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  1. I'm pretty sure these are available on their eBay store for a similar price. I've purchased 2 within the last 4 years from the same seller for both of my 32s.
  2. I can agree with you on that, My boss was forced to import one from Japan in a container that he brought over. All aftermarket goodies removed and everything stock going back on a N1 R32 GTR.
  3. If you were to jump in to the Skyline scene, I'd recommend a good set of tyres, brakes and suspension upgrades. But as mentioned above, I'd recommend sticking with a nice cheap daily until you finish your P Plates. Looking back now, I wish I took up that advice years ago, but hey we are all young once.
  4. Do you have any more photos of the exhaust, where it needed to be modified ect. I'm more than happy to take this information back to our supplier.
  5. I have silicone that I can express post overnight to you. PM me and we can work something out.
  6. Nice to see that you are sticking to the twin lows.
  7. He is currently in Japan at the moment too.
  8. I'm also interested, I'll flick you a PM now.
  9. I have a spare pair sitting at work. I'll update my post with some measurements in the morning when I return back to work.
  10. Oh wow, happy days! haha.
  11. When did you get that? I just sent one out to someone within the last 2 weeks, it wasn't you was it?
  12. You'd be surprised how easily something that small can get damaged during transit. Whoever packed it obviously knows this.
  13. Where did you pick up the TT badge from?
  14. If you guys message me with some vehicle details, I can help you out with prices and availability from Nissan. I can ship Australia wide.
  15. Yeah, I just finished ordering and installing every genuine trim clip for my GTR. @nicr4wks message me with your VIN and I can help out where I can.