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  1. Came on my R34 GTT when I purchased it in March. Will probably fit any fork type suspension skyline, however fronts sat very low and even at the highest setting on my R34, hence why I changed the suspension. Would only really recommend putting on R33 GTR. - 16 levels of dampening force adjustment (compression & rebound) - Ride Height Adjustable - 4kg springs front and back - Aus spec - softer valving than Jap spec (good for Australian roads) - Very good condition with no leaks or knocks Installed by previous owner in November 2018 at 131 500 km. I upgraded to MCA coilovers in April at 136 700km. Have been sitting in my garage since then. Front P/N: QEN68-Z1531 Rear P/N: QEN69-Z1531 Asking $1000 Message me on here or txt 0449 013 045
  2. Looking for a stock bov, in as good condition as possible. Located Sydney
  3. Cheers for your help guys, and I think I've made my decision, I'm going for the MCA Street Performance. I contacted Heasmans and asked about getting Bilstein shocks (B6) and king springs. They've quoted me $1950 for the shocks ($1331), installation ($484) and an allignment ($132). Then I would have to supply the springs (about $340 for kings) and my own strut tops as well, since my car currently has coilovers. Or I could go for the MCA Street Performance, which would be about $2100 delivered, and install these myself. From what I've read these should outperform the Bilstein/king setup, unless that is paired with the custom valving and other suspension components that are included in SKs suspension package, and maybe upgraded to Eibach springs. I didn't want to spend about the $3k that it would cost to properly do that setup so I'm going with the MCAs.
  4. I think for now I'm just going to go for the bilstein/king springs, but thanks anyway, you've given me more to think about. I have contacted Heasmans and asked about this setup to see what they recommend running it with and to get a price, but am still waiting for a reply.
  5. Alright, cheers man, I did see that the ones he had in his group buy were the Whiteline springs, but as far as I can tell now they are discontinued and Kings were the next best. I did also have a brief look at the MCA's that a lot of people recommend on here, but I'm trying not to spend too much so I was going for the cheaper option, but I was wondering how the MCA Street Essentials compare to the bilstein/kings? The fact that the bilstein/kings aren't defectable is also a bonus, so for now I am leaning towards that setup.
  6. Hey guys, I recently bought a 1998 R34 GTT Coupe, and it has come with some Tein Super Street coilovers (P/N QEN68-Z1531 at the front and QEN69-Z1531 at the rear), which just don't fit the car properly, it sits too low in the front and can't be raised any more. This means that the car scrapes on every bump in the road and even on moderate cornering. As far as I can tell, these coilovers are designed for an R33 GTR?? So I am planning on changing them out for Bilstein shocks and King springs, which I have been doing a bunch of reading about Sydneykid's group buy back in about 2006 I think. Seems like a really good street/occasional track setup for a daily driver. Just wanted to check that it's still a good setup nowadays for the money. Also, I noticed that Sydneykid said that the ones he sold were individually valved for each sale: "Yes Daniel, I have specified revalving for the Bislteins to suite the spring and bar rates I have chosen." So I'm wondering if I will need to get my Bilsteins revalved as well? Additionally, I have read on the group buy that the Bilstein shocks are height adjustable by circlips? But I'm not quite sure what this means and if it is specific to the Sydneykid group buy, or if all Bilstein shocks are height adjustable. If I am aiming for approximately the 350mm front and 340mm rear (wheel centre to guard) that is recommended in the group buy, will the Bilstein shocks and kings springs around that? Sorry for asking so many questions, any help is appreciated, cheers.
  7. Looking to buy a fairly stock and clean R34 GTT manual coupe. Located in Sydney, NSW, but can travel and will consider other states.
  8. So does this mean I would have to get stock suspension for the blue slip if I don’t want to ruin the suspension that’s on there? Does everybody have to do this for defect clearances and such?
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking about purchasing my first Skyline, an R34 gtt, and am looking at one in QLD. Since I live in Sydney, I know I will have to get a blue slip in order to get it registered. Since it is modified I am wondering how much difficulty I will have getting it on the road and how much it will cost. I have listed the mods below, any help would be great, cheers. - Front Alcon Monoblock Motorsport Big brake kit (6 piston caliper, 365mm x 32mm 2 piece floating disc) $4500 - Rear Calipers stripped, rebuilt, seals replaced, cleaned, painted, new QFM A1RM pads and DBA 4000 rotors $800 - MCA Ultimate Series Coilovers with custom valving $3000 - Genuine Nissan Gear boot and surround $220 - Genuine Nissan Gear knob $77 - Alpine Head unit $150 - Refurbished r34 Gtr a/c unit $150 - Turbosmart Kompact Plumback BOV $189 - Splitfire Coilpacks $550 - Genuine Nissan reverse lights $100 - Genuine nismo side indicators $77 - Hardrace adjustable front camber arms, Hardrace adjustable traction rod, Hardrace adjustable rear camber arms, Hardrace adjustable traction arms $1055 - Proper bump steer wheel alignment with the traction rods $500 - Wheel alignment after the bump steer alignment ($100) - Genuine Nissan Fuel cap $80 - Genuine Nissan Emission valve control $250 - Guards rolled and pumped - Full Hicas lockout kit, including outer ball joint replaced $250 - Genuine NIssan front tie rod ends $170 - Stainless braided brake lines all around, $200 - Replaced Turbocharger gasket, dyno tune, set timing, $800 - Genuine Nissan OEM triple gauge cluster $250
  10. I’m looking at purchasing a skyline in the near future (likely an r34 gt-t). My plan is to get the car checked over by a mechanic before purchase. Any suggestions for good RB mechanics who could check it over for me?
  11. Yea for sure, definitely going to buy a fairly stock car, looking to keep this as a project car for the next couple of years at least
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