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  1. Jhare413

    Looking to buy a fairly stock and clean R34 GTT manual coupe. Located in Sydney, NSW, but can travel and will consider other states.
  2. Hey mate. Is this still available?
  3. Jhare413

    So does this mean I would have to get stock suspension for the blue slip if I don’t want to ruin the suspension that’s on there? Does everybody have to do this for defect clearances and such?
  4. Jhare413

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about purchasing my first Skyline, an R34 gtt, and am looking at one in QLD. Since I live in Sydney, I know I will have to get a blue slip in order to get it registered. Since it is modified I am wondering how much difficulty I will have getting it on the road and how much it will cost. I have listed the mods below, any help would be great, cheers. - Front Alcon Monoblock Motorsport Big brake kit (6 piston caliper, 365mm x 32mm 2 piece floating disc) $4500 - Rear Calipers stripped, rebuilt, seals replaced, cleaned, painted, new QFM A1RM pads and DBA 4000 rotors $800 - MCA Ultimate Series Coilovers with custom valving $3000 - Genuine Nissan Gear boot and surround $220 - Genuine Nissan Gear knob $77 - Alpine Head unit $150 - Refurbished r34 Gtr a/c unit $150 - Turbosmart Kompact Plumback BOV $189 - Splitfire Coilpacks $550 - Genuine Nissan reverse lights $100 - Genuine nismo side indicators $77 - Hardrace adjustable front camber arms, Hardrace adjustable traction rod, Hardrace adjustable rear camber arms, Hardrace adjustable traction arms $1055 - Proper bump steer wheel alignment with the traction rods $500 - Wheel alignment after the bump steer alignment ($100) - Genuine Nissan Fuel cap $80 - Genuine Nissan Emission valve control $250 - Guards rolled and pumped - Full Hicas lockout kit, including outer ball joint replaced $250 - Genuine NIssan front tie rod ends $170 - Stainless braided brake lines all around, $200 - Replaced Turbocharger gasket, dyno tune, set timing, $800 - Genuine Nissan OEM triple gauge cluster $250
  5. Jhare413

    Cheers man I’ll check them out
  6. I’m looking at purchasing a skyline in the near future (likely an r34 gt-t). My plan is to get the car checked over by a mechanic before purchase. Any suggestions for good RB mechanics who could check it over for me?
  7. Jhare413

    Yea for sure, definitely going to buy a fairly stock car, looking to keep this as a project car for the next couple of years at least
  8. Jhare413

    Cheers for the help man, kinda figured this would be the case; but didn't know there were that many differences.
  9. Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the skyline scene, but looking to buy an r34. My plan is to eventually upgrade to a larger turbo, maybe make 400-500 hp. Is it worth paying the extra $5000? for a gtt if I am going to redo the turbo system anyway. I understand that there are other upgrades in the gtt, but I am not sure exactly what. I am not sure how much more expensive it is to turbo the gt model, compared to upgrading the turbo system in the gtt Cheers, Josh