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  1. You'd think they'd include a few more detailed photos for that asking price... I don't understand why sellers include history lessons in their sale ads either...
  2. The part numbers you've listed are for NEO. 13270-5L311 13270-5L301 11051-5L300 x2
  3. Might be incredibly stupid, but have you changed the power source?
  4. I use "Permatex Ultra Black High Temp RTV". Works well for me and I've never encountered any leaks.
  5. Save your money and buy some wheels and tyres. Unless you drop in a stock turbo motor, you'll be wasting time and money..
  6. Nah, different. See pic below. GTS-t, top right notch. GTR - sits under gauges in the second slot so no top right notch.
  7. I ran a neat run of electrical tape around the hks unit which made it a nice snug fit. The trim piece itself I used a strip of 3M tape on the top section only. It's not moving anywhere unless I pry it out with some decent force.
  8. Looks good, I got mine on Monday and installed same afternoon.
  9. Hit mate, you wouldn't ship them at all? I'm happy to pay shipping cost.
  10. Send me a close up pic of the hks unit installed?
  11. I've seen the 3D render, he was showing me last night. Looks pretty cool!
  12. Oh far out, yours arrived before mine It looks awesome!
  13. R32/R33 GTR Apexi Power FC with Hand Controller & FC Datalogit - $1100 Up for sale R32/R33 GTR Apexi Power Fc with Hand Controller and FC Datalogit. I’ve replaced the old display screen with a new modern display. Much easier to see during the day and night. Brightness and contrast fully adjustable through factory settings menu. White background & black text (see photos) Complete FC Datalogit with appropriate connection cables and serial/USB adapter. I can also include the latest FC Datalogit software. ECU still in the car, will be removed tonight. Asking $1100 for everything, can freight anywhere in the world.
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