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  1. UPDATE: Dropped the gearbox 2 weeks ago and haven't had a chance to work on the car since. Hoping to put in some hours this weekend to take the box to a shop to get the input shaft bearing replaced.
  2. Welcome Daryl. You'll learn a lot here mate. Best thing i've done was to join this amazing forum.
  3. Thank god my oil drain plug did not look like that.. My car was driving all nice etc but the reason why I've pulled the box out was because of the rattling noise. very annoying.
  4. Hi mate, I've already taken the box out so I guess I just have to find a decent shop to take the box to get it inspected and replace the input shaft bearing.
  5. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to tackle changing the Gearbox input shaft bearing of my gtr r32 gearbox. I've tried searching in the forum but couldn't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hey mate, They have a good reputation with some occasional bad ones. I personally dont know anyone used them in the past. Danny seems like a pretty honest bloke and he knows what he is talking about. I bought my r32 spoiler from him and had a chat with him for an hour or so.
  7. Hi All, Wondering what is the going price for the GTR R32 OEM Cassette player? Thanks
  8. Running Tune went pretty good mate. The car drives pretty good, its just that rattling noise that I have to figure out (I put my bet towards the gearbox input shaft). The only issue with dyno was the exhaust side of the engine bay paint lifting/burning off due to me not having a turbo beanie +reflective tape along that side of the engine bay lol. Turbo sits too close towards the engine LHS engine bay. Will fix that after the exterior paint is completed.
  9. UPDATE: Its been a while.. started working FIFO so things are moving a little slow. Still waiting for the paint prep to be completed before the respray. In the mean time we have an issue to solve which I think its the Gearbox input shaft. There's a rattling noise coming but couldnt not figure out the exact location. The tuner and my mechanic's first guess was the alternator bearing but we've started the car without the belt and the rattling was still there. When the clutch is pressed in, the rattling goes away and the usual twin plate clutch noise comes which isn't too loud. Due to be back home next Friday so I will be dropping the gearbox out, leave flywheel on, bolt up the bell housing/plug the starter and start the car to confirm its the gearbox. Overall, very happy how the car turned out mechanically but I will be doing some more upgrades during the year so watch this space!
  10. Do you mind uploading a video here mate?
  11. Here's a quote I got for a PAR gear 1-4 straight cut syncro with stock 5th. Note from the gearbox shop: "the PAR sets work well with the upgraded 26-spline input shaft. It does require you upgrade your clutch to match with the GM style input splines." This means new clutch, labour involved to take the box out (if you cant do it yourself), shipping to send the box to the shop (if you don't have a decent gearbox builder in your state) and to send it back. It all adds up quickly. There's a few guys in WA using PAR gear sets and are very happy with it.
  12. was not aware of this, excuse my ignorance.
  13. Hi All, Chasing a RB30 bottom end off a vl turbo. Show me what you have.
  14. Hi mate, Welcome! I am also from Perth. Can't wait to see this beast on the roads soon!
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