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  1. hi mate, id like to get the Cusco Radiator Cooling Panel R32 GTR.
  2. Mods update -Garret GTX3582r Gen2 T4 turbocharger -ID1300cc Injectors -6boost manifold -JUN 272 Stage2 cams -CP forged pistons and conrods -N1 oil pump with Reimax Oil pump gears -N1 water pump and timing kit -HKS cam gears -TOMEi sump baffle -ARP Main stud kit, crankshaft main bearing cap stud kit -Exedy twin plate racing clutch -Custom oil catch can -Apexi Power FC D-Jetro -100mm Intercooler -PWR aluminium radiator -JJR Heater and cooling silicone hose kit What do you guys think? Will I hit 600hp at the wheels?
  3. Can you please send me a link of this item? I’ll have a look and research about it!
  4. I’ll be running on pump fuel for now and then maybe next year set it up for e85.
  5. I’ve received the manifold 2 days ago and dropped it to my mechanic along with the Garret😅 Also, ordered heater hose kit from Justjap. Sold the 1000cc ID Injectors and purchased 1300cc ID’s! I think I’ll hit 600 (or at least close to 600) with no issues now.
  6. Tomei Sump baffle arrived today 🙌🏼
  7. Hi mate, installing on a N1 pump
  8. Hey All, R34 GTT front seat pair, suit 32,33 and 34's No tears, burns or anything. Comes with rails. Will be putting the pictures up very soon. Asking Price $350. Located in Perth, can ship at buyers expense. Thanks
  9. Appreciate the kind words man! Wouldn’t want the cops to pull me over 😂 on that note, but if an update.. a little present arrived yesterday (thanks to DHL) working on public holidays.
  10. you are definitely right, I think those are the things I would do for my next car maybe (r34 gtr) in the future haha Received my turbo today👌🏽 I can’t wait to get the 6boost manifold and see how they fit. p.s that r34 is super responsive! It’s incredible.
  11. I put my ID 1000cc injectors for sale this week. If I can sell it on time, I’ll be definitely going for a 1650 or something similar! I’m all about, do it once and do it right kinda guy😅 I was wondering if there’s a video available that shows a full engine bay reassembly? I couldn’t find anything on YouTube.
  12. I’ve stripped the engine bay with my friends help and started researching RB engines as I was very now to this. (Had multiple wrx’s before). First thing I wanted to do was getting the engine bay painted back to the cars original colour Cristal White. This was done professionally. My father in law offered to paint my car as a birthday present to me (he is a qualified panel beater/spray painter) but he doesn’t work as a panel beater now. more pictures available if anyone wants to check out the insta account bnr32_93 is the account name
  13. Here’s what the car looked like before I started doing anything with it. (Purchased the car in this condition from my wife’s cousin) this car used to be in mint condition before engine shitting itself. The previous owner decided to go for a single turbo set up but it was kind of a el-cheapo set up. (Ebay manifold etc).
  14. Hi mate, Thanks a lot for your input. Ive decided to go with 6Boost, will be ordering it next week. Radiator will be PWR or Koyorad. I’m selling my daily atm, if I can sell it on time I’m thinking of going the extended sump. I’ve ordered Tomei sump baffle last week as I wasn’t sure if I was going to get extended sump or not. Worse case scenario I’ll be installing the baffle without the extended sump. decided to sell the ID injectors (1000cc) as I think I need minimum 1300cc’s for the power I am chasing. For the gearbox, I’m just going to hope it lasts for a bit lol. wont be taking the car to drags/track etc. it’ll be a weekender for me.
  15. Here’s a picture I managed to get today from my mechanics shop. is it possible to tell if this is a extended crank collar?
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