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  1. yeah every group meet tends me be organised on facebook nowadays
  2. Im still around, not many on here though, the occasional person
  3. There is a rising sun facebook group and a japx group on facebook. So that is better than nothing
  4. yeah but not many people on here anymore
  5. Good luck finding anyone in Canberra actively on sau or a Facebook group
  6. Just wondering how COVID19 has affected the japanese auctions, and if the prices have gone through the floor? or have just generally dropped off?
  7. I forget the exact specs but they are 17s, nice car btw
  8. nice to see another 4 door
  9. Just wondering if anyone here has had any work done at kass bodyworks? Looking at getting a repsray done potentially. thanks
  10. I might be there, but the skyline scene is pretty much dead now
  11. nice looking car but id take those kms with a pinch of salt so to speak. My skyline had 50,000 kms taken off between japan and australia.
  12. I still occasionally checking in, looks good
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