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  1. I had this issue a few years ago with another 33 we had. VicRoads wouldn't register the car without the 6Uxxx number being stamped onto the strut tower so we went to an import yard who did it for us for $10.
  2. Take your old AFM to a Burson or Repco and they do swap overs for reconditioned units.
  3. You need to post another pic of when she plays up with your reaction then. 😂😂 Our love and hate relationship with our cars.
  4. Beautiful car mate. Love the LHD conversion. That's dedication. Keep it up.
  5. No worries. Give them a call some of these sites have no or limited info on what they sell I reckon they could help.
  6. Try this https://www.all-car-carpets.com.au/products/category/nissan/skyline/r34-gt/gt-r
  7. Rev the car to 1500ish and look out for a wobble in the steering wheel and gear knob when stationary. The balancer wobble of death. You could try to fix it but pay close attention to the keyway on the crank snout. If you've damaged that no matter what you do it will always come back loose. Fingers crossed for you.
  8. You won't make it 35k without someone calling cops and getting you pulled over. Just tow the thing will be cheaper than the fine you get.
  9. That's excellent info there mate. Thanks a lot for sharing, I did check my vehicle a while ago on nissan jp but this is even better.
  10. Could be an R rated car too and the seller just wants to piss it off fast. Eitherway it's not a "genuine" gtst just a conversion don't care how cheap I'd pass...
  11. I'm not sure about DE only DET. You can get 86.5mm oversize pistons so should be right?
  12. Is the car cold when doing this ? If so, yes condensation.
  13. If you know how to remove your alternator do It. I can be almost certain it's the voltage regulator, the armature rarely is a failure point. 9/10 It's the reg. Check earth points too never a bad idea while you're checking electrical. Not a massive job for an auto elec worth their salt.
  14. I disagree. Nistune is a great addition to the car even with a standard turbo. It will not only future proof it if she wishes to get an exhaust cooler etc. put on but will improve the shit fuel economy a stock skyline has too. Forget piggybacks that's a thing of the past. My 2c.
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