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  1. You're ugly. No-one will hit on you... Also, your interior is poop.
  3. Thats weird, I saw ths exact car broken down near the yatala brewery with 4 guys in shorts standing around it two days ago... They had no shirts on, but couldnt get the car running... shame.
  4. Its true, its sad, we found another place to get the same food within a minutes drive, we were then happy...
  5. Followed closely by the above... HA!
  6. That is the funniest thing I have read all week!! bahahaha
  7. ROFL I must admit to not reading entire thread... But you were included in the people I have met disclaimer Less than three always to you Dan!
  8. i totally forgot about this!!! hahaha Been too busy with work over the last couple of years. Look out for it this year now I have more time... Allllllllllllll the oldies will be there.
  9. I have seen it around my office down there. Could be anyone, 160k isnt much to most in the area.
  10. i remember one time years ago when this guy came up to me at a meet and said hey arent you smooth like from the forums, im like dude seriously look around at the skylines yes, from sau. He continued on like yeah man you and a few other guys are pretty funny. I was like hahaha, but hey seriously not funny. He then proceeded to try and touch my wang while no one was looking, he gave a subtle wink too which didnt exactly make me want to kick a supergoal. Im sure Jay saw it but he didnt want to be caught up in it and besides there was an interesting story on 60 minutes. So I told the guy it wasnt appropraite and he needs to get out some more. He then tried to put his arm around me and then the police came and said hey you guys, cut this standing around out, you are scaring people. Eug just stood there and said he why so cranky captain? The guy went on to say his wife left him and he cant really feel normal without drinking these days. The dude who tried to touch my wang just started crying and tearing his clothes off, bens mum didnt let him come out anymore which was sad because he was so short and liked downhill skiing. So yeah... I wont be there. But may drive after if my new car has arrived. I invented less than three... Special hugs to Josh, James, Ed and anyone else I have met personally. The rest of you, shame.
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