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  1. I feel your pain man. The past few days I keep finding myself on carsales looking at 34 GTR's Must... resist...
  2. Oh man, fark... that caddy really is wow Hit the beach up the other day Then over to the mountains
  3. Almost gone, but nope, still in the shed
  4. I do still have this! Sorry for the late reply, been away for the past week
  5. Awesome as Dan A few from the weekend: Their set is at: http://richardgrainger.com.au/story/brisbane-wedding--nathan-and-chantelle/42?rf=sacn
  6. Most popular bumper in the world, is in fact, still here!
  7. Didn't hear back from you mate Still for sale guys!
  8. It seems so mate Posting would probably double the price. But, I wouldn't have a clue to be honest - I've never posted via a courier before. If someone is wants to organise a courier with me, I'm more than happy to do so But.. $100 for a bumper - can't go wrong haha. I know when I was looking for an OEM bumper for my previous skyline, I was happy to pay up to $400!
  9. Did see that on your Facebook Matt - So I'll say it again, "Hot!".
  10. I have to admit, I understood it was a macro photo, but I had no idea 6mm. That is absolutely insane, I imagined 10-15cm to be honest. Do you have to manual focus (I'm imaging almost a guess and check) on a tripod to do that?
  11. Happy New years guys! Great way to start a thread with two awesome photos This was from an engagement session yesterday. I've uploaded a few more to my site @ http://richardgrainger.com.au/story/brisbane-couple--nathan-and-chantelle/40?rf=saucn
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