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  1. jmknights93

    Have you ensured the surface where the rocker gasket meets the head is flat?
  2. I don't think it's legal to transfer over the odometer readings between the 2 clusters.
  3. jmknights93

    Nope, grey. Can of black paint should fix that.
  4. jmknights93

    I have a fibreglass grill in good condition if you're interested?
  5. Right side top Right side bottom Left side top Left side bottom
  6. jmknights93

    @kingtube69 Do you want to borrow my stock wheels haha?
  7. What work shop completed the work if you don't mind me asking?
  8. jmknights93

    Looking good man ! Keep up with the great posts.
  9. jmknights93

    How long have you owned this @Fou4Thought? Looks exactly like a particular GTR that was brought over through my work not to long ago.
  10. jmknights93

    Hi mate, Do you have the exhaust from cat back?
  11. jmknights93

    Sounds very disheartening. What happened?
  12. jmknights93

    Not the greatest example under the skin.
  13. jmknights93

    Yes. RB25/RB26 compatible Source:
  14. BC ER coilovers are the wrong choice for street driven comfort period. BC specify that the ER's are designed for 100% track use only so I don't believe you'd be satisfied after changing spring rates. A set of BC BR-RS (Rubber top mounts) would be the way to go in regards to street comfort out of your BC options.