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  1. Ah, it's always something silly. I don't know what wiring diagram I have but after another quick search I found one that references the R34 Neo. I think I can make heads and tails of what I'm looking for now. Have a safe flight, my friend.
  2. I know there are probably over a 100 posts regarding ECU pin outs between various sites and I have looked through everything I could but couldn't find what I needed. What I am having trouble with is identifying the purpose of a couple of pins of the R34 ECU. This is for a swap into a Z chassis so everything has been wired in as a standalone motor. All new fuses and relays before the ECU. It is currently running but I know I am missing power to basically all sensors out of the firewall. IAC, VTC, AAC, thermostat, etc. I know I've damaged an ECU so I'd like to make sure I have power going into the right pins of the new ECU. Pins in question.. Pin 72 - Control Unit Power (Does it receive 12v ignition like pin 67 - Control Unit Power Supply?) Pin 109 - Control Unit Power Supply (Counter-electromotive current feedback circuit) Input or output? Also I'll place this here to fact-check me that these are the major pins needed and that they are being connected correctly. The diagram is easy to see what needs to be grounded but should I be sending 12 volts anywhere else into the ECU? Pin 24 - Ignition Switch - 12v ignition Pin 67 - Control Unit Power Supply - 12v ignition Pin 80 - Battery Power Supply - 12v constant Also interested in RB25DE ECUs or a stand alone for that model.
  3. I don't think there is. It sounds like for my application there is only 2 options. RB20DE(T) gearboxes and RB25DE gearboxes. That's not very broad in my opinion. Like I mentioned before my eye would be on the more durable gearbox but they are very elusive here. But I do appreciate where your posts are coming from. You were just informing me that there is a better option.
  4. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/96103-240z-and-280z-mounts-and-drive-shaft/ One example, second post.
  5. It seems like all the way back to the Z cars that there is a lot of similarities in Nissans among the years. All this information on this I acquired from mostly hybridz forums. The guy who has to rework my oil pan for this swap also runs the stock driveshaft in a RB20. Many users seem to have done the same.
  6. I was under the implication that a different driveshaft had to be used for the RB25 unless it is referring to the RB25DET gearbox? Either way, if true and I could use the stock 260z driveshaft with the RB25, RB25 transmissions are very hard to come by here. Atleast for a reasonable price.
  7. So I've read, but with this low hp application and the ability to use the stock driveshaft and mounting points of a Z, I'd rather keep it as simple as possible. Pretty ironic when coming from my carburetor thread, right? haha You seem to be real deep in this, spread the word if you can. Come up with a finder's fee!
  8. I'm hoping someone has a RB20 manual transmission in good shape they may have laying around. I am from the States so I know that can be an issue for some but maybe someone hear may know someone from the states who may have one and pass the word around. Thank you!
  9. Then I'd have to put a kitchen in the garage. Terrible jokes aside, I agree!
  10. I don't see any haters at all. All my comments have been that everyone has been pretty lenient on such a ridiculous topic. I think I may not go around my own ass to scratch my other elbow this time. This one time.
  11. Get out of here with that LOGIC man! I can already see myself going the EFI route but I will always have that nagging in the back of my head. If getting an ECU was on par with the cost of converting a fuel pump and whatnot then I would still be really determined to go carbed. I spoke with some ECU companies that were really helpful as well. But the prices, yeesh. I thought there would be cheaper options for these things available. Thanks for twisting my wrists. You win. For now!
  12. Was there supposed to be an example of a car in that video? All I see is a girl in a bikini! I assume an RB25DE NEO would rev just as well? Any input on if an aftermarket ECU would allow it to run reasonably? The video looks to be running ITB's which allows all of the stock wiring to stock sensors to be kept with the LINK ECU they are using? Or am I wrong about that?
  13. I'm not saying what I have is going to create a performance application. I do have a set of Ztherapy carbs that I have ran for years with no issues on an modified L series and should be able to handle an RB with little to no modification in terms of internals of the carbs. I'd argue that some flat tops make more of a headache than round tops. But that's just from my personal experience though. I can crank up a carbed L series engine of mine on the first key turn every time. But let's not get off topic. I do want to state that you put "cheaper and easier" in quotations and from my posts I don't think I ever used the word "cheaper" as that is not the point of this. I apologize if I did. Easier I know I did say. As in I will pay extra, IF there was something that would make this an easier and more reliable install. If a certain aftermarket ECU could achieve that then I would as least like to look into it. Like I said before I'm not stuck on the carb thing. Just wanted a discussion of what could make something like that work. I understand the benefits of not going carbed. I love EFI, just as much if not more than carbs. I couldn't count the dead brain cells or how often I had bloodshot eyes fiddling with carbs over the years. Maybe it's starting to show haha. I would probably put all this to the side and grab a Skyline myself if it were possible.
  14. I agree entirely. In my situation I'm not deflowering anything valuable, hacking away at anything where it can't be reversed. Also I kind of like the idea of that (kind of) period correct vibe going on. I knew what I was getting myself into posting this but they're going easy on me! haha I'd be sure to follow up if I end up going that route! Thanks!
  15. As I mentioned to GTSBoy and my original post this is a route I would like to happen. I just wasn't sure if standalone ECU's would side-step all those little things that keep the motor running nicely such as TPS, AFM, IACV, etc. Good to know!
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