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  1. Will fit with camber and max 235 tyre size depending on how low you are.
  2. Message the boys at Shockworks, tell them what you're looking for and they will set up a set of coilovers for you. Best in the business imo.
  3. Would you sell the rails and bracket separately? If so, do you have pictures of them. Thanks.
  4. What's wrong with standard Mani? Or are you doing it purely for looks?
  5. What a legend, he actually posted a skid vid 😂
  6. What is a good water operating temp on a stockish r33 anyway? Just installed a water temp gauge and seeing temps float around mid 80s. Stop start, highway, 28'c degree day.
  7. Yeh mate full comp, similar mods which I told them all about. Also locked garage and purely a weekend car, forgot how many km a year I told them but.
  8. Hey mate, I'm also in the western suburbs, similar profile as you and I pay roughly $1000 for my R33, valued at $17000 with Shannons.
  9. Hey mate, what bracket are you using? Thanks.
  10. Loving the brakes my man. Perhaps pod filter, heat shield (black) and cold air feed? Worse case k&n panel filter, don't pay jdm tax.
  11. Great read mate. Definitely agree on the drivers side steering rack bush, used so much silicone spray to slip that sucker in. Re: Cube shifter, please do a little review when you drive it, been eyeing one off for a while but have read that it can be a bit hit and miss when you're smashing gears quick. I currently have brass bush and shifter springs, want to know if it will be worthwhile getting the Cube kit.
  12. Good job man, been wanting to do this as well. What did you cut the power source into?
  13. 6psi extra for only a gain for 16rwkw? Car looks good as now with the white bonnet.
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