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  1. I have a greddy cold side available. PM me if interested.
  2. JDMGarage in QLD are selling a couple of looms between $50-$90 + freight. Might be worth buying a second hand loom and cleaning up the old crusty conduit. I literally just bought one 5 mins ago.
  3. Literally takes longer to create a post than searching on google.
  4. Most likely all out of the same factory, who really knows. Why don't you go the genuine option? Cheap enough from Amayama?
  5. GTS-t and GTR indicators are indeed different. Unless you were going overfenders or something in the rear that'll widen the body, don't go GTR front guards. GTR front gaurds on a stock GTS-t rear body looks as though you've missed leg day.
  6. Any chance of those images in high res? A new desktop background would be cool.
  7. Yes same fan, very common for Nissan to have the same part with 2 different part numbers.. It's a Nissan thing.
  8. Is this is the same one that was on Gumtree at the start of the year he decided to keep the shell and restore.
  9. May I suggest looking in to VDO gauges. I took this route a few years ago with my old 32 GTS-t as I always wanted a stock OEM look. (I hate the space ship bright light cheap gauges) VDO are a quality brand and easy to find. Sensors come with the gauge, you'll just need to pick up a single din slot 52mm gauge holder (Anywhere online/ebay) and wire you're selected gauges in accordinly. From memory the stock gtr 3 gauge cluster harness runs with the dash loom. Massive pain in the ass to disect and install in to 32 GTS-t considering volt and another boost gauge would be pretty useless.
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