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  1. Take it to a mechanic. Sounds like you've bought someone elses mess.
  2. Smashed the engine bay with tyre shine, that'll smell good while burning off.
  3. Post a photo of the unit and the bits n pieces?
  4. Very doubtful as GTR's are like unicorn shit. They just don't exist........
  5. I'd suggest looking up the headlight relay/switch mod. Much better than the factory setup.
  6. Here you go, taken today RB25 Neo. Grey: Boost sensor (Gauge) Blue: Canister purge control valve Brown: Throttle position sensor White: Idle control valve
  7. Location? I have a couple stacked in storage.
  8. I think Kudos motosport are the cheapest at the moment.
  9. Same front bar that's on my Missues R34. You should look in to the hood lip that completes the bar. JSAI products are usually pretty good fitment so you shouldn't have any dramas when it comes time to fit to the car.
  10. From the looks of this thread, I take that as a no or atleast a very minimal search.
  11. Keeping my spares for myself unfortunately. @LTSJayce PM me your offer mate. I'm in Sydney so I assuming shipping would be required?
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