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  1. Oh I remember that crash - it's a few minutes from me :( I only clicked in this thread cos I thought it was about a yellow Skyline!
  2. Good to see some other kids! We will have our 4yo.
  3. We will aim to join in down the Gong somewhere (probably Albion Park)
  4. Oktoberfest moved there?? Man, you move away for a few years...
  5. Queanbeyan showground! Has it been shunted out of Canberra? Lol
  6. Shell

    Oooh into my suburb somewhere? It's not so bad, probably went downhill after I left though
  7. Shell

    It's cos you look so dodgy Richard!!
  8. Shell

    There's plenty of other cruises and events organised by SAU NSW. You don't have to go to the early morning one lol
  9. Shell

    Oh good to know.... I looked for Clappa too (before this thread) and couldn't see anything wrong and didn't know how to fix it!
  10. Shell

    Merry Christmas Canberra peeps!!!
  11. Shell

    Aw thanks! I'm in the NSW chat every day but there didn't seem to be much going on in this section anymore
  12. Shell

    Nice uterus Sin!! After driving the Chaser around for 2 years, I also have a new car!
  13. Shell

    Good luck with the heart transplant haha! Hopefully she doesn't need hip replacements and any other old age surgeries as well
  14. You sold your car! Omg!
  15. Shell

    Oh I didn't see this thread before! What is that Mitsubishi? They look good on that! I think they look bloody huge on the Skylines though.. We got some too