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  1. Hey all, need a front bar for a R33 series 1 or a 1.5................. cracked my aftermarket one today on a stupid driveway grrrrr.... preferably in a silver colour already..... please pm or reply here thanks all Jay
  2. Hi All, i purchased this Dj set-up to brush up on my old skills and now want to invest in a more detailed set up, so ive decided to put this up for sale. great for the aspiring dj or just for mucking around at house parties with. It is the Audioline MDEX3 some features include: - Ability to play music Via USB Stick, SD memory card or a CD - Has vinyl mode so you can scratch a song like real vinyl - basic cue modes, loops, pitch control and a bpm counter (which you tap the button to the beat of the song to work out the BPM) - also has a spot at the front for a Microphone and headphones, and a few other little features all in all this little set up has served me well whilst getting back into dj'ing, i used it at a couple parties but mainly just to muck around with when bored and practising Price: $400 ONO located in Melbourne, SE Suburbs. Pictures: Thanks all
  3. i finally brought the badge from the wreckers and tried to change it today but no luck what so ever...i removed the boot lining and unscrewed the latch thingy and still could not figure out how to remove the badge as the body of the boot is in the way...apprantly as Al said u have to reach in but im got no idea what im reaching for lol any help would b greattt
  4. how on earth did u get to take the rear badge out im trying to do the same thing but to no luck...i removed the boot liner, unscrewed the latch thingy and i could not get to it from underneath as it is covered by metal (if u get what i mean) not sure how u got to the second pic...sorry man such a noob i swear..i couldnt work it out
  5. Jay_R33

    Spotted Thread

    saw a few skylines at the glen last night (sunday night)...spotted GTS-*** (cant remember last 3 letters) i beleive a maroon/red coloured r33 skyline with SAU stickeron quarter glass and URL sticker on the back window
  6. Jay_R33


    this is to the peninsula peeps, does anyone see these guys riding down the olivers hill in frankston in the morning OMG..ill fill the people in who havnt seen it or been on it...its a 2 lane road both ways with a big concrete barrier in the middle, big hill these bikes FLY down, this 60 km/h road at atleast 70 k's (the other day saw one cyclists come off her bike cuz it was goin to fast and she stacked felt sorry 4 her) anyway problem here is they hog up the whole left lane and i cant count the amount of times i have been or seen a bus coming down and a car f*k me, if ur the car next to the bus who is behind the bike look out because buses are known for just pulling out, ive slammed my brakes so many f*king times its not funny to avoid a bus slamming and crushing me into the concrete barriers and my god if that ever happened u think the bike would be blamed at all f**k no, and when nepean highway in frankston turns into a bike lane do they stay in it? Hell No, they ride 4 wide into the lane i was shocked when i read one of them leaned on his car pwahhhh i would go mental.... has anyone ever see the cops on the peninsula who ride bicycles?? i did the other week one time only, and where were they riding ON THE FOOTPATH i was so happy to see that, they risk their lives everyday so i dont think there gona take a chance at riding on the road good on em in summary lol OBEY THE RULES AND EVERYONE IS HAPPY
  7. Jay_R33


    yeah def +1 for bike tax
  8. Jay_R33


    the council wouldnt give a stiff as u said they would be more concerned putting more mobile speed camera around..yeh u just gotta put up with it simple, going slow wont kill me ur right but mate if im working and wana be there on time i wana at least travel the damn limit not get up earlier to leave earlier because of cyclists u know...i respect your opinion though bro
  9. Jay_R33


    mate its not rant...im wondering people's opionions i dont care what those guys think...we all use the road here so getting opinions way i see it, people have alot of mixed opinions
  10. Jay_R33


    Hey all, pretty much as topic states, what ur view on cyclists on our roads, especially around the peninsula..i live on the mornington peninsula and every weekend when driving to work theres always one million cyclists..whom to me dont obey any road rules, now dont get me wrong ive got no problem sharing the road but to an exception, they dont pay rego or insurance to be on the roads so they dont have right to take up as many lanes as they want or hold up a lane, if people have to be places they dont wana b travelling at a friken 20 km below the limit cuz of bikes...problem is these day most of them are aggresive and if you beep there ready to go ya, for example the other day down nepean highway where it is two lanes they were holding up one lane and ahead was a car parked so they all instead of slowing down all decide to pull out into my lane so i swerved to miss them right into the next lane which was oncoming traffic, now had there been a car poof im dead along with the other driver, but imagine if i didnt see them and hit one im in jail for years because if anything happens its our fault, i got to the petrol station in the morning there all there chatting holding it up not a care in the world i gotta say, excuse mate can i get thru IM IN A DAMN CAR far out anyway i know people have strong opinions yay or nay and no offence intended if u ride bikes as i said got no problem if they also abide by the rules
  11. Damn that song scared the crap outta me...not into the whole emo/scremo thingy but anyway IMO it doesnt really seem like you would need a sub..sub are great for house, rnb, hip hop to give u that feel...i mean you could get one and maybe notice a difference but 6x9's r pretty good and jl audio at that i used to have em great stuff but yeah 10 inch ftw if u get em....also if u get a 12 inch listen to A Millie - Lil Wayne..blow you pants off
  12. in some cases they recommend you change the head unit to go with the speakers and stuff but i kno most cars these days all have fair decent systems in them, the new commodores have bose sound systems head units are pretty good but most change so they can get a better system going, u do have bluetooth and ipod which is a good thing......but dude IMO its prob not 100% necessary if you are gona run all speakers of an amp but you have to make sure the factory unit has additional amp outputs i suspect no, my mates new mazda 3 didnt have any so he changed the whole unit to a touch pioneer dvd player also does ur head unit control anything else cuz holdens are tied in with like the cruise control or some shit cant really remember
  13. Jay_R33


    f*k me sometimes u just cant win at all, some cops just dont give a damn
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