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  1. Thank you for your help. Will give them a call tomorrow.
  2. Chasing a front lip for a gtr r32 Genuine or aftermarket, to be shipped to Beckenham 6107, Western Australia.
  3. Hey mate I have the aircon unit but don't have the cover. Chasing 750aud
  4. Update: Headlights are done, side indicators are done, fender indicator lights are wired in and done. I have to trim the N1 vents in order to fit the front bumper and it is hitting the intercooler. Keen to hear if someone else had this issue? Here's a video of the power tune. The car made 517hp on 26psi E85 and 430hp on 98 at 18psi. Roller dyno. VID_29701109_164927_525.mp4
  5. Thanks mate, when I fly back home I will have a go at making my own bracket. Ill post an update here.
  6. Whats next? -Connecting the headlights (really struggling with this as the connectors does not match up); -Side indicators (need to order new ones); -Connecting fender indicator lights; -Fit the front bumper; -Fit the rear number plate lights; -Drive the car for a bit and book the power tune.
  7. Currently just finishing off the final touches off the car (assuming in 2 months it will be completely ready. Last weekend I've stripped the interior fully (excluding the dash) literally washed and cleaned everything up and replaced heaps of parts with new oem parts. New pioneer 6.5' rear speakers. Also took the cluster out as someone decided to wrap the cluster facia in carbon fiber, looked disgusting. Replaced the cluster lights with LED White lights as well.
  8. Here's a picture after the 3 stage Cut and Polish.
  9. I think its time for an update! Here's a few pictures from the painting process.
  10. Thanks mate. The first link is for small Haltech Platinum and other similar ECU's. Elite 2000 and 2500 are chunkier and the 2nd link is for the R33's.
  11. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone with a similar ECU can show me how they have mounted their ECU's. (Haltech Elite 2000 or 2500). The only mounting kit I could find is from the below website. If anyone else is doing the mounting kits in Australia, please let me know. https://shop.ostdyno.com/shop/shop/nissan-skyline/engine-management/r32-skyline-haltech-elite-mounting-kit/ Thank you
  12. No worries at all mate. It's just sad what some people do now days to screw over others. Big thanks to forum admins for banning him quickly.
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