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  1. Hcr32typem

    Thatd be the part, sorry, very little literature available to us Yanks. Anyone have one?
  2. Hey guys, Im in serious need of a rear fuel pressure regulator from a Series 2 RB20DET. Im more than willing to pay shipping from anywhere! Hope someone has something for me! Dan
  3. Hcr32typem

    Ok after digging through every article i could find, i found out the line is run to the IACV and an air regulator valve. So there shouldnt be fuel in the line, however there is a small vacuum line that runs to the rear fuel pressure regulator. So i think the rear FPR might be going bad and pumping fuel into the lines off the IACV and air regulator
  4. Hcr32typem

    So what else does that line go to? It Ts just being the crossover pipe and one end goes to the IACV?
  5. Hcr32typem

    Well therein lies my problem haha. It was definitely petrol and there was maybe a half teaspoon of petrol in the line.
  6. Hcr32typem

    The bigger hose going to the crossover pipe, behind the bov
  7. Hey guys, i have a 92 GTSt Type M that ive been having some starting issues and after some talking between myself a another mechanic we came to the thought that it may have a stuck open purge valve, alas information is short in english. So why might i have raw gas in this line here? Its not a lot of gas but enough to be of concern, especially since its infront of the throttlebody?
  8. Hcr32typem

    They couldnt look anymore sunken than the stock GTSt wheels eh. I appreciate the help! These cars arent that well known yet here so it can be quite a pain digging up info
  9. Hcr32typem

    How much of an issue do you think that might be?
  10. Hcr32typem

    How do you mean?
  11. Hcr32typem

    I think they look great and could open up a relatively cheap option for us US guys for some good 17 inch wheels. Does anyone know what the bore hole size on the Evo wheels might be?
  12. Hcr32typem

    Has anyone ever put Evo 9 wheels on there R32? I have an R32 GTSt and i have some access to a set of Evo9 wheels relatively cheap. Here in the states R32 GTR wheels are far and few between and expensive when you do find them. Same with R33 GTR wheels. As far as i can tell the stock R32 GTR wheels are 16x8 +38 offset, while these Evo 9 wheels are 17x8 +38 so i dont see why they wont fit but maybe someone knows something i dont? I had a friend do a quick photoshop with Evo VII wheels and Evo IX wheels.
  13. Hcr32typem

    Are you talking about the tachometre? If youve replaced all that it could be whatever sensor sends that data to the gauge cluster. Does the car run badly or anything?
  14. +1! I havent had the guts to start prying on those pins haha
  15. The automatic may make it more of a project but for what its worth, theres a company here in the states that make wiring harnesses for various engine swaps into all sorts of Nissans including the R32 Skyline. Www.wiringspecialties.com