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  1. For reference this is the exhaust. From the Yahoo auctions listing
  2. Does anyone know much about this company? I know they're long out of business but theres very little information in English out there. I see the Miata and RX7 guys seem to like them but theres not much more than that.
  3. Well give it another start and let it get warmed up and check again, it's probably a different problem but the fuel COULD have evaporated out of the line
  4. Hey guys, So where I live in the US we've recently had a big uptick in car thefts as my state just made it so juveniles are no longer being punished as adults for grand theft auto. Because of this and other security reasons I was thinking of using some sort of RFID system to immobilize the starter through the ignition system so the car can't be started without the RGID fob or perhaps more classy, a ring. I've had some big issues in the past with aftermarket alarm systems and I'd prefer not to use anything like that here. Does anyone have any experience with this or this type of system that might be able to get me started?
  5. When we the last time the engine ran?
  6. Eitherway, you should either have a small puddle or you'll smell fuel residue Mine youd have to crank the engine and put the peddle to the floor to "catch" the engine or it would die and you have to crank it for an extended period (15 seconds or so)
  7. Actually I had a similar problem. Itd cold start fine but then hot start like crap. Is your car running very rich? Do you smell excess fuel when it does start? My issue ended up being the fuel pressure damper at the front of the rail (read: against the firewall. RB rails feed from the firewall and exit through the front and the fuel pressure regulator). The diaphragm had failed and fuel was being forced through the vacuum lines and into the intake before the throttlebody. Pull this line off and see if there's an fuel in it.
  8. I'm Dan and I have a 92 GTSt Type M from Connecticut. Mechanic by trade and spent a lot of years in the performance world. Still learning about these cars but I'm always happy to jump on and help if someone needs the assistance! My car for reference! In the process of doing a "Type MR" conversion which was an extremely limited run of GTSt made by the Kanagawa Dealer for the 35th Anniversary of the Skyline. It was essentially a standard GTSt with a GTR grille, hood and rear wing with a special badge on the trunk but otherwise unmodified. Apparently it was limited to 200 cars.
  9. Where are you from? I know a couple places that sell glass in the US, but I doubt they ship overseas
  10. Think its worth replacing the harness first or do you think the coils are probably the problem?
  11. This car will probably never make more than 220kw at the wheels so im not looking to go too crazy with it.
  12. I am running an upgraded ignitor not that makes an enormous difference but worth noting.
  13. Heres a question, are those a direct replacement or do you need a special harness or stand alone ecu to run them?
  14. Fair. Still it only happens as it approaches .68 bar which i find a bit odd since it boosts perfectly up until that point Now to find coils that arent 500 USD a set...
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