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  1. he means the price of flying there. he was saying its better to just pay 300 to fly there instead of 18k for a broken car.
  2. so I found a gtst for sale in Florida which is roughly 12hrs away from where I live. If I fly out there and drive the car back should I worry about it not making it back? the guy claims the vehicle has 40k miles. from the pictures and the video. it sounds and looks very pristine and maintained. there are no mods on the car what so ever. its bonestock. the seller is asking 18k
  3. Found this on a car dealing website. I've researched the site and it seems pretty trustworthy. car has 110k miles on it. looks really nice on inside and out. guy is asking 5k for it. idk if its too good to be true but I'm thinking about it.
  4. So does anyone know an easy way to put s gtr grill on to a gtst? I know the latch is different. but I was just wondering if I could just buy the gtr grill and bolt it in some how.
  5. thank you for replying respectfully. I'm just getting into cars. I have wanted this car specifically for a long time. I've never driven a manual vehicle but I hear it isn't insanely difficult. I'm trying to drive this car as a daily. (yes I know it's not ideal but IDC) I just want to know the best way to driving this car efficiently while also having some fun here and there.
  6. Awesome Man! im glad for you! im in the process of trying to purchase an r32 myself. I pray that I will be able to get it. I bet it feels amazing!!!
  7. I found this gtst in Canada. It has around 154k kilometers on it which is around 96k miles. It don't seem like too many miles. The seller claims that the car has been maintenanced recently. He seems pretty trustworthy. He is sending lots of pictures and videos of the car. The interior and exterior look fairly clean considering how old the car is. he is asking 12k cad for it. Which will only cost me around 8600 here in the US. I think I might buy the car...Should I?
  8. Oops just realized the 70mph is off. its on 10 instead of 15.
  9. So I've made a little picture that kinda explains what gear to be in and converts the Km to mph on the speedo of a skyline. Does it look correct? Im using this as future reference. (If i manage to buy an r32)
  10. So I found an 1992 r32 skyline for sale. idk if its worth the buy or not. the buyer seems to be trustworthy. here's some pics of the car. he wants 15k for it but is willing to negotiate. he says the car has 70k miles.
  11. I've figured I'd just convert the car to manual later in life. I know very little about cars. I've never even drove a manual car. but I have the will to learn. thanks for the replies though!
  12. So, I have a pretty tough decision. Would I be better off purchasing an automatic r32 skyline rather than a manual? I have found many automatic skylines that have low milage and that are much more cleaner and cheaper. however, most of the manual skylines that I have found are much more expensive and most of them are not in a very good shape. for example they have bad dash bubbles, scuffed paint, torn seats, etc. so what would be the best decision?
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