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  1. Sounds exactly like every single other person here. Welcome aboard!!!
  2. God damn man. Save some parts of the rest of us!!! 😂 Super jealous of the dash upgrade!
  3. Yeaaaaahh. So it's actually a 1.8 T (sigh...) be helpful if I knew what I had I suppose.
  4. It is for sale. 1k is a bit low for me though, but PM me if you're keen still. Happy to work something out. (i bought it for 6k, it's up for 5k). It's a 2.0L Turbo. AWD, 5 Speed Manual.
  5. What about an Audi A4? I know a guy... lols
  6. Ummm, mature... sure, why not? 😂 What an excellent write up. I didn't even have to ask for pictures!!! Can't wait to hear more from you. I also feel you on that growing up, buying a more mature car, then ditching it. My "mature moment" lasted two years. Something about old Nissan's brings you back round again.
  7. Looks good to me. Try a full reboot then unistall and reinstall it and update the driver. Should be fine. (just bought myself three days of no complaints!) 😂
  8. I'm sure an Auto Elec can extend it for not much money. They would have the correct guage wire and the correct crimp terminals. If I recall correctly it's actually the terminals that cost decent money.
  9. He was right last time though... 😲 just saying. Also, have you met the rest of the world??? 😂 There's some interesting folks out there.
  10. Ok ok, geez. 😂You think this is the real world or something... Facts... they don't belong on the internet! 😂
  11. Mmmm, so good. Nice build mate. Loving it.
  12. You did a search? No one searches... Cue: the same question over and over... I must say, i'm very spoiled being in Melbourne. There's United E85 dotted around in most locations. I feel bad for the rest of the country though... Good thing too my range is about 150km.
  13. Delicious... i like my marshmallows well done!
  14. Sweet car and build so far. You'll find that if you drive your car even slightly hard, this will also perform at the same level as a GTR driven by some other owner. I consistently have guys up my chuff in GTSTs. When I ask how, they say... i dunno, i just threw it in and it stuck. Non GTR skyline owners are some of the maddest, most capable, most lose units out there and can show up a GTR cause they're not afraid to bin it... (no offence, not saying that's you). Tipping maybe some of this forum too(said the least mechanical person ever). This argument rages on to this day here... just ask away. Plenty of people with opinion's here!
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