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  1. Hey guys, I'm after the HKS/Greddy twin turbo pipe as shown below. Trying my luck second hand before I look at brand new options. Happy to pay for freight, hit me up if you've got it sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Cheers.
  2. jmknights93

    Is it recommended to run both headlights off the one relay? I haven't checked any threads on this yet. Edit: I guess I sorta answered my own question. This diagram seems to be the way to go.
  3. jmknights93

    No individual prices?
  4. Took me literally 1 eBay search ...
  5. jmknights93

    From the doors back it reminds me of a MR2...
  6. Could not agree anymore with this statement.
  7. jmknights93

    When you say new, how recent were all of these changes made? Do you have any other interior photos?
  8. I have a nice virgin block here if @mr_rbman wants to freight it?
  9. Mmmm, a few of those parts look familiar haha.
  10. jmknights93

    If it's showing signs of wear and tear I wouldn't be throwing 300-400kws at it... If it's running without a hitch, I would personally buy a new block and start from scratch to reach those power figures while cruising the streets in your stock motor. Welcome to owning a GTR. You'll forever be stressing about something haha.
  11. jmknights93

    That's the power steering cooler loop. In the 2nd photo, it looks as though someone has blocked the feed line that usually comes from the HICAS valve assembly.
  12. Wow, looks like a very tidy R33. Good luck with sale as I think it's reasonably priced.
  13. jmknights93

    Hey Aaron, I just remembered, check out JDM Garage and speak to Brad. I'm fairly certain he had a second hand switch up on eBay for $75 + postage. Cheers.