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  1. Seek out @Chris Rogers, absolute gun when it comes to electronics on these things - he's in Texas now I think
  2. If its the sat nav you're talking about, its the button just to the right of the two 3.5mm holes and from memory, its the one on the right for aux. Mine stopped working (the sat nav unit) a couple of years ago so can't check sorry.
  3. Factory gold badges. Heard the last set went for $1000 on ebay.
  4. I always notice more than others but its close enough. The panel beater ordered the paint through their supplier who ordered part of the mix from Nissan (from memory). The minimum size of whatever came from Nissan had to be 650mL - $495 which was more than enough for my repair. Total cost for the bumper including a $30 V-Spec decal from Nissan was $1000 4 years ago.
  5. I've had my bumper painted due to someone rubbing against it pulling out of a carpark. I wouldn't say its perfect but pretty unnoticeable - it blends both with the quarter panel and tailight cover. Only problem now is the fuel marks
  6. Just thought I'd throw in - do you have wheels that will easily clear the bigger brakes?
  7. Wow thats going way back!
  8. True. I had the standard flaking problem so was able to get the replacement bits sent to me. Not sure on whats going on with yours. You can try joining the R34 GTR Owners clubs on Facebook and try there - few more owners and issues shared there. Then you'll know what to order.
  9. Maybe send pics to R34 GTR MFD in Facebook - he supplies replacement parts and repairs
  10. I'd check with your preferred tuner in terms of what ECU's they can work with and of course the eventual goals of the car.
  11. Depends on the ECU - Mine's a Vipec (older model) - injector duty and throttle don't display properly but rest is fine. It was resolved on newer Vipecs. Lots of others work properly - PowerFC, Haltechs, newer Vipec/Link
  12. Symptoms sound similar to when my CAS went
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