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  1. Hi all, new member from Melbourne, Australia. Have had this site come up in Google for a bunch of stuff I've searched so decided I may as well join up. What does SAU actually stand for?
  2. In the first post he said he just bought it and in the post with the pics he said he's still waiting for it to arrive so he definitely didn't build it himself. Amazing looking car. Mark we need the specs! What tracks/events you planning on running?
  3. You could use a CD009 to get 6spd manual and keep it in the Z family, there are some kits out there to use them with a RB25 and they are well regarded for their ability to handle lots of abuse if you plan on doing a big turbo.
  4. How many KMs to its name? What's the interior condition like? Congrats on achieving a dream goal, looks awesome. How hard are these cars to come by in Japan, did you get it at one of the big electronic auction houses? Do you live near any mountain passes
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