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  1. Should be okay on a high revving 2.6, even still -5s on e85 would be better To the OP: Better off getting HKS 2530 or -5s if he is staying on twins.
  2. It'll be crap to drive but make lots of power on a 2.6, those turbos are more suited to 2.8-3.0l https://gcg.com.au/petrol-performance/performance-4/turbochargers-kits/nissan-rb26dett-bolt-on-turbo-set-gtx28r-series-detail Whats his power goal? Drag spec or street? Garret themselves state the turbos are no good on a mild 2.6
  3. Ill have a look into it. It seems custom is the way to go. Will speak to an exhaust shop, i wouldnt mind modifying the HKS exhaust, however if i can get the same quality if not better for cheaper then will take a different route.
  4. Will suss them out too! Another titanium would be nice
  5. Sounds perfect. Just saw some reviews on youtube. WIll have a look online and buy one Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi All, Yes.. I know this topic has been beaten to death, however im in a bit of a predicament (1st world problems) and would like your assistance I just got my car tuned on e85 running 2859-9 turbos, the car made 355rwkw on 20psi however i was informed that my current exhaust was holding back the turbo (and response). I am currently running a turbo back (3inch?) titanium fujitsubo exhaust which is a twin pipe design and flows out into one larger muffler with an Apexi Cat, it is super quiet which i love, unfortunately max output is 350kw.. I was advised to go for a 3.5 - 4inch exhaust but the problem is i cant find any for a R34 GTR! I can only find ones that fit R33 (i.e. HKS hiper) that are reasonably high flowing. Does anyone know any other exhaust manufacturers that will help solve my issue? I cant seem to find resellers either Or if anyone wants my quiet titanium exhaust for their louder free flowing exhaust, happy to trade with cash adjustments!
  7. Hey UCCY, was after anything wider. Ended up with some TE37s 18x11. Wheels have been sold, feel free to close. Thanks!
  8. Hey Mate, the wheels are currently pending for Tabz, will let you know if the sale doesnt go through. Thanks, Derrick
  9. R34 GTR airbox bracket Hi Guys, Silly questions. I am trying to fit my factory airbox (as my car originally didnt have one). I think i have all the brackets however I cant seem to fit the bracket behind the headlight right. Im just wondering if someone can send me a picture of their bracket? It the piece that sits directly behing the headlight which the airbox bolts into. I cant seem to find it on google images either... I have a feeling the bracket i have is wrong, but have no reference Thanks, Derrick
  10. 1000 dollars for a new one, i saw someone sell it on here for 50 bucks one time haha
  11. R34 GTR engine under tray/stone guard Hi Guys, Ive been trying to look for a r34 GTR under tray, the piece that sits behind the front diffuser, however i cant seem to find any and dont know of any wreckers that sell 34r parts. I found Kudos selling one brand new, but its wayyy out of my price range, cant justify spending that much on a piece of plastic. Does anyone know a place/workshop in Melbourne that might have one? Or even better, if anyone has one laying around? Cheers!
  12. Near new ARC intake for R34 GTR **SWAPS** Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone is interested in swapping their OEM stock R34 GTR air intake box for my ARC intake. Preferably within VIC only, trading interstate is a burden if money isnt involved. I originally purchased the ARC box as my car didnt have a proper intake when i purchased the car, i cant seem to find the stock airbox for sale so bought the ARC instead, however i really like the stock look and it draws less attention from the popo. If anyone is interested let me know. Everything is pretty much brand new, only 2000ks old. It fits very well and snug, took 1 hour to install it. The stock box needs to be in 100% condition, no cracks! - i dont mind scratches and general wear Thanks
  13. Ahh damn, if you were in Vic i would of considered! Its too much effort to do a trade, i would of swapped with Damien few months back otherwise. Id also rather we both see each others wheels in person too as the paint on mine is a little "tired" from track days.
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