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  1. Ok that works now. Not a drama with account settings, just pointing it out. Tapping on avatar works just fine. Anyway now of going back to the old look? Thanks PranK. 😀😀
  2. Something is loose around the exhaust/turbo area. 100% not engine knock. Have a look and feel around (when cold obviously) for something loose.
  3. Hi Mods, On a mobile, account settings doesn't show anymore. Tried on different browser to same effect. Image upload error when trying to attach pic as well. Can't insert screenshots. Error EX0.
  4. Thanks toranarod. I contacted an old panel beater friend who also recommended this. https://www.3m.com.au/3M/en_AU/company-au/all-3m-products/~/3M-Heavy-Drip-Chek-Sealer/?N=5002385+8711017+3293194150&rt=rud
  5. You could fix it but fibreglass is dicky, if you don't fix it properly it WILL crack again.
  6. Couldn't tell you man, body work isn't my strong suit, maybe a few of the other guys can give you some tips but from the little I know that hit isn't that bad and I would believe the panel shop IF they do it properly it will last for years.
  7. Happy to see you're ok mate. Sucks your latest post is bad news... Don't worry about the car it's repairable, I've seen way worse than that. Consider yourself lucky in a way. Keep us posted. 👊
  8. That looks great. Really good work there. I've been restoring various parts slowly around my car and I've noticed I have roughly 5cm of surface rust on the pass. side seam, the tower in general feels and sounds ok though so hopefully it hasn't gone too far. Good to see threads like this. It's the next thing I'm going to tackle.
  9. Maybe he means a BCM but they don't have one.
  10. The midnight purple v-spec... have a look at the boot shot. Looks like it was rusty as and been covered up. Eitherway their cars like look like polished turds. The condition doesn't match the k's in my opinion. Keep looking, I know it may feel like forever but the right one will pop up.
  11. Old thread revival but my windshield rubber is cactus also, where did you buy that rubber? I emailed and called Clark Rubber and they weren't overly helpful, plus can't go into any store to look for myself with stage 4.
  12. Welcome to the forum mate.
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