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  1. Yeah, they came out in the coupe. Basically the GTR's baby brother.
  2. nsw/act 

    Just curious. Were you told about the rust before you made the purchase?
  3. Hey mate, If it turns out that you need a new indicator stalk/headlight switch I have plenty of these spare. PM me if you need one or the other. Happy to help out. Cheers.
  4. You'd be better off buying a set suitable for the R33 tbh.
  5. I noticed you have the front section of the cooling panel sitting under the grille, 99% of the time that I see an engine bay shot with the same cooling panel, lot of people sit the front section on top of the grille. Do you have any fitment issues with the way you have it sitting at the moment.
  6. I can certainly help you out with this one. Looks like you've already done some research on both series. I usually recommend the V1 series to those who daily their car to and from work and just want the basic height adjustment. You still have the damper adjustment. The BR series do in fact use a slightly larger cylinder size which ultimately handles more abuse. The BR type would be suitable if you intend on taking your car to the track every so often. It sounds like you've opted for the rubber tops which would be a good indication to me that you want more comfortability on the road. If $100 isn't a worry, I do suggest opting for the BR's.
  7. Camber arms look pretty cool When are you going for a proper alignment?
  8. Rocker covers look like they turned out great Terry. Do you have a photo of the finished product installed?
  9. Pretty sure I have a S2 Head. Where are you located?
  10. Yeah, you just need to change the temp to 18 or 32 then hold the temp button for 5 seconds. It'll go into "FC" or "FH" mode. It's handy in summer when you want to freeze or in the winter when you need to heat the cabin up fast. If you watch the servo motor operate under the dash, you'll see just how far it moves either way. I found it easier to remove the front face held in by 3 screws to remove those pesky globes. Massive pain in the ass though.
  11. You can also hold the "High Temperature" button for 5 seconds and that goes into "FH" (Fast Hot) mode. I used to say "Fkin Cold" or Fkin Hot" lol.
  12. Wow, certainly looks to be in good condition from the outside at least. I'd be keen to see some interior and under the hood shots. Welcome to the forum
  13. Very nice 32GTR Liam. I thought it was quite odd that I had just finished putting a quote together for a Liam in Thailand. Sure enough it was yourself. Beautiful car, nice to see these parts going to a good home
  14. Hi mate, I'm interested in the Boot trim. I'll inbox you.
  15. Looking very hot! Love the collection of parts