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  1. Update Getting Haltech Elite 2000 instead of the Platinum Pro. this car is costing a looooot more than my expectations 🤐
  2. BUMP. Negotiable on everything. make an offer.
  3. Hi mate, I'm thinking of going with Walbro 525.
  4. UPDATE: Decided to go flexfuel 😅 since I bought the Haltech Platinum pro. Will need an external map sensor to turn the boost up and a flexfuel sensor. Engine progress pics to come next week.
  5. Think it’s the part the oil filter bolts on to
  6. Hi All, as mentioned above, chasing a heat exchanger for my gtr r32. let me know what you have. thanks
  7. Hi All, As per above, chasing a R32 GTR OEM Spoiler in any condition. Thank you
  8. Also, any predictions of power outcome with below mods please🙂 car will be run on pump fuel. Updated Mod List Garret GTX3582R Gen2 0.82ar 6Boost Exhaust Manifold Tomei Type B Poncams CP Forged Pistons and Spool conrods OS Giken Cam Gears ATI Balancer 750HP rated ID1300cc Injectors Haltech Platinum Pro ECU Tomei Sump Baffle N1 Oil Pump with Reimax gear set N1 Water Pump Cosmetic gaskets PWR Racing Radiator Turbosmart Waste Gate ARP Main Stud Kit ARP Crankshaft Main Bearing Cap Stud Kit Greddy Electronic Boost Controller 4’ HKS Super Dragger Exhaust Exedy Twin Plate Racing Clutch Kit Frenchies Single Pump Intank Fuel Pump Kit
  9. Hi Ladies/Gents, Need some opinions / recommendations as we're aiming for 550-600hp on pump fuel (98), I am having to think of ways to improve the life of my gearbox lol. any tips would highly appreciated. I have a r33 gearbox btw. Thank you
  10. Hi all, A few parts for sale that came out of my gtr r32; Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with hand controller - $400 + shipping if required. OEM Intercooler with fresh gloss black paint - $100 OEM Radiator in good working condition - $90 OEM AMFS x2 - $160 Thanks
  11. UPDATE: Painted the inside door jams and boot lid in 326 crystal white colour. today I will be putting the doors and the boot back on before sending the car back to mechanics. Parts Update - ordered below parts -Haltech Platinum Pro (plugnplay) -ATI Balancer 750hp rated -Brand new coil pack loom
  12. Update: ordered Tomei Type B poncams ftom Torqueline Garage. Anyone else ordered anything from them?
  13. I’m really leaning towards Tomei Poncam Type B 260 9.15lift. Might as well get it done as I’ll be running flexfuel next year means more power. Will need the cams anyways
  14. Bad news guys.. apparently the cams are Stock cams not Jun 272.. I’ve been misled. So I am in need of some drop in cams. was thinking of Tomei Type B Poncam 262. Any thoughts?
  15. hi mate, some paints require a Ground Coat which is usually the metallic colours. just double check if you need this or not. I wouldn't fill the minor scratches with bog.. just use primer filler or a spray putty. just to make it clear. will you be using acrylic paint or twopac? I would not recommend using two pac paint in a garage as you need a proper booth. with acrylic you can get away spraying your car in your garage and depending on the coverage I would personally put on 3-5 coats and 3-4 coats of clear on top. Also, with acrylic paint, you need to wait for to paint to cure for couple of days, wet sand and and cut and polish after.
  16. hi mate, taking it to GS Auto Works (Grant is the owner) from what I've heard and seen, he is great with Skylines & GTR's.
  17. Update: Taking the car out of the mechanic shop and getting it towed to another mechanic shop. Been 5 months with no progress at all. disappointed but it is what it is. Will be in better hands next week.
  18. Hi All, Chasing a rb26 11mm fuel rail to fit my ID1300cc injectors. Show me what you have. Thank you
  19. hey mate, I've experienced the same issue before (im in perth WA). The guy sent me a bank money transfer screenshot (comm bank) and I called up the bank and they told me the sender can cancel the transaction within 2 hours. however, I've ended up randomly seeing his car driving past me not long after and I followed him to his house and next thing you know.. I got my part back (would not recommend). just be careful next time and wait for the money to be cleared.
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