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  1. Howdy guys! I have a top mount turbo that leads straight into a screamer pipe dump. I would love to remove it but all dump pipes are for bottom mount turbos Any ideas where to start looking for a top mount turbo dump pipe
  2. I can't drive it till im on my fulls sadly Currently trying to get it roadworthy
  3. Diagnostics i have done. Tested the back of gauge to see if its the connectors. Resoldered those 4 pins on back of gauge. Checked all wires and connections. Checked earthing and power. Nothing has seemed to work. I am getting my indicators rewired to my parkers soon so should I ask the electrician to check the issue out? 20210818_101842.mp4 20210818_101842.mp4 20210818_101842.mp4 20210818_101842.mp4
  4. Hopefully its a garret even if its old. But yeah I bought the car for its low kms but not realising how badly it was
  5. Better not be a ebay, or I swear to god. At this point this car is just driving my head in
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new here! I am a 19 year old tyre fitter at bridgestone. My passion for cars started at a very young age when I was bought a au falcon look-alike go kart.When I was younger about 13 or so I heard a car speeding up the hill past me and all I saw was its rear end. A skyline r33, rear end and ever since that day I've dreamt of owning one! 102,000km 5sp manual top mount a/r 70 turbo
  7. Series 1 white r33 gtst bonnet. SA
  8. Front bumper white series 2 for gtst r33
  9. Looking for a series 2 white front bumper
  10. Hey guys I have a tricky one. I recently bought a gtr front grill for my r33 but my headlights do not have mounting holes for it. The car came without one from sale. The front bumper is also a gtr front bumper but it has no holes or anything, any tips on where to mount both?
  11. i have fixed the taillight permantly on by flicking the switch rapidly seemed to fix it, but the rpm gauge still is screwed. tried pulling it apart and resoulding the connections but it has all but failed me
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