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  1. Ordered the Frenchies hat🤞 Hopefully by end of next week, the gearbox will be in and all the engine bay refitting will start.
  2. Awesome, thanks mate. Lets talk about the good old fuel set ups now Learning towards Frenchies twin pump in tank fuel system kit AN8. https://frenchysperformancegarage.com/collections/nissan-skyline-r32gt-r/products/r32gt-r-twin-pump-in-tank-fuel-system-kit-an8 with 2x Walbro 460's. Power goal with e85 is 450-480kw. 25/26psi maximum boost. I'm happy with 500hp on pump fuel and im sure we will hit that power level with the current set up.
  3. I was going to get Platinum pro but my tuner recommended to get Elite2000 at least, as Haltech will not bring out new updates for the platinum pro. So ill be getting Elite 2000 as that is what I can afford to get atm. It is already hard building a car like this (especially when you have a family), I do appreciate the great advice from many of the experienced workers, however if you dont have the funds to get the "best" you just cant get it, simple. I have to stick to my plan and do what I can to get the car finished and finally drive it and enjoy as it'll be my first time driving a GTR.
  4. he doesnt have a tuning set up. He would only recommend who he trusts for tuning and then it is up to the customer to decide.
  5. Appreciate the advice mate. Im not building a 1000hp set up. Its only a 600-650 on e85 set up so I'm not that fussed about using the best.
  6. I would either go with Ross or Platinum. Probably Ross as I know they both do the job anyways. Was actually going to get the Ross Balancer as well but ended up getting ATI.
  7. Thank you mate! See above response 🤣
  8. There's a lot of things I want to do but due to the funds I can only do what is a must to have. I know many cars not running a crank trigger set up but saying that I do want to get the set once I have funds maybe after the build is complete
  9. Hi mate, Bottom end was done by Applied Automotive Engineering and the rest of the work is done by GS Auto Works (Grant). Ill be taking the car to Hyperdrive for a tune once it is completed. Hopefully in a month or two time.
  10. This looks amazing! I am jealous..
  11. Busy weekend for the boys in WA as everyones getting ready for Powercruise this weekend. Hopefully more progress photos will come next week. Current state as per below. Still need to order the fuel system, fittings etc etc.
  12. Thanks for your reply mate. I am leaning towards Andy as well.
  13. Hi All, Want to hear from the fellow SAU WA members about their experiences getting their car tuned. My build is almost finished I've started looking at tuners. So far I have 3 tuners in my list and which i'd like to hear about others opinions. PZP HyperDrive Tune Corp Any input would be much appreciated
  14. FOR SALE: RB26 ID1000CC Injectors (E85 compatible) Got them professionally cleaned but never got to put them in as I need bigger injectors for the power I am chasing now. Can send a link to the injector cleaner business doing the clean on the injectors. O rings are all replaced. Price: $650 Located in Perth but happy to post them at buyers expense. Thanks
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