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  1. Hi mate, Where are you located? Thanks, Joshua
  2. Are you still looking?
  3. I have one in Sydney, Can ship your door. Send me a message if you are interested.
  4. You've gotta do it!
  5. What oil pressure reading are you looking at?
  6. This would throw me off as a buyer 100%
  7. Do you have a close up photo of your center gauge setup?
  8. PM me, I have most of what you are after.
  9. sa 

    Do you still need a set? PM me.
  10. Yes mate, They came out of a R32 N1 fitted in the factory position that my boss imported a few years back.
  11. WTB: RB26 Engine (SYD) Hi guys, I'm after a RB26 engine. Preferably a complete engine minus hot side, Running or non-running would be fine as it'll be a slow garage build to keep me busy during my spare time. I’m within Sydney area, but I can travel a reasonable distance if required. If you’re interstate let me know your price, I can organize shipping from my side also. Contact me on 0434 zero five three 559. Thanks, Josh.
  12. I know these aren't Nismo, but I have period correct HKS gauges in 52mm. I've attached a few photos. Let me know if these interest you also?
  13. nsw/act 

    I believe it's sold now.