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  1. I am just fitting an R33 rear cradle to an older car and I would like to confirm a few measurements off the back, preferably from a standard R33 or at least one that hasn't been lowered. It will take like 10 minutes
  2. as the title says, chasing a set of rear brembos to suit an R33.
  3. i believe the GTO diff is quote a common swap but those diffs are pricey and getting hard to find and there is still a bit of engineering to make it fit, plus the people i know that have done it need to use drive shaft shop axles and hubs which are expensive as well. i think the skyline diff would require more engineering to fit but the parts would be a lot cheaper and the skyline axles are way gruntier. I expect you would need to use the skyline hubs as well so there would be a bit of mucking around trying to make one subframe out of two. Mine is an RS so hopefully the diff lasts long enough for me to finish the Capri first, 58PSI, NOS and slicks might have other ideas though. build thread link to the Capri below https://www.classic-ford.org/cfp/tm.aspx?m=89030#89333
  4. Ok gotcha, the s15 diff is 10mm shorter on each side so hopefully the spline will take that up if I go nismo r33 LSD in the s15 housing or I have to find the r33 axles. Having said that I could cut the flange off the alsd diff if it's worth nothing and use them as spacers. I'll probably go 1way on the diff, it might do the odd burn out but it really is a street car with the odd drag day. I have a fairly nasty Evo for race duty. On that note those r33 axles are massive! 30mm 29spline vs the Evo 23mm 25spline. I would be interested to see if anyone has retro fitted one of these diffs into an Evo, cheap upgrade aside from the fabrication head ache I will do a build thread and post a link here . . . Has a lot of Nissan donor parts
  5. I'm in Perth, originally NZ 👍 Yeh it's the old school German assembled Capri original a cast iron v6 not that POS convertible Ford stupildy gave the same name lol. I'll try pop those axles out. What's the best aftermarket LSD for these diffs? It's just a street car, Na V8 if I can make 500hp and 500 ftlb I'll be going well
  6. I am fitting it to an 84 Capri, along with an s15 front cross member and suspension, big brembos, aluminium injected Windsor V8, oh an aircon, will be a nice street car. Yes big mission this job btw. I might actually Chuck one of these diffs in my Evo when the diff in it blows. Just another thought, can I just replace the stub axles on the s15 diff and the use the r33 turbo axles? How do the stub axles come out? Are they on a snap ring?
  7. So long story short I need a normal viscous LSD r33 gtst diff and I also need the axles?
  8. Ok makes sense, what about the axles I have are they any good? Ie is the normal r33 turbo diff the same width as the active one?
  9. This being the case would I not be better to use the s15 diff I already have and use the matching axles or are the different lengths between the S and R subframe/chassis. Or if I just replace the diff from an r33, does it need to be a turbo? And what about the width is this typical of R33 or is the active one wider ie do I need to replace the r33 axles and diff to get the right length. Lastly is the active diff actually worth anything?
  10. Ok so measuring these two diffs, the one out of the r33 measures 325mm wide from flange to flange where as the s15 is 315mm also the r33 is shorter from the nose to centre of axle is 280mm vs 300 on the s15. The axles from end to end are 640 and 590mm respectively. basically what I want to end up with is a diff for the r33 cradle that I have with a 3.7 ratio and an aftermarket LSD which I haven't bought yet I bought the s15 diff for the 3.7 ratio. What is the best way to achieve this do I put the S15 diff straight in, if I do this what axles do I use can those stub axles coming out of the r33 diff and go into the S15 diff, then what about the width will this end up being a problem or is it just a cv on the end of the axle that needs to be changed? That r33 diff seems heavier than the s15 so if it just has active stuff I'm not going to use it's extra weight for nothing. Further more I don't want to set this car up for an odd ball diff I would like to know if I blow it I can get a replacement easy and don't have to search for anything special.
  11. I see what you mean, looking at the various photos on line I ask if it could be a gtr diff? How can I identify it, will there be any numbers anywhere or certain measurements I can take?
  12. It definitely came out of an r33, I pulled it out myself. How do identify this? I think the diff out of the r33 is slightly wider, is this normal? What is the typical bolt pattern for the axles?
  13. So I have an r33 gtst complete where in that I am grafting into another car. Problem is the diff ratio is not right, I bought another r200 diff with the right ratio (3.7) which is from an S15 Silvia I was lead to believe that it's a straight bolt and swap but it appears it isn't as the flange on the axles are different. I'm just wondering if I can change the crown wheel and pinion can anyone give some advice on this? I do note that the r33 diff looks a bit larger than that S15 even though they appear to have all the same bolt patterns for mounting
  14. Just wondering what the largest rear Tyre you can fit on the back of an r33 gtst before it runs on the inside, not worried about the outside, I have to get it certified and the most offset I can run is +27.5 I'm only allowed to increase the track by 25mm, cheers
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