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  1. 10w-60 castrol edge or 15-50 Penrite HPR. Ticking is fine though, you arent pushing power or doing crazy track days. Even then, won't matter. Most likely will have around 180,000+ks on it.
  2. @Berksgtr It'll get close to 400 rwkw or 380ish awkw on 98. T517 is rated closely to -5s. Unopened 26s have hit that target. It'll just be a tad laggy by todays standards. Will still be good. Gotta start somewhere! Congrats on the car
  3. THANK YOU!!! Keen on the Link G4, those look like its some good results. @Dose Pipe Sutututu Yea i was looking at platinum pro, not Elite 2500. my mistake.
  4. @Murray_Calavera Nah the car will be tuned by my workshop. They can tune all ECUs but prefer Motec and possibly Link over Haltech. @Unzipped Composites Yep so safety features aside, I wanted launch control, boost control via ECU, Variable Cam timing control (so bugger off the HKS Valcon controller), Flex sensor so i can do both 98 and e85, possible flat foot shifting (Not sure if this requires Drive by wire or if it simply cuts ignition). If Link or Haltech can do all that then great, but from what i can see it was only Motec could control the VCAM
  5. Thanks man!! Yea I was recommended Motec from my tuner and spoke to a few customers from CRD who were also recommended Motec over Haltech which is why i was opting for that. Though now that i think about it, their builds are more track oriented (samsonas Gearbox, 3.2l drag builds etc...). But i agree, Haltech has come a longgg way, some of the forums are a little outdated, the features seem almost identical and has dominated the US market. Ill have to do some research, not keen on spending 5k+ if i dont have too. Would you recommend Link over Haltech? Ill have a look into that as well, some of the Evo guys have recommended this ECU to me. Have also looked into AEM, but they dont seem to have all the safety that Haltech/motec seemed to offer
  6. Ohh yep for sure, i actually was about to write that in my response haha. It would have saved me 5 grand for sure. Would have built the motor since the pump would have to come out anyway, wouldnt have had to repair a damaged head.
  7. Not a problem! Overhaul including block modifications for oil return etc... extended sump, nitto pump, billet crank, forged rods and pistons + the vcam came close to 24k AUD. I had to also repair the head and a few other items unfortunately Otherwise it would have been 18k for a fully built and tuned engine. The engine died due to split oil pump gear, lost oil pressure and seized the head within a minute. When we inspected the oil pump, there was significant burn marks which indicated there was oil starvation (which i assume may have been from the night before as i was chucking it in hair pins around arthurs seat). The car lost oil pressure on a dyno day the next day
  8. Haha nahh all good boys. At least i can post another back to back comparison once I've done the ECU with boost control. ECU seems to be the more popular upgrade so may as well cater for it.
  9. Just gonna add, while I understand many of you don't agree with the choices I made for my build, the purpose of this thread was purely to help people justify the purchase of a Vcam and 2.8. Thought it might be helpful. My build is over 2 years old and have clocked over 40,000ks since... I have taken all your criticisms on board, but please keep in mind I've built the car based on what I thought would give it value for the given application and with the budget i had. I bought this GTR when it was worth peanuts, im not wealthy, so couldnt splurge on everything i wanted. I saved and made do with what I had. Yes could have gotten a ECU over the vcam, but at the time, Vcam was cheap and super rare, so i jumped on the opportunity. My engine failure was a result of oil starvation, so yes i dumped 1.5k into a sump and another 1.5k into a pump. I have projected ECU upgrades, suspension and brakes into my future modifications, of which ive already marked off suspension. Im just taking things one step at a time, the build isnt over yet! ECU is on the table and will be fitted to my car when the time comes. It all comes down to my personal and financial circumstances.
  10. Not denying any of that, i've never done a track day though, so wasn't a priority. The car is literally a weekend donut getter and some spirited driving. Will get one eventually. Looking at Brakes and Motec M150s as the next upgrade - however this was not the point of this thread, it's digressed very hard. Haha thank you! It's had no changes to final drive, and also they used the OEM wheels for the dyno tuning (i think 255 40 r18 tyre?). Not sure about ramp rate or whatever. I can confirm the car starts building boost super duper early (1900rpmish?) Hard to avoid. I was looking at getting the HKS 256 exhaust cam, just to see if it will make any difference, i feel like it would probably help make power up top.
  11. This^^^ Hence why I emphasised the "yes I still used fc" Ill admit the features are nice, will do an ECU upgrade when the time comes. As stated before, I budgeted towards preventing oiling issues rather than an ecu. The % of GTRs that have died from oiling issues is far greater than those with basic ECUs with limited safety.
  12. Never said Bolt on spacer with extended studs. Also just re-read what i wrote, first sentence doesnt make sense, my bad..
  13. Nahh i understand where you're coming from! Long story short, oil pump died and i had to build a motor. I had limited funds and so i just purely stuck to the 2 upgrades that would make the most difference. I only got the Vcam cause i got it for cheap, 3.9k including shipping and import tax so i jumped on it. Racepace installed/fitted the vcam at no extra cost, My Crank was damaged so I went 2.8. I also spent ecu money on preventative maintenance stuff so 9l Baffled circuit sump, Nitto Oil pump. It was snow balling when i started adding bolt ons, i.e. more boost means needed to do fuel system so another 5k, needed a new front mount as mine was still stock and hit its limit +3k, dumps HPI +700, Haltech + Trigger kit 2k+, if i went haltech id go flex, another 300 etc... Its money i didnt have.
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