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  1. Sorry off topic but what gear knob is that - looks like Nismo but burnt titanium?
  2. Ok they called back and have adjusted the price closer to what I was paying so I’m less concerned now
  3. I recently got my renewal. Price had doubled. NRMA apologised and advised there is some communication coming but didn’t get out in time for the price changes...
  4. Check out AM Performance - they did my Titanium 3.5". They're Adelaide based but Andrew can make one regardless - just make sure you're running an R34 sized cat, not an R33 one (shorter).
  5. You could at least test fit if its a part of Melb thats close to you
  6. Anything big on the horizon? Almost at 10 years of ownership in September
  7. Daily driven through traffic. May be days before I hit boost. 750cc injectors and T04z on stock bottom end. I can make it worse with my right foot too... A lot worse
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