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  1. Nice work mate when's the paint job going on?
  2. Shit, when I posted those images weren't there... That's well and truly butchered. Go with GTSBoy's suggestion. Grab one of these an Aerpro 7201 bare end, and then find the suitable adapter for the brand of head unit, happy days.
  3. Dont chop the loom up get a harness adapter for nissan.
  4. Nothing wrong with my setup. Ran like this for years almost daily driven. It's all in the tune and being sensible. It's also being anal like I am when it comes to maintenance on the car and not fiddling with things that shouldn't be touched.
  5. Thanks for that input fellas. My setup is very mIld. 15psi, Nistune, Splitfires, yada yada... My gap is on 1.1 with BCPR6ES-11 plugs always come out looking OK. I guess this is a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix".
  6. Guys, a friend of mine is telling me Motorcraft part number agsp22ye11 for XR6t is a compatible fit for an RB25DET. I've searched and funnily enough in a different thread someone mentions the very same plug but never really went into detail. Subsequent Google searches led me to endless loops of equivalent plugs 😂 but not much else.. At $40 for a set of 6 iridiums is a steal. Otherwise, the trusty BCP6RE stays. Would be nice to do plugs less frequently though. Thoughts?
  7. That's where it gets fugly. That looks 100% a "glancing at my stereo or a nice set of tits" love tap.
  8. Not a write off in damage sense, but add up all the parts needed for a japanese IMPORT... and that's still not including labour. For 10k value the repairs will be 5k+ guaranteed with the way panel beaters add the sauce these days most insurance companies will say f**k it, write it off.
  9. Best of luck. Hope it works out.
  10. Will probably be repairable write off. Buy it back and fix yourself? Reo for sure. Radiator support will need pulling, new bonnet, new radiator, new condenser. The list goes on.
  11. I don't have a thread unfortunately, a few theft attempts have made me a little paranoid posting anything online anymore.. What I can say is I'm doing the car in stages. I started from the boot area making my way to the front of the car. First thing was pulling LHS rear tail light as it would fill with water, resealing, resealing seams around the boot lid area, cleaning out the spare wheel well, detailiing it etc. then finding things like clips, boot lid liner, new battery mount and tray etc. You get the idea. Amayama, Partsouq and Yahoo Japan have attached themselves to my wallet some how.. 😂 Shaken sticker was bought here https://jdmtengoku.com/products/authentic-real-shaken-car-inspection-stickers-30-2-jdm-japan?variant=29223113392246 https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32948896314.html Got an r33 handbook as well https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o396685312 I have Vmware with a windows xp install specifically for FAST and I search via my Vin to make sure I find the right numbers. I don't know if it covers R34, never looked, but I'd be happy to look up your VIN if I have that pack, and help with part numbers. Do you have that link to service stickers?
  12. Great read. That's exactly what I'm in the process of doing to my car, taking a long time but it's all so satisfying. I've even gone as far as ordering the Shaken and Japanese rego sticker... keep the posts up.
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