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  1. Have another brand new nismo MFD. for vspec models and above. paypal accepted can ship worldwide
  2. Part number 2371A-RSR48-V This is for vspec, vspec 2, mspec and nur. price is $3500 bnib, discontinued and rare.
  3. Hey mate I will take the oil cooler if still got. sending pm
  4. cairns qld V-Spec 2 bonnet asking $5500 obo Currently painted yellow, surface is immaculate. some ageing around the vent. See photos. Located Cairns. Can ship.
  5. I have this for sale, it is a lot harder to find than the 4 spoke one. Apparently this was an option on R34 GTR models but I’m not 100% sure. Normal BNR34 GTR airbag cover will fit on this. There is one available on yahoo Auctions for almost $2k aud. Includes airbag inflator and cover. Asking $1250, if you can find one cheaper or at all let me know.
  6. This is currently on its way to me from Japan however I have decided to sell it as I need the money for other parts. Will fit most Nissan imports and is compatible with hicas. Upgrade from boring normal wheel and keep the srs airbag safety feature. If you don’t like the wood grain it could be covered with carbon or leather by any steering wheel retrim company. Price is $550 inc post slightly negotiable. can ship anywhere in Aus.
  7. Need a new clutch on my 33 gtst. Has push type, chasing either a nismo coppermix twin push or pull. If it’s a pull you have I need to find a conversion kit.
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