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  1. Yep. Just thought i'd throw it up here, there was a couple of people who might have been interested. I'll start advertising it in a week or two if no SAU people get in touch.
  2. Bump on the oldest for sale thread going. I still have this car, i'm done looking at it and want it out of my garage space. It's only advertised here and as such, i'm willing to listen to ANY offer you put up. I may not accept your offer of one cheeseburger and a diet coke, but I sure as heck won't be offended. There's nothing wrong with the car and would suit someone whose keen to jump into budget motorsport. Comes with more spares than you can poke a stick at.
  3. Ok, so to explain; honestly, i have no idea what we can or cannot do in terms of the lockdown. It's been killing me, i feel like the rules are changing every day. So we are just doing this to be 100% sure we don't cop a giant fine. Regarding the actual route, you're right, it does get better further on, but I wanted to keep this one small/short as it's my first event that i'm running. Providing this one goes right, there'll be much bigger, and longer social cruises coming up.
  4. Hi all, I have made a slight boo boo on this one. We (I) have misinterpreted the Covid-19 details and we are not able to run the event on the 22nd. We are now running it on the 29th of November instead. Apologies for the confusion.
  5. We are very much looking forward to this cruise. All cars and participants welcome.
  6. Join the SAU Victoria team for a social cruise through the Sherbrook Forest. Initial meeting point will be Upway IGA carpark. The cruise will head through Belgrave and on to Gembrook via the spectacular Sherbrook Forest. Where: IGA Upwey, 62-64 Main St, Upwey VIC 3158 Map: https://goo.gl/maps/17R6emXMEuT71ACo7 When: 8:30am Sunday 29th November Please keep in mind this is an SAU event. To participate you will need to be an existing SAU member or, sign up on the day for 24 hours for a gold coin donation. This is due to our CAMS affiliation. I will also take this opportunity to remind everyone, this isn't a race, it's not a rally, it's a cruise, at or below the speed limit. All details will be passed onto relevant authorities if requested.
  7. not my thing. V8s just don't do it for me audibly. 5 or 10 cylinders is my jam. A V8 just doesn't get my blood pumping.
  8. Oh sorry. i missed your sarcasm. lol I do agree though that prices of these cars is not tied to their actual technical capabilities and more to the owners (or potential owners) willingness to pay to have the ultimate dream car of their own. (not that I can talk of course, but at least I was early).
  9. This is where i think people have it wrong. You give me the cleanest, best condition GTHO and i'll pay you maybe 50-100k (gun to my head). You find me a 400R or LM Limited that i love and i'll pay way into the hundreds of thousands. I believe there's an entire generation (that i'm in) that couldn't care less about 70s muscle, but will put themselves into eye watering debt for their favourite 90s JDM icon.
  10. So quick update. I'm still lurking around... I've actually just returned from a sleep study as it appears I do not sleep particularly well. This tends to fit with sufferers of depression as it it a fact that those who have depression tend to have reduced sleep quality. Being in Melbourne, I am currently in Stage 4 Lockdown. I can honestly say this sucks big time. I'm here at home with the children and my wife all day, every day. My wife is being very supportive but as the primary worker, she gets a nice office in the house, while I get to share with the children. I love my children very much, but holy moly. I've had enough of them for 2020. There is no escape from them and they are ever more demanding day on day. If you're in lockdown too and you read this, get in touch, let's swap horror stories of partners/children etc. My motto at this point it simply to take it day by day. I am not planning much other than the children's activities as best I can the day before. I am very much waiting to be released from lockdown to handball the children to a grandparent and do nothing, or anything. Happy 2020 to all. /s
  11. Welcome to the club! Hopefully we can answer some of your queries here.
  12. Welcome aboard. Looks like a good example you've picked up there. Hopefully we can all be of some help to you also if you should ever need it.
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