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  1. Part number 2371A-RSR48-V This is for vspec, vspec 2, mspec and nur. price is $3500 bnib, discontinued and rare.
  2. Hey mate I will take the oil cooler if still got. sending pm
  3. cairns qld V-Spec 2 bonnet asking $5500 obo Currently painted yellow, surface is immaculate. some ageing around the vent. See photos. Located Cairns. Can ship.
  4. I have this for sale, it is a lot harder to find than the 4 spoke one. Apparently this was an option on R34 GTR models but I’m not 100% sure. Normal BNR34 GTR airbag cover will fit on this. There is one available on yahoo Auctions for almost $2k aud. Includes airbag inflator and cover. Asking $1250, if you can find one cheaper or at all let me know.
  5. This is currently on its way to me from Japan however I have decided to sell it as I need the money for other parts. Will fit most Nissan imports and is compatible with hicas. Upgrade from boring normal wheel and keep the srs airbag safety feature. If you don’t like the wood grain it could be covered with carbon or leather by any steering wheel retrim company. Price is $550 inc post slightly negotiable. can ship anywhere in Aus.
  6. Need a new clutch on my 33 gtst. Has push type, chasing either a nismo coppermix twin push or pull. If it’s a pull you have I need to find a conversion kit.
  7. $950 😂, can’t think how many of these were binned, funny thing is you may actually get what your asking for it $ wise. $1000 for r32 knee pads. Wtf
  8. That is the idle control valve, do some searches on gumtree and Facebook. You should find one.
  9. Your a dickhead, all I said was I don’t like them and said to op “I would stay away from nistune”. people can do whatever the f**k they want, your the wankers that started trolling this thread I was just trying to help op.
  10. Ok guys, I already know all that, you seem to have got all buthurt because I think nistune is junk, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one..... Did your comments make you feel like big boys? I came here to help op and share my experiences. You asshats obviously are not here to help a fellow skyline owner instead look for any reason to chop anyone in the comments. If your needing to replace your ecu due to modifying and chasing more power why f**k around and get a nistune that has very little flexibility and IO expandability and zero customisation? It’s a no brainer when you can get used vipecs/Haltech etc for similar money. If you want a nistune there is also the extra cost of a z32 afm if your going to do anything worthwhile. R32 ecu’s (type2 nistune) are going on 30 years old now. Aftermarket management systems and technology has come a long way in that time. I remember I couldn’t have vct because for r33 you have to use an r32 ecu. To get vct I had to either use a z32 ecu or a window switch. I do know this vct has been figured out and is now available with a firmware. Nistune is just trying to make shit work using bits from other cars, it’s a bandaid solution. And frankly don’t work that good. There is also software licensing cost and consult cables too. Alternatives brands offer their software for free and use USB cables. If the owner of a nistune wants to have a play or try learn, they have to pay extra costs for software and cables. Doing anything on a nistune is mostly not possible or viable for end users. and you dickheads are tying to troll me because I think they are shit. There are more nistune for sale than any other ecu period. If they are so fantastic why does nobody want them. I actually have one, you nistune lovers can buy if you want? Only been asking $100 and still can’t sell this pos junk. And fyi I make my living tuning cars, now your gonna say I don’t know what I am doing. I assure you, I do. Graduated from JCU in 09 with bachelor in IT and JCU again in 2014 in mechanical engineering, going to do my masters soon too. I understand the hardware and software intricacies on a level you big boys never will. So yes nistune can work well if you have the best tuner in the world and it is tuned properly. For the price of secondhand alternatives like Haltech, vipec, adaptronic etc, it’s a no brainer if your on the quest for more power, you will max your nistune and then need to upgrade again anyway.
  11. And I would steer clear of nistune, there is a reason it’s cheap and there are a so many for sale, every second ecu for sale in Facebook/ gumtree is a a nistune. I had one and it was shit, drivability was terrible, now I have a vipec and it’s amazing, drivability is just awesome, even the idle is 100x noticeably better.
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