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  1. Hi, anyone have a Haltech E11V2 base map for Stock R33 RB25DET? Having an issue with my software where I can't see the base maps in Halwin. azwest351@gmail.com
  2. Hi All, New to the Skyline/RB scene but not new to the car scene. Have a R33 RB25DET that I've purchased not running to do up as a track toy. The motor has been transplanted into this car from another in which it was running, and looks relatively complete. Its got an aftermarket forward facing plenum & FMIC with a stock ECU. Otherwise all is Stock. I've check as many plugs/wiring as I can think of but when I crank the engine it'll fire but won't fully start or stay running. - Checked fuel pump and is providing pressure with key on and during cranking. - Have pulled plugs and are getting fuel into cylinders. - CAS looks to be aligned ok. - Idle & Cold Start valves are all plugged in. - Have tried MAF plumbed up to Turbo inlet and TB inlet sides. Starting to run out of ideas so any help you ladies or gents could provide would be much appreciated! Regards Aaron
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