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  1. Hcr32typem

    Think its worth replacing the harness first or do you think the coils are probably the problem?
  2. Hcr32typem

    This car will probably never make more than 220kw at the wheels so im not looking to go too crazy with it.
  3. Hcr32typem

    I am running an upgraded ignitor not that makes an enormous difference but worth noting.
  4. Hcr32typem

    Heres a question, are those a direct replacement or do you need a special harness or stand alone ecu to run them?
  5. Hcr32typem

    Fair. Still it only happens as it approaches .68 bar which i find a bit odd since it boosts perfectly up until that point Now to find coils that arent 500 USD a set...
  6. Hcr32typem

    You think it could manifest only at high boost? Idle and normal accel is rock solid
  7. Hcr32typem

    I just put a set of oem plugs in the car and the coils appear fine although i havent actually replaced them or not. I also just put a new fuel pump and checked pressure on the system. I replaced the MAF last year as well with a new unit.
  8. So my 92 Type M has a strange misfire issue that happens when the car hits .55 to .68 bar. RPM doesnt seem to matter nor does what gear im in. Car has 108k on it, stock except for a BOV and coilovers. Keeps telling me all clear on the CEL so im sort of at a loss. The car idles perfectly fine and under normal acceleration but as soon as the boost hits about .55 bar and it starts to stumble. Hope someone can help before i lose my mind haha
  9. Im looking for a stock fpr from an RB20DET. Hopefully someone has one! I have paypal and am willing to pay shipping from anywhere!
  10. So realistically its more or less useless haha.
  11. http://ts-factory-hp.com/product.html Its the third product down on the left. Im mostly interested if its more responsive mainly because the build on my Type M is to make 220kw or so but have much better response. I live in the mountains and having a super responsive package is ideal for the roads i drive.
  12. The on i found i liked in particular is a TS Factory part from Japan
  13. So realistically its not even going to help with response on an RB20? I wonder why people do it at all? Ive seen plenty in Japan and found several companies that make full adaptor plate sets to bolt it on directly.
  14. So ive seen this done in Japan a few times and i got to wondering why it might be done? It seems like it would only add complication to the engine. Is it a more responsive setup for the engine or really only "cooler engine bay" type mod?