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  1. Jhare413

    Cheers man I’ll check them out
  2. I’m looking at purchasing a skyline in the near future (likely an r34 gt-t). My plan is to get the car checked over by a mechanic before purchase. Any suggestions for good RB mechanics who could check it over for me?
  3. Jhare413

    Yea for sure, definitely going to buy a fairly stock car, looking to keep this as a project car for the next couple of years at least
  4. Jhare413

    Cheers for the help man, kinda figured this would be the case; but didn't know there were that many differences.
  5. Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the skyline scene, but looking to buy an r34. My plan is to eventually upgrade to a larger turbo, maybe make 400-500 hp. Is it worth paying the extra $5000? for a gtt if I am going to redo the turbo system anyway. I understand that there are other upgrades in the gtt, but I am not sure exactly what. I am not sure how much more expensive it is to turbo the gt model, compared to upgrading the turbo system in the gtt Cheers, Josh