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  1. Hi mate, Welcome! I am also from Perth. Can't wait to see this beast on the roads soon!
  2. 20201126_154418.mp4 UPDATE She is awake!
  3. UPDATE First start tomorrow. Tune is booked for the 17th December. Will post the video here later tomorrow (if everything goes well).
  4. Hi mate, Thars great! How much boost you pushing through? 550kw is amazing! I'll be happy with 475kw! Did you have to run in your engine for a bit?
  5. Hey mate, Mantic does pretty good clutch packages for Nissan's now days. Stage 1 Clutch Kit - R32, 2/93-11/94, GTR - 2.6 Ltr Twin Turbo, RB26DETT, 208kw - 1993 - Skyline - Nissan (manticclutch.com)
  6. We are using the haltech boost control solenoid. I'm leaving the nitty gritty stuff in the hands of my very capable mechanic haha. Excited for the first start up on Monday!
  7. 2 reasons: Placing the BOV near the turbo is to prevent compressor surge and we thought, if we ever need to go to engineering (if I get yellow stickered etc.) and plumb back, its a lot easier to plumb it back on the passenger side. Here's another photo from another angle. its pretty far away from the wheel.
  8. Update Muffler is manufactured and sent to Perth. Next week we will be replacing all the fluids, installing the Red Optima battery and the muffler. First start is expected end of next week or early December.
  9. Hi All, Wanting to start another project. Either R32 gtst, R33, R34, Silvia S14, S15 or 180sx. Ideally chasing a rolling shell. Thanks
  10. More progress shots. Whats left: -Finish off the exhaust (trying to decide what muffler to use) -Order Bosch 1650cc -Install the hicas delete kit -Replace all the fluids -First Start
  11. Update: -Fuel tank is in with the frenchies kit and the fuel lines are completed -cooler pipes, catch can and pod filter pipe is all painted in gloss black for that clean blackish look
  12. Will decide very soon! awesome results man👌
  13. hey mate, I know you have! you've helped me with this build as well (especially with identifying whether I had the long or short nose crank collar) appreciate the help🙏 My mechanic's welding skills are on point. Hoping to get the car before xmas so I can start on prep on the rest of the body and paint it during my xmas break!
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