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  1. Thanks for your reply mate. I am leaning towards Andy as well.
  2. Hi All, Want to hear from the fellow SAU WA members about their experiences getting their car tuned. My build is almost finished I've started looking at tuners. So far I have 3 tuners in my list and which i'd like to hear about others opinions. PZP HyperDrive Tune Corp Any input would be much appreciated
  3. FOR SALE: RB26 ID1000CC Injectors (E85 compatible) Got them professionally cleaned but never got to put them in as I need bigger injectors for the power I am chasing now. Can send a link to the injector cleaner business doing the clean on the injectors. O rings are all replaced. Price: $650 Located in Perth but happy to post them at buyers expense. Thanks
  4. UPDATE: The Engine is in!! Next in line is, sort out all the wiring, install the cooler, radiator etc etc and plumbing. After that, we need to sort out the fuel system and were good to go.
  5. Hey All, I have a question. My aircon was pulled out by the previous owner and I was told he chucked it in the bin lol. I have a friend who just finished building a r33 street/race car which he ended up taking his aircon out. Was wondering if the r33 aircon and the condenser etc will fit into my r32? Thanks
  6. Hi all, chasing a rb26 injector wiring harness cover. any condition is acceptable as long as it is still one piece. I am aware kudos sell billet ones but i dont really want to spend $350 plus for a cover. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Selling my 1000cc ID Injectors as I require bigger injectors. Got them cleaned professionally and replaced the seals (can show proof). Price - $700 AUD - Price includes shipping within Australia. Location; Perth, Western Australia.
  8. Thanks for the info mate. I think I've made up my mind and going with the Haltech Elite 2000.. My tuner also recommended either Elite 2000 or 2500.
  9. Hi All, As the title states, I am chasing a power steering pump and the bracket. Thanks
  10. UPDATE: Tuff engine mounts arrived today. Will be dropping the gates timing belt to the mechanics shop today or tomorrow! The engine should be going in this week 🤞 more photos to follow later this week. Started polishing the exhaust. Still have heaps to do and will have to grind the welding joint to make it look half decent.
  11. hi mate, can you get me a shipping quote to Perth, WA? post code 6107 - Beckenham.
  12. Went to my mechanics shop to get some pics today.
  13. Great looking car mate! Very tasteful mods so far. Hopefully I can be a proud owner of one of these one day.. currently building my 32 gtr.
  14. Hi mate, I would do it after it is painted. Just so you know how much to cut/polish etc.
  15. Who is your tuner mate if you don’t mind me asking?
  16. Purchased the Tuff mounts I have a question for everyone here.. Haltech Elite 2000 vs Link G4 Fury plug in. What are the differences, advantages and disadvantages? there's a significant price difference between the two.
  17. UPDATE: -Cams went in this week and valve clearances etc all checked. -Ordered Gates Racing Timing Belt -Painted the brake booster and all other small bits and pieces - will upload pics soon. -Engine is scheduled to go back in by end of next week (hopefully) lol Am thinking of buying Tuff engine mounts. would appreciate any feedback on these before I purchase it. http://musclegarage.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=117
  18. Hi All, Chasing an OEM or aftermarket fiberglass bonnet for a r34 gtt. Show me what you have. Thanks
  19. hi mate, would you happen to have a r34 gtt bonnet by any chance? Thanks
  20. I'm going to have to agree with the statements above 😂
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