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  1. I'm interested in the R32 ones. Price and pictures please??
  2. Fair enough. I owned a 32GTS-t before my 32GTR. Such a nice car to drive, you'll have lots of fun if you find one. Good luck with your search.
  3. Are they even P plate legal to begin with? You'll be stretching your budget to find a stock one anyhow since P platers cannot drive anything modified.
  4. Just something that caught my attention on the sale page of the car in question. Check out the air box sticker. I'm 99% sure that it has been digitally edited to distort that actual kms written on the sticker? Something to question about... Why would someone go to that much effort?
  5. Unfortunately that's just the angle of the photo. I don't believe there's a back light for that switch. I might pull a spare switch apart to confirm.
  6. nsw/act 

    Woah. They look insane! 1x Large please. How will you be taking payment?
  7. Very interesting video. Good work.
  8. R32 GTR/GTS-t Window Switch Globe Back again with another OCD post. Over the Christmas break I had some free time to do some work on the GTR. (Finally) After fixing up all of the cluster surround globes which you can view my tutorial here in case you've missed it. I decided to pull out the drivers side window switch and replace the factory globe. Very minor detail, but if your fussy like myself this may come in handy. I've included some photos below of the simple process. Firstly you'll need to remove the drivers side window switch from the door trim. We will be replacing the light globe as shown in the photo below. Once you have the switch in your hand. Turn over and remove the 4 screws as shown below. You'll then need to un clip each plastic clip on the switch backing. This can be done carefully by using a small flat screw driver or a plastic trim removal tool. Once you've removed the plastic backing plate, the circuit board should look like the photo below. The window switch uses the same globe as the climate control unit. I recently purchased a LED upgrade kit for the climate control which came with a few extra globes. You'll just need to twist the globe out and replace. Reverse order to put everything back together and the end result as shown below. Not the greatest photo as it was taken while it was still bright outside. I hope this helps fussy R32 owners like myself. I'm sure i'll have more threads in the future.
  9. That battery bracket looks neat as! Nice work.
  10. Thanks mate.
  11. The welds on the pipe bends look like lobster tails. Another example below.
  12. That nice shiny gear box sticks sticks out like a sore thumb Looking good. Welds look more than find to me.
  13. Where did you pick up those rack bushes? They look mint.
  14. Nice cheap price. Where in Sydney are you located?
  15. 5200ish on the clock? Geez that was a brand newy... ex demo model lol.