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  1. Just wanted to share with everyone some concrete information regarding replacing boot struts on R33 skyline, specifically the GTR but I am sure the information will be transferable. The reason I am posting is that there wasn't much information regarding pressures & the ability to remove the strut from the bracket (requiring drilling). What I did ended up costing me $110. Below is a picture I pulled from another thread, this is the part of the strut that is hard to remove. Very hard, but not impossible. What we did was use my 10mm spanner and wedge it in between the ball and the strut, then slowly work the it off. It looks like it's going to snap the strut and it ends up destroying it, but that's ok because new ones are cheap. This is what mine looked like in the end. We ended up putting 100nm of pressure in each cyl. It holds the boot fine with a genuine GTR spoiler. If I had to do it again, I would put 150nm in each to see if it holds any better, BUT that 100 works just fine. Any questions please shoot them through.
  2. Hello all, If anyone was following my previous build thread I had an R34 GTT [FR34K] that I wrote off. I decided it was probably my only chance to get into the GTR scene. After searching for a while I found a member on here selling a beautiful white R33 GTR V-spec with an N1 engine. My goals for this car are just to be a weekend cruiser, occasionally heading down to the drags to see what it can do. If I could run a 10 second pass on the H pattern gearbox I would be exstatic, and I think somewhere in the vicinity of 800awhp would be more than enough as a max power figure. Car already has -7 turbos, poncams and a power FC with supporting mods, making a respectable 420awhp. It has HKS coilovers, Project mu rotors and gold BBS rims, with a lovely Jun style carbon lip. Immediate thoughts of this car (coming from a 485whp GTT) are: it's really fast. The GT35R on my R34, although made nice power, was quite laggy in comparison to the -7s. They feel like they have no lag, and the car doesn't have any problems whatsoever putting the power to the ground. I find myself looking down at the speedo after planting my foot and being blown away about how fast I'm going. The gear ratios help play a part in that as well, although aggressive, are still fantastic when just cruising. The suspension is very stiff - too stiff for me (it's something I will be changing very soon) but it handles superbly. After landing in WA, I took the car to a licencing centre to get it inspected. The list consisted of some minor things like globes and removing of tint. Nothing major - the hardest thing was child restraints which I borrowed out of a wrecked r33. Yesterday I passed my final inspection and picked up my custom plates.
  3. R33 Gtr Prices -price Projections? It's getting late into 2016. We have seen enormous rises in values of the R32 GT-R and perhaps even more so in the R34 GT-R. Now that values of quality R33 GT-Rs have bounced. Can they "J-Curve" like its sisters - albeit in a milder fashion? Is it a good time to buy one? Thoughts?
  4. Pair of R33 GTR Headlights. Lenses on both have no markings ,scratches, no yellowing or cloudiness. Everything seems to be intact. These were purchased from Japan but have sat in the box they arrived in for months. Located: Victoria any questions please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  5. Paragon

    DSC 3528

    From the album: GTR

  6. From the album: FOR SALE - 1996 R33 GTR

  7. From the album: FOR SALE - 1996 R33 GTR

  8. From the album: FOR SALE - 1996 R33 GTR

  9. Hi there, interested in swapping my S15 with an R32, R33,R34 GTR WITH Cash differences. S15 is built for 300kw and turbo kit has 400kw potential, E85, clean and strait. Mod plated in QLD for seats and suspension 190,000 GTX3076 gen 2 50mm progate big Brembo upgrade Brand new SPARCOs Nardi VOLK with brand new AD08R 265 1000cc APEXI DJETRO +++++++++++ GOLD COAST QLD 0423972346
  10. Ultra rare first that I have ever seen, came out of a full spec BCNR33 TommyKaira R. Might have been also sold separately like the 32 version for 300.000 YEN. Condition very clean. 1600 USD worldwide shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  11. - Nismo 365A Steering Wheel with original horn, excellent condition see pictures. (650 USD) - Nismo old logo early shift, metal version not chrome! These last much longer under use compared to the later chrome ones. (275 USD) - Nismo Leather shift discontinued (120 USD) - Very rare Altia GTR Skyline R32 and R33 watches in box with papers. Need new batteries. The R33 is new old stock with foil on it the R32 one is used in good condition with upgraded metal bracelet. 190 USD a piece International shipping 40 USD on all items. Paypal 4.4%
  12. New HKS Duracon Shift knob for a most Nissan's 10 x 1.25 (R32/R33/S13/S14/C33). Price includes one shift coin please specify which you want. 180 USD Worldwide Shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  13. R33 GTR Parts hey, selling some Parts. Came from a R33 GTR. -OEM Exhaust Manifold - 100AUD -OEM Outlet Pipes - 55AUD -OEM PCM Valve (2x) - 85AUD each -OEM Valve Springs - 100AUD -OEM Camshaft (IN/EX) - 190AUD -OEM AFM (both) 125AUD -OEM RB26 Rods - 300AUD -OEM Starter - 85AUD -OEM RB26 Turbo Water/Oil Lines - 70AUD -OEM RB26 Actuators (both) - 100AUD -Lighter Flywheel - 200AUD -Top Radiator Hose incl. Watertemp. Sensor Adapter - 70AUD -Speedo Frame - 40AUD for more pictures send me a mail to [email protected]! all parts are working and in a used condition! Paypal and worldwide shipping available! Location Germany! Greetings!
  14. FS: Wedsports TC105N So I have impulsively bought new wheels which means my current ones are up for sale for the right price. Otherwise I'll keep them as a spare set. Semi rare size of 18x10.5" +12 offset and currently have 265/35 tyres on at the moment with about 35% tread left and some inner camber wear on the rear. The wheels themselves are in excellent condition with virtually no blemishes besides current brake dust - which will be cleaned before sale lol. Looking at $2,300 (slightly negotiable) and can post but at your cost, otherwise pick up from the Hills District in NSW. PM me on here, or text during business hours 0400-529-930
  15. RB26 HKS / Greddy Piping hey guys i am looking for a hks or greddy piping kit between AFM - Turbos and Turbos - Y Pipe like the pictures use or new i hope someone can help me Greetings
  16. Brand new set of Nismo braided brake lines. Still in box and comes with all paperwork. Fits R33 and R34 GTR. Price is $300 firm and ill throw in free express postage Australia wide. Any questions contact Phil on 0430 337 774.
  17. From the album: FOR SALE - 1996 R33 GTR

  18. Hi SAU, Looking to purchase some Tein RA (Racing Spec) Circuit Masters coilovers, for my R33 GT-R. 20+ year old coilovers so I don't expect them to be in the best condition. Happy to buy a set that is rebuildable (planning to get some custom work done to them), but not overly damaged (bent shock). For those who know; if you have a set with Racepace custom valving/spring rates already done, will be keen to buy those as well. Budget: depends on condition, though obviously these are very rare now, so will pay accordingly. If you have the RS version for BCNR33, please let me know.
  19. So, I'm looking to fix up under the front of my R33 GT-R (1995, not a v-spec or N1). Specifically after seeing the one they had in the Nissan Heritage Collection when I was there on holiday recently (awesome place by the way, if you're in Tokyo you have to go check it out) I want to put the front brake cooling ducts, engine undertray, and the front halves of the front wheel arch liners back in as mine came with none of these things when I bought it. I know there are some clearance issues on the wheel arch liners with 18s and the stock BOV, but I've got some solutions for that so I'm not too worried. What I was hoping for some help with is working out which part to get for the front of the right front wheel arch liner and the engine undertray, as there are two part numbers for each of these. For the engine tray the numbers are 75890-05U20 and 75890-24U20. The first is the basic part, the second is listed as being for series one v-spec cars and the N1 in all years. I have actually found pictures of the two parts and the only discernible difference is an extra bulge on what I believe is the driver's side of the part. So my question is does anyone know what that bulge is for? Is it going to be useful to have that extra space down the track (for mods etc.) or is it some weird N1 specific thing that I'll never have a use for? I've attached the pictures. For the wheel arch liners I haven't found any pics. The base part number is 63844-24U00, and the alternate part is 63844-24U10. It sounds like the second part was used for the v-spec and N1 in series one, and the N1 in series two. By series three all variants used the first part. Does anyone know what the difference is? Thanks heaps to anyone taking the time to read and help, really appreciate all the knowledgeable helpful folks here.
  20. What are these fittings on the clutch cylinder and plenum for (BCNR33)? Hi all, Thank you very much for your ongoing patience with my questions as I get to know my new car. So, over the weekend I got my first proper chance to work on the car, and whilst doing some stuff in the engine bay (trying to make my breather tank pass rego, but that'll have to wait until I have photos) I noticed a couple of unused fittings. One is on the plenum near the number 6 cylinder (firewall end), and is blanked off, the other is on the clutch cylinder and appears to be just open. Car runs fine, no sign of any leaks. Should I be worried? Are these meant to me hooked up and are important? Sorry if the answer to this is super obvious, I have tried searching both these forums and the web generally but maybe I just didn't try the right search terms. Thanks in advance!
  21. Wanted to buy: R33 GTR LM Limited Currently I have engaged an importer in the hopes of turning up an R33 GTR LM at the Japanese auctions. Ideally the car will have: 100k or less kms. Prefer original condition, however I would still be interested in hearing from you if you have a modified car. I'm based in Melbourne, but I would consider any car currently in Australia.
  22. Hi guys Trying to do some research but was unable to really find anything on the R33 GTR 320km dash clusters. Were they a factory option or are they an aftermarket only? I thought they came in all Vspecs but after looking online and doing some research I was completely wrong. Any information would be awesome
  23. Hi SAU, Purchased an R33 last Oct, seller was generous enough to give me a bunch of spare parts. For sale are all the parts i'm sure I won't be needing/have no space for. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Items located in SE subs Melbourne. Not willing to post interstate sorry. A full set of Work Meister S2R 18x10 +15 (5x114.3), all wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE001 (265/35 R18 97W) - $1200 - The alloys do have scratches, and major scuffs as seen in the photos below - Each comes with center caps, and air valve caps - Two of the tires have ~5mm of tread left, other two have ~6mm. A full set of Bilstein Coilovers -$400, or $100 each. - I'm not too knowledgeable on coilovers - Boots seem to be torn - Used to be on an R33 GT-R BCNR33 Interior Trim -$50 each - Each piece does have scratches and scuffs, refer to photos - Gear stick surround with ash tray - Steering wheel bracket cover
  24. Hi I'm looking for a r33 gtr front strut top, part number 64101-24U30 HOODLEDGE ASSY-LH Anyone have one or know where to get one? Thanks
  25. Hi Guys In need of the above brake master cylinder please PM me or call/txt on 0407 175 417 Cheers!
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