, my fiancé's R34 makes close to 350kw using a stock intake manifold on her setup. Current limiting factor at this stage is her Blitz return flow intercooler.
  10. When are we going for a cruise since it's all back up and running?
  11. Those coils are junk, I'd suggest investing in a set of splitfire coils. Totally agree with the roof spoiler, looks 10x better.
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