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  1. Thanks guys. Update - I put some injector cleaner in it and drove away from the mechanic. Surprisingly, the car ran perfectly. I don't think it was the injector cleaner either as it didn't have time to mix properly. I think the fuel filter/pump is nearing replacement and believe I had the issue just because I let the car sit for a month without driving it. Thanks for the link to the Walbro unit. I'll either go that or a second hand genuine one from a local wrecker or US eBay now that I bought myself some time for it to arrive. All those options seem to be around $200 AUD delivered. New mechanic also of course!
  2. Unfortunately I'm not mechanically minded nor have the skills. My mechanic said if I can buy one somewhere and bring it in he will fit it. He can't source one. With this part number (thanks!!) I found plenty on US eBay, but would be great to get one locally. Can anyone recommend a Victorian wrecker? I searched Gumtree with no luck. Maybe I should just try another mechanic?
  3. Hi everyone, My 2007 V36 needs a new fuel pump and fuel filter. My mechanic tells me he can't source this particular item, and would normally direct me to go straight to a Nissan dealer, but says their price for a genuine part is ridiculous. He recommended I try a fuel injector cleaner just to buy me some extra time while I look for an aftermarket one or one from eBay. What would be a good aftermarket one to buy (and from where)? Note - I am selling the car soon. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys - this is going to sound silly. My previous mechanic told me it was a sealed unit, but my new one tells me it does require servicing. It's more than just fluid, there is a filter as well (and gasket I assume). Either way - looking forward to my smoother auto... $290 at Kmart Tyre and Auto service.
  5. 2019 price update. FTG Nissan just quoted me $850 odd for a major service of my 2007 V36. Should be in and out in a day. $25 to hire a loaner car to cover petrol if I want. I didn't realise but my car has a timing chain, no need to change it.
  6. Hey guys, My 2007 V36 Skyline is due for it's 100,000km service. I'm assuming this is similar to the R33/34's and the timing belt needs to be changed and other bigger items. I've been servicing my Skyline at an excellent (expensive!) independent mechanic although I feel I should go to Infiniti or a Premium Nissan dealer for this one. Was thinking of either Nissan Werribee, Infiniti Brighton or Nissan FTG. All of them a hassle to get the car to. I imagine they'll need it for at least a whole day, maybe more. I know FTG has a good little office I can bring my laptop and 'work from home' from, although what would be even better would be one that had a loaner car I could borrow during the service. Obviously I'd want someone who knows the car very well and will do a great job of servicing it most of all - potentially even flash the firmware and so on. Can anyone tell me what are the main things done in the 100km service, roughly how much (I figured $2k?) and personal experiences with V36's at these places? Thanks
  7. Cool, I thought so. Mine gets really really filthy with trips out the country. I was thinking of combining both, a cheapie $99 Karcher pressure washer , this $45 suction hose kit (which is a rip off but required because it has the fancy valves in it to stop sucking in air and allow it to work against gravity) to first spray it all down and then use the rinse-less wash to 'wash' the car and perhaps a powerful air blower to dry it. I just can't see the rinse-less wash washing off splattered on bugs, heavy dirt and other hard to remove things like that. Combined with buckets and sponges it looks like I'd be spending near $200 just to wash my car at home, now I know why I've been using the $5 do it your things. Went to wash it at my nearest one but the queue was 3 cars deep, one of the cons of living inner city.
  8. Gee that ONR stuff looks awesome. Does it really work? I've seen a few YouTubes and it's people using it to clean already clean looking cars. Mine is black, parked outside and looks TERRIBLE and filthy after a downpour. Hard to imagine it turning that into something clean with little friction based 'washing'.
  9. Ok cool. Just the most basic one then. My current problem is finding a basic one that draws water from a bucket - the only one with the portable water source that I can see is the high end V36 battery powered Ryobi for $349 - 499... Wish I jumped on the Aldi one sooner.
  10. Hi guys, I'm in a 70's apartment complex and I really wish I could hand wash my Skyline. I currently take it to the $1 wash places. I do have power but I have no water/tap nearby. Also, I don't want too much soapy water run off in the common driveway area, I'm sure a little is fine though. I'd like to know what type of high pressure washer would be best. I saw at Aldi there are some available that can source water from a bucket via a hose, and also at Bunnings there are these things these Ryobi 20L bladders. My questions are - how much pressure would I need to give my car a good wash? These things range from $99 up to $499 and brands Ryobi, Karcher, Gurni, etc. This Ryobi 1800W 2000PSI for $129 looks good, although it doesn't look like it can use a portable water source. Questions: I've noticed some have a soap tank and some a separate soap bottle attachment - either of these good or should I just stick with soapy water in a bucket? How quickly do these units use up the water? I mean, if I had a standard household bucket or the 20L bladder, would that be enough for a good wash or would I need to keep refilling it? What would be the minimum power / PSI I would want for a reasonable clean? Are any of the brands much better / worse than the others? Any recommendations on a mains powered portable water version? Thanks!!
  11. Yes, there are two settings - don't ask me where they are though! I use a translator app on my phone. Phone via speaker seems fine really. It may actually work again via the car audio but I haven't tested it. Overall it works better like this, i.e. when I used to use Siri it would pause and flick over to the car's audio and was clunky, but just for music it's a smoother experience.
  12. I lived with it for a long time, but have recently fixed it. All I did was unpair and re-pair the phone again and my issues went away. It does work slightly different now, I'm only using the audio streaming (Spotify, YouTube, Podcasts, etc) but not bluetooth for calls (I just use the iPhone speaker for that). Seems to work much better just like this.
  13. Nah, unfortunately not. It has a compact flash card reader (to sync song names) and AV input for video display, but no USB input.
  14. Hi guys, I've successfully paired my iPhone 6S to my 2007 V36 Skyline. It's worked well for years, although every now and then I wipe/reinstall iOS on my phone and have to do the painful pairing procedure again. It's paired, but problem is it keeps randomly disconnecting. In the past I solved this by doing a fresh iOS install on my phone and pairing it again, but this time the problem persists. I haven't noticed any pattern as to why it drops out, and I have to keep reconnected it by switching to radio then back to 'disc' (bluetooth) again. It's really annoying when I'm going on a long drive, it can happen as much as every 3-5 minutes or so. Any idea why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, I saw a second hand hybrid Q50 that was a 2013 model. It got me wondering, whats the deal with the batteries in these things now that they are 5 years old? Do they still work OK just hold less charge / use more petrol? How does it all work? Thanks!
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