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  1. I'm sure that noise is timing belt. Years and years ago, was out for a night of fun and was making same noise apparently I had stretched the belt. This was a mechanics diagnosis many moons ago...
  2. Good luck with the sale. I'm sure it will go fast. Very nice looking machine there. 🙂
  3. We need some drive videos. Great read from start to now. That looks great dude ! 😃☺️😃
  4. Vac. leaks 100%, get a set of splitfires or OEM if you want to splash out and plugs and she's good to go. If the coil loom is looking and feeling a bit crusty, get a new (wiring specialties) one. Been covered to death here mate have a quick search.
  5. If they're expanded I would expect cracks in the head, x-ray will tell you for sure but yeah pics would be good.
  6. Dont forget GST + Covid tax too, make it $1500 🤣
  7. Wow, looks like you've been extremely busy.😀 How is the body coming along any pics?
  8. Covid tax. 🤣 I remember my car having that exact reader in it when it landed in the country, was the first thing to end up in the bin.... DAMN! 🤣
  9. Im with Shannon's as well full comp, was honest and told them about all mods. Valued at 25k $1.5k and some change yearly.
  10. Yeah we did loctite on it and tightened it her on HARD but still didn't hold, you must remember that it has an insane amount of force and vibration put on to it, again though your experience may vary, unfortunately in this situation the crank is for the bin imo.
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