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  1. I can supply a brand new gearbox from Nissan if you are interested? Pm me if you are.
  2. Boost controller loom and z32 plug still wired into the car, will be sold with.
  3. Upgrading to a Link ecu and my old setup is no longer required. All parts are perfect working order and was tuned recently with no issues. Apexi pfc with hand controller, hand controller doesn't have any dud pixels. Suits RB25DET for R33. Current tune is 323kw. $1000 Z32 afm. Bought from G7 a few years ago but would have done less than 2000km. Can did up receipt. $300 Greddy profec type II boost controller. $400 Pictures to come. Will post anywhere in Australia for a litte extra.
  4. SA: ARP head studs 202 4301. R31 parts Brand new set of ARP head studs #202-4301. Bought these with other parts for my side engine but have no use for them in the near future. Only opened to inspect never used. $250 R31 front and side clear indicators. $100 R31 52mm stainless radiator. Didn't leak just went back to a stock radiator with 25 blade. $100 S15 whiteline adjustable front links. $80 R31 front bar vents (Genuine) brand new in boxes still. Included LH and RH side. $220 R31 Roll centre adjusters. I believe they are 45mm. $80 A set of mint R31 projectors. Testing the water with these as ill probably keep them away unless I get a reasonable offer. One has slight faded section in the chrome. Located in SA but happy to post for a little extra.
  5. Or buy a box local (Adelaide) from me for around 3k.
  6. Ad's

    Thats good. I have seen that one for quite some time, if I had the spare money I would have bought it and stashed it away for safe keeping. I would get the tabs welded back onto the manifold and re tapped, a couple of the threads in mine are pulled out and doesn't satisfy my OCD. Think you have messaged me a few times about mine , welcome to the world of GTS-R manifold owner ship and people hassling to buy it off you.
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    Thanks guys. I have my inspiration from R31house that's for sure. That's good that you finally found one, Yahoo by any chance? I will be getting my screamer plumbed back in at some stage as its way too over powering, and I believe it ruins the note these can produce. The latest results were the cam change minus the ITB. Next tune will be the ITB setup and most probably the Link ecu with flex fuel.
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    That video doesn't really do it justice, but now with the Kakimoto exhaust and holding it back in gears accelerating slowly it sounds nice. Agreed i need to get this thing out and start enjoying it for what its worth. Update time. Sold the pon cams and got a set of Camtech 268 9mm-intake and 272 9mm-exhaust cams from Garage 7, retaining the VCT was my main goal. Re tune make 326.9 kw, 546.8nm on 22psi thanks to Garage 7. Brand new standard radiator and rb25 fan blade went back in, the thermos weren't cutting it on the dyno but I hadn't made up a shroud for them so that would have been half the issue solved if i did. Got out to Skyline nationals 2016 towards the end of last year, show and shine plus the track day. Unloaded the car back at mine after the show and shine i took it for a quick spin around the block, from what I found it sounds like a dud wheel bearing. Cracked the shits that night, tinned on with a mate until early morning and then left for the track day with out the car. Spat the dummy at it and left it alone for a couple of months before I pulled the covers back off. Ordered a brand new RB25DET gearbox through work, went in early 2017 and test drove it up and down my driveway Feeling like the car was straying away from its 80's heritage I got my painter to paint up my old redtop covers and GTR intake. Same time swapped back to orange indicators and bought new side markers as they are still available from Nissan. In the process of swapping over to GTR ITB, bought brand new throttle bodies and the whole swap is getting the genuine catalog thrown at it. Bolts, nuts, gaskets, IACV hoses, tps sensor along with a wider range of speedflow fittings and braided black hose. Adding a coolant bleeder at the same time to cure any air lock that might occur in the head/coolant system, will get a custom swirl pot made too. New plugs for the engine bay will be ordered and wired in at the same time of re looming the engine bay loom S14/S15 AT performance catch can was ordered from Garage 7 and modified the bracket to suit my setup. Fits as if it was designed for it, more speedflow and braided black hose ordered and installed. Have ordered some carbon style bonnet struts so I can get rid of the bonnet rod out the boot. The ideas I have swimming around in my head currently ontop of the other things im going to do. To pull the head off, have it checked, cleaned and have stiffer valve springs fitted to suit the cams even though I don't seem to be suffering valve float. Then thinner headgasket to lower the CC and ARP head studs. Link ecu to bring the car into this century technology wise and get a full wire in to eliminate the old crusty loom. Have the flex fuel sensor installed with other sensors like fuel pressure to help protect the engine. Another reason I want to be able to plug my laptop in and diagnose/sensor check and log data when I feel the need. Strip the engine bay right back and repaint it. Old school 52mm black faced Greddy gauges.
  9. This idea is swimming around in the back of my head that I am considering, because I'm still running the standard headgasket at 326 kw on 22psi and I would like to change the head gasket and swap over to ARP studs. Will be following this thread.