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  1. No worries at all mate. It's just sad what some people do now days to screw over others. Big thanks to forum admins for banning him quickly.
  2. Hi All, Was wondering if anyone has completed a CD009 swap in their GTR R32? I've research but could not find any relevant information. Heaps of people did swaps with R32 GTST's but not GTR's. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you
  3. sure is. sent me a fake licence photo as well lol.
  4. Possibly using a voice changer or the guy is an actual old scammer bloke lol.
  5. Reported him and provided multiple screenshots.
  6. i have screenshots mate. im trying to get him banned.
  7. hey mate, the guy that commented nick named "williamwilson1" is a scammer.
  8. Hey mate, was checking out your build this morning, looks awesome! finally tuned and everything very happy for you mate! Sucks I can't drive my car around yet as it needs to get painted now and I am waiting for my father inlaw to do his magic
  9. Hi All, Selling a GTR R33 OEM Cassette player. In good, working condition. This cassette player also fits R32 GTR perfectly, plugs straight in using the same plugs. Price - $650 AUD + shipping
  10. Hi All, Chasing RB26 OEM timing cover and the plastic injector loom cover. Let me know if you have any. Thanks,
  11. UPDATE Flywheel bolt issue is now resolved. I've attached both videos for reference purposes. It might help someone out. Very happy that the car is mechanically completed now. Next stage, paint! Saying that, I think I want to change the colour of my rocker covers, timing cover and the intake. Thinking of going Pearl yellow, any thoughts or recommendations? received_431313538003719.mp4 2021-04-19-103339078.mp4
  12. I know I have to cut down the flywheel bolts but I just need to know the size of the clutch plate bolt so I can try and source one now as I am planning to put the box back on Saturday. I work away so I am going to try and buy it online and get someone to pick it up.
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