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  1. Recently jumped ship from an internally stock RB25 as she was about to grenade herself. New specs: S2 RB25 head fully refreshed. New OEM lifters, 268/272 9mm camtech cams, welded and mated to a RB30 block and external VCT oil line. RB26 ITB setup with brand new OEM throttles and adaptor plate mated to the head. Controversial to what people bang on about these adaptors, I have never had a issue nor one leak. Forged RB30 block. CP flattop pistons, h beam rods, ACL race bearings, N1 pumps, OEM balancer, larger sump. Gen II GTX3582r .82 with a 50mm pro gate welded onto the housing. Hyper tune 600 x 330 x100 cooler, 3 inch exhaust with waste gate plumbed back in. 1000cc injectors, 044 external pump running of the surge with a in tank denso Link storm ecu with a bunch of sensors monitoring the engines vitals. Plenty more I have missed, but you get the idea. E85 made a maximum of 363kw but the Link kicked in fuel cut as we didn't have enough fuel to feed the engine. Detuned to the same as 98 at 340kw. Larger fuel pump/s and possibly injectors and I'll go again. For now I am going to enjoy it for what it is!
  2. WTB: R33 RB25 cylinder head in good working order. Only really need a head with valves and cam caps, but will consider anything.
  3. Chasing a good condition non neo RB25DET head. Don't require cams, covers and all that. Just a head with the cam caps is all I require. PM me details and pictures Located Adelaide hills SA
  4. My brother still has his though doesn't drive it, last time was when we bumped into you AJD the other year I reckon haha. She will be up for sale soon though sadly!
  5. I paid 2K for my manifold many years ago! Then another $500 for the manifold cover that is in immaculate condition polished up. Watching yahoo auctions the original ones don't pop up all that often, and when they do they are generally sold within the first listing.
  6. Can supply you a band new quarter panel for $1150 plus freight anywhere with in Australia.
  7. Changes from above: Link ecu G4+ Storm. Full wire in PRP crank trigger setup RB26 ITB setup External gate plumbed back into the exhaust. 315.7kw. 491.2nm. 20psi Ready to go flex fuel but only had time to do the tune on 98 for an event last weekend. Car feels amazing to drive on the street and track, few small teething issues to iron out but nothing too hard. Believe new technology is where the gain has been made on a less fuel. Interesting to see how she goes on E85
  8. I can supply a brand new gearbox from Nissan if you are interested? Pm me if you are.
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