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  1. Can you PM me? I tried sending you a message but it won't allow.
  2. You wouldn't happen to have the first 2 photos in a higher resolution would you? First car looks awesome. I'm assuming that's yours?
  3. Definitely run an aftermarket gauge. Even in the engine bay for testing purposes.
  4. As per post above, I have 2 options available. PM me for details.
  5. I have 2 of them at work. S2 RB25 and a RB25 NEO. Both AWD.
  6. You can borrow it if you wish?
  7. I was half right with my answer then haha. Easy fix.
  8. I'd be pretty confident in saying that you are running a gates racing timing belt? They usually make that sound for the first couple thousand kms. The noise from the belt will go away after running in. It's also quite possible that your timing belt may be a touch to tight.
  9. Looking nice! Are you still using the same gauge bracket setup? I remember that was a massive pain in the ass lol. I have some HKS gauges that came with a nice alloy bracket to suit the factory R32 GTR gauge din. Would something like this help you?
  10. I've sent you a message mate.
  11. Do you still need a grill? I have a pretty good quality carbon replica brand new unused.
  12. Where are you located? I'm after a set.
  13. 100% T10 Globes.
  14. Those wheels look amazing!!!
  15. I'm interested, but you've failed to list your location and price for each item? Are you willing to ship if not local?