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  1. Hi there, interested in swapping my S15 with an R32, R33,R34 GTR WITH Cash differences. S15 is built for 300kw and turbo kit has 400kw potential, E85, clean and strait. Mod plated in QLD for seats and suspension 190,000 GTX3076 gen 2 50mm progate big Brembo upgrade Brand new SPARCOs Nardi VOLK with brand new AD08R 265 1000cc APEXI DJETRO +++++++++++ GOLD COAST QLD 0423972346
  2. Brand new in the box genuine Tomei cam gears to suit rb26. gears only. gold coast 0407257188 $270
  3. Yea mate, so the basic principle is. Even with an upgraded direct bolt on oil pump on the rb26 using the top of the line Tomei oil pump that retails around the $1600-2000 mark if I remember correctly, is still prone to breakage, they are much better than the factory system but still not the best solution to the famous dodgy rb26 oil system. The best option to eliminate pump breakage, starvation and all the rest, is an external multi stage dry sump set up. That costs around the $4000-6000 mark and is normally used for full competition setups. This set up is similar the the pricy dry sump set up just without the price. It eliminated pump breakage, increases sump oil quantity, improves oil pick up and oil starvation. And yes it's a 4wd enlarged sump
  4. R32 gtr front rotors and callipers in great condition. no lip page on rotors and plenty of life left on brake pads. great upgrade for selected cars. Gold coast 0407257188 $300
  5. Alpha Omega claim they are different, as they take the 350MM rear rotor. Do r34 GTRs have a rear 350mm rotor? or easily upgraded? but than for you input.
  6. Go for it Mr Skidz, I had to pay tax and insurance at a different exchange rate. If that's not the case any more well aren't you a lucky boy!!
  7. [emoji3] MR Skidz, attach the tax you pay on checkout, insurance and the shipping then convert to au $$$ Also add the the two weeks+ it takes to arrive as they don't seem to be the most efficient supplier. I offer a basically brand new kit ready for shipping and a down time of around three days anywhere in au. If that's not a service your after, then by all means purchase it from NZ my friend. Cheers
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