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  1. Jesus. Who the f keeps digging these up. This is like the fourth thread over ten years old to have been dug up in the last couple of weeks. Not everyone hates the 33, it's just less popular as the forgotten middle child of the 32,33,34 set. Me? Yeah, i have a thing for the middle child. But i'm weird so ... 🙃
  2. I've been thinking about this topic a lot of late. Does anyone have any hard data for the appreciation curves of GTR (any models). I'm thinking of creating a spreadsheet to track volunteers who are willing to disclose their purchase prices.
  3. Allow me to correct myself. A quick google: "RB26 Build Date" brought up this thread: This may be of some use to you.
  4. Not that I am aware of. I don't believe that there is any record of engine numbers for specific chassis. Nor am i aware of changes to the numbers that would indicate the time of build (happy to be proven wrong by the wider community of course).
  5. Steve85

    That's odd that you're brakes weren't great. The brakes would be right up there on our wagons they're really, really good. Any chance you've got some mediocre tires on it? I should imagine that could also be a big influence on your pedal. Good to see you haven't shyed away. And that is a pretty sweet looking upgrade!
  6. Just a quick update for you. Since purchasing my car, i've up the insurance value from 80 to 95k. So R33s breaking 100k might just happen. I've spoken to a few people in the US and they are of the opinion that R33s will eventually outprice 32s or at least carry a similar price tag over there. He spoke about the 32s breaking the ice for imports and parts, and how some people he was speaking to were hanging on for the R33s. They were deemed to be more desirable than the 32s while being more attainable than the 34s for most of his potential clients.
  7. Steve85

    @PranK Our cars have a dark grey/black headliners. I have noticed the one without a sunroof does feel a bit darker, but not excessively. The one with the sunroof is perfect as you can just open the cover on the sunroof to let in more light if you want. The kids love being able to look at the sky in the car. And yes, BMW tax is real (it can be worse than GTR tax)... it's why i've started fixing my own cars.
  8. Steve85

    So I just pulled out and put back in (for rattles in the damn sunroof) the headliner of an E61 Wagon. (Slightly older than yours of course). They're pretty straight forward to do (assuming you like allen keys and Torx). If you find a cheap headliner as a replacement that suits your car, give that a go. Just remember that there will be airbags everywhere. The cool part is once you have removed the trims from the pillars, there are just some clips that need pointy nose pliers to get the lining out. It took me a while (about 4 hours in total, over two days, so bank on using a half day and you won't go wrong). For me, I found a bunch of clips that had snapped an the sunroof motor bracket was loose. Removed busted items, tightened bracket, no more rattles! I think someone may have replaced the sunroof motor before me, only they forgot to screw it in properly.
  9. Steve85

    Nice car man. I still haven't gotten around to doing anything about my car yet. However, we did add a little girl to the household recently. So its not like i've been sitting on my backside. I'm currently looking for a new toy car, and i'll probably sell one of the wagons. I'm also going to be storing a friends 34 GTR. So at least my 33 will have a friend!
  10. Steve85

    Hi all, I know this is a Skyline forum. I know we don't like Supras. But... i really want to buy one. If you have one wasting away or you know of one, please let me know. Must be a Supra RZ, manual. Prefer less modifications as I already have a big number car in the garage. That said I won't rule them out just yet. Ideally my budget will depend on the car, but i'm hoping for a project car for my mates and I to work on. Budget: $20k - 40k. Depending on condition, paperwork, kms etc etc. Thanks. Steve.
  11. Super tempting mate. I'll miss this if it disappears from the forum. Good luck with the sale!
  12. Forward facing child seats can fit in all models of Skyline Coupe, be it 32, 33 or 34. Have a quick search using the key words "baby seat". Good luck!
  13. Can't wait. Depending on your timing, there might be a really little one in the house.
  14. Steve85

    @Quicky134 you can narrow it further by looking at this table: Your car is one of 739 that were produced and the colour was used on 1.98% of the ER34s.
  15. Ok, first up, i know i've been slack adding content here... Life gets in the way of my SAU presence. So I have done a few things with the car since I last posted above. I met up with @Pal while over in Perth. We run a Facebook page and are trying to find all the LMs. I've been to a couple of charity car shows/cars n coffees. I've also been out with my Facebook mates a few times now. And most recently had one of the member take professional photos with my car and a model. Ironically, my mate and I sat and chatted about push bikes for 2.5 hours.I finally washed the car completely. It still had heaps of fingerprint dust all through the car. I've also got aspirations for more parts, starting with a useful stereo as this one is shit, no ok, no suitable, not capable. Shit! Really shit. At full volume it barely covers the noise of the full pumps. Side note, I also joined the Instagram world as LMLimitedSteve so if you want to see more pictures look me up!