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  1. is Dan at ERD still open for business?
  2. i have done a search.. a lot of old post from 10 years ago who are current GTR specialists in Brisbane?
  3. I've just got a new replacement iphone 5 just tried the above instructions are not work this time around?
  4. Do you want to install it on my car? I am prepared to pay a fee
  5. Just found a G37 member's sedan wearing these wheels. This ones wins hands down.
  6. The US equipped Infintis have some decent looking factory wheels. For anyone looking for some inspiration here's a link in the g37 forums with some tastefully modded Gs http://www.myg37.com/forums/g37-sedan/231177-show-off-your-sedans-156.html
  7. I'm more than happy to assist with the shipping if that will help
  8. I think they are goneskies - no one knows
  9. As per the topic title where have they gone? their website has been down quite a while now. Anyone know whats the go there?
  10. Brisbane, Indooroopilly area. Sorry its two rears and one front.
  11. Anyone heard about Formula E, using electric racing cars :S
  12. Anyone know where J-Spec has gone? have they closed up?
  13. Has J-Spec closed shop? there website has been down since Christmas. Anyone know whats the the go there?
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