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  1. Not the greatest example under the skin.
  2. nsw/act 

    Yes. RB25/RB26 compatible Source:
  3. BC ER coilovers are the wrong choice for street driven comfort period. BC specify that the ER's are designed for 100% track use only so I don't believe you'd be satisfied after changing spring rates. A set of BC BR-RS (Rubber top mounts) would be the way to go in regards to street comfort out of your BC options.
  4. Hi mate, Where are you located? Thanks, Joshua
  5. Are you still looking?
  6. I have one in Sydney, Can ship your door. Send me a message if you are interested.
  7. You've gotta do it!
  8. What oil pressure reading are you looking at?
  9. This would throw me off as a buyer 100%
  10. Do you have a close up photo of your center gauge setup?
  11. PM me, I have most of what you are after.
  12. sa 

    Do you still need a set? PM me.
  13. Yes mate, They came out of a R32 N1 fitted in the factory position that my boss imported a few years back.