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  1. wow - that's so low tech it's actually surprising. I haven't been here for years and would like to leave, and the emails I get have no unsubscribe links. I'll try an invalid email address and see if that stops them bugging me
  2. Looking for a power antenna unit for a R33, preferrably in the Brisvegas area. Mine has bitten the dust, and upon internal inspection, it's not likely to live again. Thanks, D
  3. Drift practice, Ah, that's so damn funny. John didn't see the funny side of the drifting but they didn't actually say don't do it (they said it was race practice - close enough). Naughty Noddy - Naughty (Of course no one else was drifting - no sir - not that guy in the silver r33 with blizzaks on - ) That said, hats off to Noddy for a great drive - sitting in the passenger seat was quite an experience. Great to meet a few more people too - and hopefully the black 33GTR is not too expensive to repair - got a touch smokey Also set a new PB on the sprint track - will update best times when I find the slips.
  4. Looks like we're kinda organised. Car is currently in at mechanic (his reaction after seeing the figures from it's current wheel alignment was not good - hence it's staying the night). Should be back fri arvo, and all is set for a sat blasting. Also bringing out a mates "power cordia" - with special smoke screen function ready for use. Hope the line holds together though, as the cordia is a trailer only job (and finally confirmed that the line does fit on the trailer just as well). See you there JLNewton - can't wait to see how well your GTR peddles.
  5. Yeah, you never know. Will see if ecu man is wanting/available for testing, and then book time off work. Then again, might just go anyway, it's just too much fun
  6. Thanks for the suggestions people, definately gives me something to go one with. Paulr33 - I have a bleedvalue on the wategate actuactor but this is the hose that came off - making me thing it must be jammed in its current position or it should have boosted off the scale. The ecu I am running is capable of controlling the boost with the factory components fitted but even trying this we peaked at 7psi. So it must be a prob that under any (including fault condition) its limited to 7psi. Might be just as well given the bleed valuve hose came off and going off scale is not a place I want to be. Grim32 - I will look into this and see if there are any probs in that area. Kinda was what I was thinking but never had to deal with it before. Also hoping to get rid of the factory turbo soon anyway - the new ecu wants more Blur - I will try that as well - easily enough done to see if it's a quick fix. Will let you know what I find. Can't wait to finally have a bit more than 7psi.
  7. Hey 46n2, great to see around, not literally of course. Still having fun down south no doubt Oh yes, please reopen lakeside - a good 2 minutes up the road, just a touch closer than QR. That said, QR is a bit kinder if you do head off the black stuff.
  8. Thanks Glenn. Was nice meeting you guys and getting all inspired again to seriously do some work to my neglected car. And Jlnewton, yeah it's been like 18 months since I have been out there, strangely the same amount of time I have been working 6 days a week. But with the new ecu the designer was pushing me to get out there for a tuning day so I guess that's all I needed. Was great to be back on the tarmac, and with the new tyres the gravel was never looking that close (not as close as last time anyway). Will be great to see this GTR of yours, and even more so chasing it around the track. Please send me a PM when your heaing out - it's not something I'm going to miss Cheers, D
  9. Ok, finally have an aftermarket ecu in the car and went to the track for some testing instead of just fun. It came about in a race when the bleed valve hose came off and the boost pressure never changed. Then in the pits we set the rev limit to 5k and wound the advance up from there to spool the turbo to flat out, again we never passed 7psi. The car is stock essentially, as far as I know turbo is standard and only has cat back from a previous owner. I am presuming it should go significantly higher than 7psi and now I am pretty much ready to do some winding up as the new ecu can control all of this as a preset or from a dash dial. Should I be looking for a wastegate problem/adjustment/fault or is there something else? Any suggestions welcome Thanks in advance D
  10. Quick thread - as indicated in another thread, I'm old . Not really but me and names just never works. Who from the forum was at the track day on the 18th June(club track)? I was in the silver 33 right at the far end of the covered parking with the abomination of wiring flapping around in the passenger footwell. That said it went really well other than one small software bug, so new ecu will finally allow the more serious mods to be planned. Nice to have 3 other ricelines all in a row and at least one more further down. Also interesting to see the conversion on the 33 and how well it ran, most impressive. For interest my best for the day was 1:06:14 running standard boost (another story in iteslf) and some new advans Thanks anyways, D
  11. Wish dropped in more often, but yeah anyway. Did you realise you can get them for a 4+ price of $172.70 + GST with an account? Single price is $191.36 + GST. Of course you need to get them shipped too but that not normally very much. Spose it's all over anyway but just letting you know.
  12. Another near lakeside - I so miss the sunday arvo's when you could hear the sweet sounds coming down the main straight. See heaps of the northside people as am on the road working 6 days a week in the northern suburbs.
  13. Thanks Ska and Steve. I will PM people and see what I can arrange. This is a big help in getting a new ecu in and testing, and once complete I will certainly let you all know how it goes. So far the fetaure list is totally impressive and if it comes through then I'll be more than happy changing to it. And yes, it's been a very long time Now working 6 days/week and had a buckled rim and no tyres for the last 3-4 months. All fixed now thanks to my new tyre guru in Strathpine and the guys a Depulu wheels in the GC. Got nice Yokohama 032's all roung so the track should be getting a visit again in the next round or 2. Hope to see you there Jason (and all of course). Cheers
  14. Almost enough said already. Hunting for a dead R33 ECU, pref 93 but doubt it makes a difference for the use I have in mind for it. If you have one let me know price and place and we'll go from there. If you know where I might find one your thoughts would also be appreciated. Thanks D
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