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  1. This has happened to me with a couple of 6am flights to Sydney or Brisbane (i can't remember which city it was). It doesn't happen often to me (twice now in my work life). It normally is caused by one of two things, delays caused by traffic/weather/maintenance or they have a need for a different plane in the location you are flying to. I've not had my flights moved as far as yours though.Mine are normally shifted by 30 minutes or so.
  2. Well, not to go against the grain, but finding an Uber driver who owns a GTR has been super productive for me! Thanks all.
  3. I'm amused, because i love memes, but i need some explaining... why is it incorrect?
  4. Done and done. Thanks.
  5. Oh, fantastic, all these months of lurking haven't been wasted. Can I pm you the details or do you prefer to call or sms?
  6. I think the evo would be best, especially if its red...
  7. Hi all, Serial lurker here, a while back i thought i saw that someone on here was an Uber driver. Is that the case? I'm in need of an Uber next week to airport and would rather use someone off here than a random.
  8. Took the car out to a Skyline Victoria Facebook group cruise. It's a pretty good bunch, with a few kids and a lot of awesome people around. No one spoils it for the rest and we all get on well. I took my daughter in her new car seat. She was mostly excited for snacks that kept coming her way though. We met up in Hallam (SE of Melb) (a few cars were passing by and stopped in, including this R34!): Then we drove through the hills to a place called Kinglake. It was badly effected by a bushfire some years back. They've rebuilt some of the town and have two very important things in my life: A playground with bbqs. E85 Petrol Pump in town! These were some images from a lookout that we stopped at late in the day. And safely home again.
  9. I screwed up big time the other day. A package arrived (a better battery charger/tenderer for my car) and my wife wanted to know where to put it. Me: "oh just put it with all the rest in the office". Her: "the rest?" Me, in my head: "oh shit". She goes and puts the charger on the pile of parts, i've been collecting for a few months, goes back through the credit card, advises me, "you've spent almost $1000 on car parts lately. Haven't you spent enough on that car already?" So there is a temporary ban on me buying car parts right now... no one to blame but myself. "with the rest". Sometimes, I am the most stupid human on the earth!
  10. Hello and welcome. I saw the word wagon and got excited... but we have different wagon. As above, hit up the wagoneers, they are super helpful and should be able to assist. Good luck!
  11. Haha. This^ I swear this is every single GTR owner ever. I can't wait to see how this goes. Fingers crossed for serious power.
  12. @GeeDog, thank you very much kind sir. Now i can be lazy AND have the information I require. I appreciate that information, it'll serve me well I believe.
  13. I guess its time for me to stop being a lazy shit and do some googling. Work out what will suit me best... Appreciate that quick response too!
  14. It is the ZF and a fluid change is on list of things to do. Interestingly according to BMW these are a non-serviceable item. They don't change the fluid at all according to them. On face value I can't believe this, has anyone else every heard of a gearbox that was a sealed unit?
  15. This is 100% correct for BMWs. FTFY.