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  1. Should look good once done
  2. Contemplating on whether or not to get the car resprayed in the same blue colour, but the body is going to need a fair amount of work as the panel gaps are shit
  3. yeah huge garage lol nice s2000?
  4. yeah every group meet tends me be organised on facebook nowadays
  5. Im still around, not many on here though, the occasional person
  6. There is a rising sun facebook group and a japx group on facebook. So that is better than nothing
  7. yeah but not many people on here anymore
  8. Good luck finding anyone in Canberra actively on sau or a Facebook group
  9. Just wondering how COVID19 has affected the japanese auctions, and if the prices have gone through the floor? or have just generally dropped off?
  10. I forget the exact specs but they are 17s, nice car btw
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